Miracle Sheets Review: Are these Miracle Brand Sheets Worth It?


As the cliché goes, “health is wealth,” a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential parts to living a healthy and happy life. One of the key components to quality sleep is choosing the correct set of sheets. Here we present you a Miracle Sheets review, which will prove to be a much-needed lifesaver for your sleeping routine. 

Sleep is something to be taken seriously because if you’re deprived of enough hours of quality sleep, you’ll find yourself feeling cranky throughout the day when you wake up, and even fall prey to mental health issues such as depression.

So, stick around and let’s have a conversation regarding the importance of using a good-quality bed sheet, and of course, the benefits of the exclusive Miracle brand sheets.

What Are Miracle Sheets?

Let’s begin our Miracle Sheet review by giving an overview of what the hype regarding this product is all about. As mentioned on Miracle’s site, bed sheets are one of the products that have not undergone any considerable innovation throughout the years.

This is something alarming when you realize that using poor quality sheets can lead to a lot of serious health problems, physical and psychological.

Miracle Brand sheet sets in this case are, well, a miracle in the sense that they are designed to fight against all the germs that can invade your sleeping space, and have innovative features that make their maintenance extremely easy. Let’s break down these features in the next section of our Miracle Sheets review.

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Miracle Sheets Benefits

  • Durability – These sheets are designed to hold up to repeated use and washings. Compared to a basic sheet set, these sheets are less likely to fray, fade, or shrink.
  • Good overall value – Comparable sheets tend to cost much more. When you buy Miracle products, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your money.
  • Silver really helps kill bacteria – Science backs the idea that silver-infused linen prevents 99.9% of bacteria and keeps your sheets cleaner longer, so you can spend less time washing bed sheets.
  • Requires less frequent washing – These sheets contain a self-cleaning process that helps the fabric maintain cleanliness longer. You will not find other luxury bed sheets that stay clean as well as this particular sheet.
  • Better for your health – The extra layer of all-natural silver helps keep your sheets cleaner. Sleeping on cleaner sheets may benefit those who suffer from skin allergies, acne, or insomnia.
  • Backed by a 30-day guarantee – If you’re not completely satisfied with your new fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow covers, you can return them within 30 days for a refund. You’ve got nothing to lose!


Are Miracle Sheets Any Good?

They definitely are, let’s see how.

First of all, Miracle Brand Sheets have an antibacterial mechanism, and also a self-cleaning technology. This helps keep germs at bay and nip them in the bud, unlike traditional bed sheets that are the breeding grounds for bacterial germs and all other things getting in the way of a healthy sleep.

According to Miracle’s website, and also as confirmed by authentic customer reviews, Miracle Brand Sheets can be washed three times less frequently as compared to traditional bed sheets, owing to the self-cleaning mechanism in their design.

Apart from helping you save tons of time, you’ll also save money by investing in Miracle Brand Sheets, since their longevity will ensure you don’t have to spend so much on extra sheets.

What Are Miracle Brand Sheets Made of?

Miracle Brand Sheets are made with anti-microbial silver woven into the fabric. As for the fabric, it is Premium Supima Cotton, with a thread count of 500 in the weave. Supima cotton, with a thread count of 600 in the sateen weave, has an extremely velvety, luxurious and silky feel, ensuring that you will feel as cozy as possible while sleeping.

This means that not only are Miracle Brand Sheets healthy for you, but they also feel good on your skin. They are, in fact, better than standard sheets in this case because their self-cleaning technology ensures you’ll have healthier skin while using them.

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How Are Miracle Sheets Different From Competitors?

The Miracle sheet is a unique product, thanks to the anti-microbial protection provided by the silver layer. The inclusion of silver allows it to naturally possess a positive charge, which kills microbes to keep your sheets cleaner.

Miracle bed sheets are not the only anti-microbial silver sheets available. However, Miracle Brand Sheets stand out for being able to kill 99.9% of bacteria growth. You can maintain fresh sheets with less effort.

Several manufacturers have attempted to capitalize on the success of this particular sheet set. However, the imitation sheets often come with a lower thread count and potentially inferior craftsmanship.

A higher thread count typically results in a smoother, denser fabric that is less prone to wear and tear. The denser material provides increased comfort without becoming less breathable. You can stay cool during a warm night and warm during a cool night. If you want to make sure you will spend a cool night, you can get this portable air cooler, the Arctic Air Pure Chill.

Along with less comfort, sheets from other companies tend to lack the durability and quality provided by Miracle’s selection of products. Discoloration and worn seams are common complaints from customers who purchase sheets from other brands.

