Richard La Motte | Does Kraut Understand Socialism?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Kraut (commentary, May 18) asserts Mitch McConnell guilty of “treacherous” behavior for pledging a total commitment to interfere with progress and obstruct the good intentions of the opposition party. Apparently Mr. Kraut missed the four years of President Donald Trump when Democrats waved the banner of “resist” and did everything they could to sandbag his “good intentions.” 

He then describes socialism as: “Government owning or controlling the means of production, distribution and exchange” then gives us the Green new Deal, the infrastructure bill and voting bill as examples of non-socialist Democrat legislation, as if the government spending $2-$3 trillion, controlling the closure of carbon industries while funding new favored businesses and supplying tax dollars to social services isn’t the very description of socialism. 

He finishes moving money and resources to those who need support isn’t socialism, it’s “compassion.” It’s also forced redistribution through confiscatory taxation, both socialist and potentially tyrannical. As for the voting bill: It federalizes elections, does away with voter I.D. and institutes mail-in ballots. In the words of Joseph Stalin, “It’s not who votes that decides the election, it’s who counts the votes.”

Richard La Motte


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