Best CBD Oil Canada: Top 3 Brands To Buy CBD Oil From In 2021


But numerous brands have emerged on the market for the same reason, which has led to the introduction of many products thereafter. Naturally, the task of finding a quality CBD oil might seem complicated. 

But don’t worry-we’ve found a solution to this; after conducting a thorough research on the leading brands, we’ve curated a guide where the ‘best CBD oil Canada wide’ has been reviewed. 

We’ve also included all the related information on CBD oil that you would need to know before making a purchase. In fact, we’ve used these products and have been highly satisfied with their performance, so you can trust us and this guide. 

With all said and done, let’s dive in!

Top 3 Best CBD Oil Canada Wide [Full Reviews]: 

1. CBD North Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

2. CBD Magic Hemp Oil – Runner Up

3. Resolve CBD Hemp Oil – 2nd Runner Up

#1. CBD North Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Brand Overview:

CBDNorth Wellness is undoubtedly among the most popular names in the world of CBD products. In fact, people throughout Canada have placed their trust on the brand owing to its variety of effective and all-natural CBD oil tinctures. They have been capable of bringing about substantial improvement in sleep patterns and facilitate overall relaxation.

The most beneficial feature of this brand is that each of its products is extensively tested to meet the prescribed manufacturing and safety standards. This puts it a step ahead of other names in the industry and upholds its integrity as a morally conscious and responsible brand.

Furthermore, the customer reviews you will find on their website is testimony to the top-notch quality of the products that they offer. The variety of CBD products on offer is also commendable, which includes oils and edible items such as organically flavored gummies, and creams.

Besides, to help first-time CBD consumers, the website includes a blog where all the essential information is provided in a comprehensive manner. Hence, you can always refer to the product recommendations and dosage advice therein if you have any doubts. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBDNorth


  • Full-Spectrum oil is effective in treating sleep and pain issues
  • Offers various potency levels and dosage sizes
  • Free shipping on all orders of more than $99
  • Customer service is very responsive
  • Payment option is SSL secure


  • No system of subscription available for reorders


Here’s why we regard the Full-Spectrum Oil from CBD North to be the best among all the CBD oils out there:

A. No Artificial Flavors 

Firstly, this oil is obtained from pure organic sources, and there’s no artificial flavor added for enhancing the taste. And you will be glad to know that customers have found the taste to be quite delightful. 

As such, you can reap the benefits of the pure Canadian hemp contained in the oil without having to worry about artificial taste enhancers. 

B. Multiple Options For Dosage

The CBD North full-spectrum oil is available in different potency levels, which range from 500 to 2000 mg. Plus, the dropper included with the oil is also available in two sizes viz. 30ml and 50ml. This, in turn, allows you to make a purchase based on your needs and preferences. Here, you must note that users who prefer a higher potency level should go for a more potent dosage. 

C. Multiple Cannabinoids

The inclusion of lots of secondary cannabinoids in the CBD North full-spectrum oil is an added advantage. All these cannabinoids work together to intensify the impact of one another, which ultimately brings out health benefits that the average medicines can seldom achieve. 

D. Financial Assistance

CBD North also offers financial assistance to users in need where they can get a 45% discount on all orders. This first-of-its-kind initiative is aimed at ensuring that all the people of Canada have access to top-notch CBD products. 

Notably, senior citizens, post-secondary students, military veterans, low-income households, and differently-abled people come in the purview of this scheme.  

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#2. CBD Magic Hemp Oil – Runner Up

Brand Overview:

Yet another trustworthy brand in the world of CBD products is CBD Magic, which has been widely appreciated for its water soluble CBD and full-spectrum CBD Oil. In addition, their products come at more cost-effective rates in comparison than many other brands. 

Characterized by a chemical-free formulation, all their products use superior-quality natural ingredients that are tested in labs. Rest assured that this oil is entirely safe for consumption. 

The CBD oils of this brand are capable of addressing sleep issues, reducing various chronic pains, and treating anxiety issues. What does the job is the combined power of hemp oil, pure and organic MCT oil, and other extracts used in the formulations. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CBD Magic


  • Contains pure, organic MCT oil
  • Addresses sleep issues
  • Relieves stress, pain, and anxiety
  • Offers a subscription system for reorders
  • Products available at budget-friendly prices
  • Includes a 30-day refund guarantee 
  • Dosages range between 500mg and 4,000mg


  • No scheme for financial assistance included


A. Offers Both Varieties

Users get both the full-spectrum and isolate varieties of CBD oil from this brand viz. the pure CBD oil and the full-spectrum CBD Oil. The former comes with MCT oil and 99% CBD isolate and has great healing effects owing to the use of a specialized hemp extraction procedure. 

As for the full-spectrum CBD Oil, it consists of multiple cannabinoids including CBDV, THCV, and CBN that work to provide relief from pain. 

B. Refund Guarantee

CBD Magic regards customer satisfaction as its topmost priority. Hence, it offers a beneficial money-back guarantee for all its products. In case of any dissatisfaction with the purchase due to any reason, users can return the item within the first 30 days, and the entire money would be refunded. 