Other sheets may not hold up as well as compared to the sheets from Miracle. Customers have mentioned how other sheets quickly fade after washing bed sheets just a few times. You may also notice that the seams start to unravel. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about premature fading and worn sheets when you buy Miracle brand products.

Do Miracle Sheets Really Work?

In case you’re skeptical about their benefits, let us prove their benefits in our Miracle Sheets review with a bit of a scientific back-up. We talked about the inclusion of silver in Miracle Brand Sheets’ design. Scientifically, natural silver is known to resist bacterial growth. The silver ions attract the bacterial germs and destroy them even before they get a chance to grow and reproduce.

This doesn’t only make cleaning easier and less of a hassle as compared to traditional sheets, but also ensures there won’t be any bad odors to get in the way of your sleep.

It also means Miracle Brand Sheets are just the right product for you if you have acne-prone skin, since unlike standard sheets that are very vulnerable to bacterial growth, these sheets promote skin health. Many Miracle Sheets reviews by customers talk about how they were left with glowing skin after using them. Definitely a plus!


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Are Silver-Infused Sheets Like Miracle Sheets Safe to Use?

Let alone just safe, they are extremely beneficial and healthy! Silver is scientifically proven to repel all sorts of bacterial microbes, which makes it a very essential material for luxury bed sheets. As discussed before, silver also helps reduce the number of times you’ll have to wash your sheets.


How Do You Wash Miracle Brand Sheet Sets?

You wash Miracle Brand Sheets just as you’d wash any other brand of sheets, but let us give you a little guide to how to generally wash sheets properly.

First, the type of detergent you use matters a lot. There are liquid detergents that are easy to use as you just have to pour the liquid upon the fabric, but it’s also easy to over-pour them. There are powder detergents that might be a little difficult to use, but they have more longevity.

However, Miracle on their site, suggests not using powder detergents or fabric softeners for their particular products.

Second, wash your sheets at a considerably high temperature, preferably between 130 to 150 degrees of Fahrenheit.

It’s also important to consider that you don’t end up overloading your washing machine with different clothes and sheets. Doing that will prevent the detergent from reaching all parts of the fabrics thoroughly.

Also consider the “kind” of fabrics you’re putting into the washing machine together. Towels and sheets aren’t the same thing, as towels generally require a higher temperature setting in the washing machine and also require more time for thorough cleaning.


Who Is Miracle Sheets Good for?

Miracle Sheets is a product for everyone. Everyone is deprived of healthy sleep, or even those just desiring a better quality of sleep. But specifically, people with skin problems should consider investing in Miracle Brand Sheets, as the antibacterial mechanisms in their design ensure people with acne or oily skin will be able to attain healthier skin.

Miracle Brand Sheets also fights against bad odor, has a very silky texture, and has absorbent materials to keep sweat at bay. It also has a temperature regulating feature, ensuring you’ll feel neither too hot nor too cold while using them.

During those hot summer nights, this product can help you cool down your temperature thanks to its cooling features. A cool device to match with is this portable air conditioner: Arctic Air Pure Chill, which can be placed next to your bedroom.


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Why Should You Get Miracle Sheets?

Even if you’re more or less satisfied with your existing sleeping routine, it never hurts to invest in a quality product that will make your life even better and sleep cleaner. Healthy sleep at a clean bed is one of the key components to feeling happier, healthier, and energetic.

Dust Mites feed off of our dead skin cells. On average, we shed 1.5 grams of dead skin, which can feed a million of dust mites per day! Miracle Sheets help prevent those dust mites thanks to its anti-bacterial silver ions, 99.99% bacteria growth is avoided!

People often treat all bed sheets the same, but the texture, material, and specifications of the bed sheets they’re using affects their lives in a lot of ways.

Purchasing and using Miracle Brand Sheets means you will not only sleep better, but save yourself so much time and energy that you might be currently investing in washing your regular sheets once every week.

Then the temperature regulation feature is just a cherry on top. Most traditional bed sheets won’t really do anything to help you if, depending on the environmental conditions in your area, you’re not able to sleep at a temperature that’s comfortable. If you have insomnia, of course, Miracle Brand Sheets are the miraculous cure!

Every way you look at it, Miracle Brand Sheets is just the product you need!


Where Can I Buy Miracle Sheets?

In case we succeeded in convincing you regarding the benefits regarding Miracle Sheets, and you’ve decided to purchase them, you might want to head over to their website to make your purchase. Again, if you’re skeptical, the Miracle Sheets reviews on the site all sing praises of the product, and are evidence of their quality.

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Pros and Cons of Using Miracle Sheets:

In this part of our Miracle Sheets review, let’s quickly give an overview of the considerable pros, and the few cons, of Miracle Brand Sheets:


1) Especially for people with a sensitive nose, Miracle Brand has the products they need since silver fights against bad odor.

