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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Leon Worden’s column, June 4.

Leon: I just read your column about your boy; your son, Jake. My heart broke into several pieces. I am so moved by your words and the tragic tale of such a young man with so many sunlit days ahead. I have two grown sons and one may very well be struggling with chemical substances. He won’t talk to me. I have not had a drink since Oct. 16, 1977. My heart is broken for you and yours. 

But in a strange way, I also thank you for reminding all of us the pain of such a loss, accidental as it may be. May all that is mighty surround you and yours with strength, wisdom and the hope your words prevent such a horrendous tragedy from tearing through another family. 

Godspeed, old friend. Godspeed. 

Steve Whitmore
Los Angeles

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