ContoursRX Review – Are Lids by Design The Real Deal?


If you’ve been trying to find a way to improve your droopy and tired eyes without having plastic surgery, then you need to check out the Contours RX reviews. People everywhere have been raving about the Lids by Design, and we decided it’s time to find out the truth about ContoursRX eyelid correcting strips.

There has been tons of research done by people who want to know if Lids by Design is worth trying. Today, we are going to give you all the details, including the pros and cons of using Lids by Design, and you’ll be able to see for yourself what all the hype is about. 

When you see the difference between people using ContoursRX eyelid correcting strips compared to how they looked previously, you’ll be pretty amazed at how great these Lids by Design actually look on real people. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the Contours RX Lids by Design reviews and decide for yourself.  

What is Contours RX?

Contours RX are a revolutionary eyelid correcting strips that deliver the best eyelid improvements without going under any needles or having any surgery to achieve the same results. You won’t need to waste your money on expensive treatments or fillers; Lids by Design is all you need!

They have been dermatologically tested and are latex-free. Once applied, they can provide dramatic results that improve not only your overall appearance but also your confidence. If your eyelids are sagging and need a lift, you definitely need to give this product a try!

They are designed to give your eyelids an excellent lift while enhancing the natural crease. If your eyelids are droopy or hooded, you can easily apply these strips for instant improvement that only you will know about. 

If you are looking for incredible results in just a few seconds, then ContoursRX eyelid correcting strips will provide you with the look and confidence you are seeking. They are designed with secrecy in mind; the translucent strips are flawless and give you a natural looking appearance.

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Lids by Design Features

We’ve dug up several benefits already, but some deserve a special section here.

  • Contours RX Lids by Design fixes the feeling that the real you is hidden. Isn’t that a big struggle all our lives? Getting people to see us for who we really are? The eyes are a very personal thing. You know, “the window to the soul” and all that. ContoursRX eyelid correcting strips allows people to look in your eyes and see you, not just your face. People connect with people, not faces.
  • Studies have found that we end up feeling the way we look. You’ve heard the advice to dress for the job you want, right? That’s not just so others will take us more seriously. It’s also so that we’ll take ourselves more seriously. So if we’re always seeing ourselves looking tired and worn out and dull in the eyes, we’re short-changing ourselves out of our potential.
  • One set of Lids by Design strips will last you all day. I honestly expected that with results this visible, the product wouldn’t be able to stand up to the rigors of everyday wear. I mean, it’s your eyelids. They’re constantly moving! But one set of strips is strong enough and effective enough to last all day long. Then they’re tossed out at night like contact lenses.

Some other main features of ContoursRX are:

  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Instant results
  • Medical grade
  • All-day results
  • Product is invisible
  • Compatible with all skin colors
  • Boosts confidence
  • Generous supply per order
  • Different sizes for different levels of adjustment

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How does ContoursRX work?

ContoursRX strips are incredibly easy to use and work instantly! All you need to do to make Lids by Design look flawless and natural is apply them to the area of your eyelid that needs a little lift.

Suppose you want to wear makeup while using these. In that case, you can easily mesh everything together for a natural looking appearance that brightens your eye area and gives you an excellent looking result. Even your closest friends won’t know your secret! 

If you are looking for a vibrant and youthful appearance, check out all the Contours RX reviews to see what others have been saying. We’re pretty confident you will be impressed by Contours RX and how they can change your look within seconds.

Does Lids by Design really work?

Yes, Lids by Design really does work wonders for anybody who suffers from tired or droopy eyelids. They can instantly provide you with results that look quite similar to an actual eyelift surgery, but without all the pain and the costs!

Contours RX Lids by Design eyelid have been making a difference in many people’s lives for a while now, and all the Contours RX reviews support the proof you need to make the best decision for your eyelids.

Lids by Design reviews are honest opinions from real people who have tried and tested the ContoursRX strips. They give you an inside look at how well they work for all kinds of people. 

What can the Lids by Design do for you?

ContoursRX strips restores symmetry and life to sagging, drooping, or naturally small eyelids with a simple plastic strip.

Don’t look at me like that. That’s right, a small, medical-grade plastic strip. It reminded me of a contact lens.

I wondered if I’d be even more of a spectacle with plastic strips on my eyelids, but in the official ContoursRX strips they have a video showing how they vanish when they’re applied.

The medical-grade plastic strip fits above your eyelid where it is non-invasive and transparent. In minutes you get the stellar results that surgery takes days to accomplish.

