Valencia High Band and Color Guard Perform Live Concert Titled ‘The Sounds of Hope’

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The Valencia High Band and Color Guard celebrated their year-end by performing to a live audience with a spirited concert and awards ceremony under the radiance of the Valencia High School football stadium lights.  

Kelvin Flores, director of instrumental music, reflected upon the importance of this opportunity. “Last March, the world stopped. ‘Two weeks’ became ‘this fall.’ ‘This semester’ became “this year.’ The year came and went. Similar to when someone loses his/her phone or wallet, the world frantically began to search for answers and find solutions. In that search, we discovered many treasures that had been forgotten. We realized that the world was suddenly a lot smaller and that we could communicate with outstanding musicians from all corners of the world. We learned the value of time together and the beauty of making music as an ensemble. We learned that the trophies and the medals were much less meaningful than the performance we had achieved to earn them. Our time and priorities shifted as we had to rethink of new and innovative ways to do what had been done for hundreds of years.  

The Valencia High School Color Guard performs at the recent spring concert, “The Sounds of Hope.” Photo courtesy of Barbara Karpp

“Our Live Spring Concert, ‘The Sounds of Hope,’ was a statement to our resilience and the importance that music has in each of our lives. It was exhilarating to be able to perform and have a live audience after 445 days. Sweeter than ever was the sound of applause and the smiles of families coming together to celebrate their child’s successes.  

“This was an incredible night of hope. My heart is full knowing we have triumphed despite these challenging times,” Flores added. “Thank you to all staff that worked harder than ever to bring about success for each of our students. Thank you for preparing them and pushing them beyond the limits they thought possible. Lastly, thank you to the students that attended hours of additional practice and were so compliant with the safety guidelines. It was a true pleasure to once again rehearse in person and make music together despite the various challenges. Thank you for bringing back music into our lives and enriching our days.” 

Guest Composer and Jazz Director Emilio Terranova addresses the in-person crowd at “The Sounds of Hope,” featuring the Valencia High School Band and Color Guard. Photo courtesy of Barbara Karpp

The “The Sounds of Hope” Live Concert and Awards Ceremony showcased percussion ensemble, winter guard, wind and symphonic ensembles and jazz band. The event culminated with student recognitions for Academic Achievement, Varsity Letter Acknowledgement, Jazz, Color Guard, Percussion and Band Awards. There was also a special presentation for senior cord acknowledgments and booster acknowledgements. 

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