2) The luxurious silky feel ensures customers will be able to sleep comfortably.

3) You don’t need to clean them as often as traditional sheets.

4) They’re good for people with skin problems, or even physical problems such as insomnia.

5) There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. If you find somehow Miracle Brand Sheets aren’t the product for you, you can simply get your money back.


1) They’re only available for purchasing online.

2) You won’t have to wash them as much as traditional sheets, but you will have to wash them nevertheless when they get a little untidy.

3) Due to COVID restrictions, shipment might take a while.

Miracle Sheets FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Miracle Signature and Extra Luxe?

The Signature and Extra Luxe sheets are made with different cotton and weave. The Signature sheets are made with long-staple cotton and woven using a percale weave. These sheets stay cool throughout the night. Another cool product to match with is this portable air cooler called Blast Portable AC.

The Extra Luxe bed sheets are made with luxurious USA-grown Supima cotton and woven using a sateen weave. The sheets feel silky soft, ensuring that you get a deep sleep.

The Extra Luxe set costs a little more compared to the Signature sheets, but most customers would agree that the extra softness and comfort is worth a few extra dollars to get the best luxury bed sheets.

Have These Towels Been Tested to Verify That They Kill Bacteria?

Miracle Brand hired an independent agency in Maryland to test the products. The agency verified that silver ions naturally possess the ability to stop bacterial growth. The natural process provided by anti-microbial technology contains a positive charge that captures small microbes.

Standard, old sheets become a breeding ground for dust mites and are completely covered in dead skin cells and debris that may impact your health. If you want a clean bed and deep sleep, Miracle has the best sheets.

Anti-microbial protection means you can get a luxuriously soft night’s sleep all night long. The anti-microbial sheets can leave your skin glowing and body temperature automatically regulated for better rest.

Experts tested the products and found that the silver-infused technology killed 99.9% of bacteria growth, making it easier to maintain fresh sheets. Products without silver reduced bacteria by 0%.

Along with testing the effectiveness of the silver at killing bacteria, the Miracle brand tested the durability of the products. The towels were subjected to multiple wash cycles. After 100 washes, the towels remained 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria growth.

The tests reveal the power of the breakthrough technology behind Miracle products. Compared to other products, these sheets are more effective at blocking odors and preventing dust mites.

Where Are the Sheets Made?

Miracle brand produces its sheets in Bahrain and sources its cotton from the top manufacturers in India. The products are then sent to warehouses around the globe and shipped from within the United States and other regions.

Do These Sheets Contain Strong Chemicals?

Sheets from the Miracle brand do not contain any strong chemicals. Miracle brand products are OEKO-Tex Certified. This certification is given to products that are free of any harmful chemicals.

With some other brands, a light coating left from the manufacturing process may irritate sensitive skin. Miracle ensures that you receive a sheet free of chemicals.

Should You Wash the Sheets Before Using?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to wash new sheets before using them for the first time. Washing the sheet generally helps the colors set, which decreases the risk of discoloration and fading.

What Sizes and Colors Do the Sheets Come in?

Signature and Extra Luxe sheets are available in twin, queen, full, king, and Cali king sizes. They also come in white, stone gray, or sky blue.

Each set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and either one pillowcase (twin set) or two pillow covers (queen, full, king, and Cali king sets).

Does Miracle Make Other Silver-Infused Products?

Yes, along with sheets, the company sells towels. The Miracle towel is made using the same breakthrough technology used in new Miracle sheets. The natural silver prevents 99.9% of bacteria. Compared to other products, the Miracle towel dries much faster and stays cleaner longer.

Miracle Sheets Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Miracle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its products. If you’re not satisfied with the sheets, you can start the return process by emailing the customer service team at Miracle.

You can also write to Miracle. Address: Cargo Cove Fulfillment C/O Miracle Brand – 1501 Haines St – Jacksonville, FL 32206. Cargo Cove Fulfillment is the company that Miracle partners with to ship products in the United States – from Wake Forest to Seattle.

You’re free to test them out for more than just a few days, sleep on them, and decide whether you want to keep them. Miracle stands behind its products because the company knows that you’ll love the sheets.

Final Verdict on Miracle Sheets

To conclude our Miracle Brand Sheets review with a final verdict, we would say it’s a much-needed product, especially in the contemporary age, since most of us are stuck in our homes and are able to rest in our beds more often.

In this case, it wouldn’t hurt at all to buy a product that will make our naps and night sleeps more comfortable, and also ensure we have a longer life span, since quality sleep is one of the components to that. We hope our Miracle Sheets review could do justice to convincing you about their benefits and relevance in your daily life!

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