What are other ContoursRX reviews saying?

That was the burning question from the moment I read the Contours RX reviews. That same video shows the strips in action from the moment they’re applied.

The results are so dramatic that I was skeptical until I saw the product owner demonstrate them herself. That’s what you call maximum ownership. I mean, you can’t fake fixing an eyelid the way you can fake a weight-loss ad by sucking in your gut.

I was really taken by the moment she had a strip on one eye and not on the other. The difference was so stark and self-evident.

No wonder the Contours RX Lids by Design reviews are so glowing:

Great product!!! I love your eyelid tapes. It works great when I’m tired and my eyes are puffy.” ~ MI

Easy to use – I am glad I made the choice to purchase these and try them. It is so nice to be able to have an alternative to open my eyes wider and not have to think about surgery to do that. I would like to encourage anyone who has thought I need to do something about my hooded eyes to try these. I truly feel better when I have them on.” ~ LS

Great product to soften fine lines around the eyes – I was pleasantly surprised to feel the little spikes or crystal once I applied the patch. It made me feel like something was going to happen, that it was working. The fact they are filled with HexaPeptide is a bonus. I use these all the time now and my under eye has never looked so good. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to plump up around their eyes or mouth.” ~ JW

“The microcrystal patches are great for sagging sensitive upper eyelids. They do not irritate yet leave my eyelids looking refreshed. I’m 75 and have found nothing else that can achieve this result.” ~ JO

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Is it easy to use ContoursRX?

ContoursRX are incredibly easy to use and can be applied within seconds! Many people choose to use ContoursRX as part of their daily routine; they simply apply them first thing in the morning and benefit from the great appearance all day long.

When looking into the Contours RX reviews, we found that people were extremely impressed with how easy the ContoursRX were to use and how they couldn’t imagine not using these daily from now on.

In fact, the Lids by Design reviews raved about the simplicity these provided and how natural they looked once applied.

How do you apply ContoursRX?

You can slip a Lids By Design strip on in seconds. It’s kinda like a contact lens, only without the sensitivity and the need for precision.

The strips come with a set of tweezers.

And that’s it. No fancy, complicated setup at all.

ContoursRX  is definitely easy on your budget. I was thinking about what I’d be up against if I were considering surgery for the same thing. I’d be looking at taking time off of work, lost money, anxiety over the results (surgeons will amputate the wrong limbs sometimes, for crying out loud!), and I’d have to deal with throbbing hooded eyelids every single time that I blink.

No. I’ll take ContoursRX any day.

How is ContoursRX better than other options?

Contours RX  reviews rave about how the product takes years off of your appearance instantly. It’s especially meant for people with drooping eyelids that make them look tired or angry all the time.

Other people stuck with asymmetrical hooded eyelids glow about how they’ve finally found a solution they can afford.

Surgery is invasive and risky, not to mention the fact that your life has to come to a screeching halt to schedule surgery and recovery.

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Who is ContoursRX good for?

ContoursRX is perfect for anybody who wants to improve their appearance around their eyes. Since most people notice somebody else’s eyes first, ContoursRX can assist by providing the right amount of lift on your eyelids.

  • People with vision problems can benefit from Lids by Design. The beauty applications of Lids By Design are obvious. But then I read in some of the Contours RX reviews about how much better the buyer can see.

I dug a little deeper and saw that the makers of Contours RX Lids by Design also work with vision doctors. It never occurred to me: Some people need their eyelids adjusted just so they can see better. A beauty product with a medical benefit. Huh.

  • People in business stand to benefit from ContoursRX . Sagging eyelids make some people look tired and they make other people look angry.  Looking angry during a job interview, a business meeting, or a critical negotiation would be no bueno. (Hey boss, I need a raise. Grrrr.)
  • People with a big date Will definitely love ContoursRX. Even if your vision is fine and you don’t fill any life-or-death business roles at work, who wouldn’t want to add some extra sparkle to their face for a big night out?

You know, light a flame in your eyes on a special night out with the husband or with friends.

Contours RX reviews are written by people from many different walks of life, including a variety of age groups and nationalities. Honestly, anybody can benefit from using these, and the Contours RX reviews prove it!  

