Going-Away Presents When a Friend is Moving


Friends bring so much joy and warmth into your life that having to say goodbye when they move away is very difficult. Gifting them keepsakes is a lovely way of cherishing your memories of the time you spent together. You need not worry about getting expensive gifts. Just small tokens are enough to show you care and how much your friend means to you. Check out these going-away gift ideas you could consider getting.

Customized Apparel

Designing a unique gift for your friend is a heart-warming way to send them off. Check through your phone for pictures of a fun birthday, picnic, vacation, or shopping session that was truly exciting – the kind of stuff you remember with fondness in the future. Choose an image that has a special meaning and use it to create a custom zip-up hoodie. Select cute graphics using the picture as a focus and upload it to the website taking your order. Expert designers provide advice on the printing techniques to use along with the appropriate base colors and pattern placement. You could order a single piece, though we would recommend one for the two of you to wear on your last day together. 

Commission a House Portrait

Commissioning a house sketch is another of the trending gift ideas in 2021. Take a picture of your friend’s home and upload it to the artist’s site. You can talk about features you need to be added or removed. For instance, you might want to add the first vegetable patch you bonded over or the apple tree that shared so many of your secrets and insecurities. Make sure to include that bench on the porch where you talked about wanting your first baby to be a boy. The artist will draw the house to your specifications and deliver it to your doorstep. Get set to enjoy the look of surprise and pure delight as your friend sees what you got them. This is one keepsake they’re sure to treasure for a long time.

Meal Delivery Kit Subscription

Moving house is challenging as it has hundreds of tasks to take care of while your friend is settling in. A much-appreciated gift would be a meal prep delivery kit subscription. The service will deliver a complete kit with nutritious ingredients for a wholesome meal, complete with a detailed recipe card. Your friend can quickly whip up delicious meals for the family since the kit contains all the ingredients cut and prepped in carefully measured portions. 

Care Package with Essentials

In the bustle of packing and collecting all their belongings, it’s easy to overlook essentials like hand soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and chargers. Put together a care package with these essentials so your friend is sorted on arrival. Adding a few sodas, juice boxes, and snacks are also great ideas for munching when they get hungry in between unpacking. 

When putting together going-away presents for a friend who is moving away, think about getting mementos, and add practical gifts that will make settling in easy. Your buddy will thank you for it. 

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