ContoursRX Benefits

ContoursRX has a ton of benefits, and if you look at the Contours RX reviews, you’ll see exactly what we mean! Below are just a few examples of what people have been saying about ContoursRX:

  • Instantly provides you with a more youthful appearance
  • It can be worn all day long without any worries
  • Becomes invisible once they are placed on your skin
  • Improves any sagging skin that overlays your eyelashes
  • It gives you a beautiful natural looking vibe
  • It takes years off of your appearance  

In addition, we were thrilled to find people in the Contours RX reviews that said the following: 

One customer in particular said,

“These little eyelid strips are a true godsend! They really do work wonders on my appearance! I recommend getting the assortment pack to start out with and try the different sizes. Some days my eyes look more hooded than other days, for instance, one eye is sometimes more hooded than the other eye, so I like having the option to pick whatever size I need that day.”

Another person was quoted as saying,

 “I wasn’t sure this would actually work on different people of color. But wow, it totally does work incredibly well!” and another added…

“ContoursRX have helped improve the appearance of sagging eyelids. I have been contemplating surgery to correct this problem, but Covid-19 has delayed that. In the meantime, Contours works for me and even helps with my vision. My eyes don’t feel so heavy when I use the correcting strips. Thank you, Contours!!”

What makes ContoursRX different?

ContoursRX is an innovative product that uses modern technology to provide its customers with simple solutions for saggy eyelids. They are considered to be non-surgical cosmetics and feel just like natural skin.

Lids By Design is actually the first product of its kind that I’ve ever heard of. That was the first major difference I noticed. Lids By Design is visible. The product has a reach that can’t be denied.

Lids by Design is all-inclusive. This product works with all skin colors. Once the strip is on, it’s invisible. You don’t have to worry about ever buying a strip that’s the wrong shade for your skin.

You can check out the Contours RX reviews to see how many people claim Contours RX have changed their lives and work way better than any other brand on the market. They are designed to give your eyelids the perfect shape and symmetry.

The Lids by Design reviews will show you how effective these strips are at giving people more confidence and much better results than any other product. Many people commented on how much younger they look when wearing Contours RX Lids.  

Where can I buy Lids by Design?

Lids by Design are only available on the official website. This way, you don’t need to guess if you are really getting the authentic product. They do offer sales, and currently, you can score a huge discount off your total purchase.

The fact that they don’t let anyone else handle their business shows that they want to make sure that their standard of quality remains high.

You will also be able to see all the Contours RX reviews and read what everybody else has been saying about their experience with ContoursRX. There are hundreds of Contours RX reviews, so take your time and buy with confidence!

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Lids by Design Pros and Cons

As with every product review, we like to provide you with a section on the pros and cons of using ContoursRX. You’ll be able to see why we recommend trying them and any issues you may experience. 

Lids by Design Pros

  • Applies in Seconds
  • Look ; Feel Natural
  • Beautiful Effects
  • Proven Results 
  • Translucent
  • Medical Grade
  • Safe to Use Daily
  • Latex Free
  • Hypoallergenic

You will absolutely love how easy it is to apply the ContoursRX and how little time it takes to put them on. You can instantly have beautifully looking open eyes within seconds!

Lids by Design Cons

  • Temporary results
  • Ongoing expense

When you check out all the Contours RX reviews, you will find honest feedback that can provide you with all the answers to your inquiring questions.

Surgery or ContoursRX?

In a world where appearance-enhancing products often exaggerate the results, Lids by Design are truly astounding.

The product does exactly what it says. It lasts as long as it says it does. This means that Lids by Design will actually save you money on surgery.

Granted, surgery is a one-and-done expense. Using Lids by Design means you’ll be buying more as long as you want your eyes adjusted. But it will hurt your pocketbook so much less than going under the knife.

And it certainly isn’t going to hurt your eyelids the same way. (I’m still wincing at the thought of each blink smarting.)

Surgery is one of those things where you’re stuck with the results, for better or for worse (Yikes!).

With Lids by Design, an adjustment means using a different size strip. Painless and quick.

The hypo-allergenic materials and the stainless steel tweezers won’t trigger any allergies, sending you off to your day with swollen eyes.

If you’re looking for amazing results that don’t demand a lot of money and pain, Lids by Design is a powerful investment.

Final Verdict

ContoursRX is changing the way people feel about their appearance with its revolutionary Lids by Design. Many of the major beauty publications have not only featured this incredible product, but they also rave about all the Contours RX reviews.

You won’t find a safer and easier way to lift your eyelids without having surgery. They are easy to apply and can provide dramatic results within a few seconds. We recommend trying this product if your eyes look tired or saggy and see how quickly they boost your appearance!

The amazing eye lifting strips ContoursRX are only available at the official website here.

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