C. Efficient Product Categorisation

To facilitate easy product selection, the CBD Magic website categorizes its products on the basis of their needs. For instance, if you’re searching for a product that would enhance your focusing power, you’ll just have to navigate to the “focus” option that lists all the CBD products useful in that regard. This way, finding the suitable type and potency level of the product becomes much more manageable.

D. Subscription

A significant advantage of opting for CBD Magic is the availability of a subscription program that lets customers save their valuable time and money. Since there’s no need to place the same order again and again, the ordering process becomes much simpler.  

E. CBD Content Breakdown

A bottle of 1 fl oz containing either of the isolate or full-spectrum variety comes with 1,000mg of CBD. You may also purchase the oils in their 500mg, 2,000mg, 3,000mg and 4,000mg variants. 

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#3. Resolve CBD Hemp Oil – 2nd Runner Up

Brand Overview:

This cannabinoid company based in Toronto offers a variety of products, including gummies, full-spectrum oils, CBD capsules, and pet treats. 

The full-spectrum ResolveCBD oil can be useful in treating anxiety issues, alleviating chronic pains, and treating sleep deficiency. You will also be glad to know that the brand provides the results of all third-party lab tests on its website. Moreover, they guarantee that the beneficial effects of all the products are consistent with these results.

Like CBD North, this brand provides a guide on dosage to help beginners select a suitable dosage according to their needs. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Resolve CBD 


  • Formulated in line with prescribed safety standards
  • Includes a subscription program
  • Provides an exhaustive and diverse blog about CBD products
  • Offers a reward system
  • Its CBD oils are non-psychoactive
  • Includes a financial assistance program 


  • Dropper sizes and dosage varieties are not enough 


A. Reward Points

The reward system offered by ResolveCBD grants customers reward points each time they place an order. Those points may be redeemed for orders in future as per their preferences. The brand has put forward this scheme since it attaches utmost importance to customer loyalty.

B. Non-Psychoactive 

All CBD Resolve products are directly derived from hemp plants and contain less than 0.3% THC. This is indicative of their completely non-psychoactive nature. 

C. CBD Education

To ensure that people who are new to using CBD products become aware about its contribution in addressing various health issues, the brand has an exhaustive and diverse blog. It covers all topics in this context so that you find answers to all your concerns and queries regarding CBD.

D. Financial Help

There’s an empathetic financial assistance program included in the pricing policy offered by Resolve CBD. Designed to help people who lack the financial resources to avail CBD products, this policy gives a discount of up to 25% on every order for at most 2 orders per month. Canadian residents who have lower earnings, are health workers, or are differently-abled are eligible for the discount.

E. Subscription Program

Apart from its financial assistance program and reward system, Resolve CBD offers a subscription program, through which users can get additional discounts. You can choose from a bi-monthly, monthly, or six-weekly scheme for obtaining a discount of 20% on every recurring order. 

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Best CBD Oil Canada: How Did We Put Together This List?

To curate this review-centric guide, we started by listing the most reputed brands that manufacture CBD oil in the country. Our list turned out to be quite long due to the availability of so many high-performing products out there. 

We followed this with detailed research on each of the brands on the list based on the reviews by customers and their ratings for the various products. Next, we made an analysis of the third-party lab test reports and also looked at the information about the raw material sourcing and the CBD extract preparation. 

Based on these inferences, we shortlisted the brands that upheld the strict quality standards we had set. This list was further shortened until it only had the top three names that we’ve discussed above.

Aside from the resources mentioned above, we utilized several documented reports and relevant input from journalists, experts, and CBD consumers. In a nutshell, we’ve listed below the several factors considered for selecting the most effective CBD oils in Canada:

  • The brand reputation and reviews by customers
  • Effectiveness in addressing inflammation, pain, discomfort, and other health issues
  • The standard of the processing facility and whether it complies with FDA standards
  • THC content of the products after they make it to the stores
  • Type of hemp extract used in the formulation
  • Whether the company provides any information on CBD, the way it functions in the body system, and its benefits
  • Instructions for use and dosage provided on the website 
  • Sourcing of the hemp

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil Canada : Buyer’s Guide

The availability of a huge number of CBD oils from different brands makes the task of choosing the right one quite tedious. But you would want to use the best and safest product, for which you must consider some essential factors. Here, we’ll be looking at each of those factors briefly. 

For first-timers, it’s also important to determine the primary objective of purchasing CBD oil. And keep in mind that a product which is effective for someone else may not always yield the best results in your case.  

For example, the isolate variety of a CBD oil would be beneficial in treating problems such as sleeplessness, while a full-spectrum one would be more suitable for users seeking pain relief. So, let’s go through the different factors you need to consider before proceeding to purchase a good CBD oil. 

1. Level Of THC

A very important factor to consider is the THC content of the oil. You must ensure that the product you’re choosing doesn’t have more harmful cannabinoid than the legally permissible amount. Note here that as per the laws of Canada, the maximum threshold is 0.3%. Also, you wouldn’t, of course, want to defy the law, which makes ascertaining the level of THC all the more crucial. 

2. Ingredients

Make sure that you go through the ingredients of each of the options you consider. Here, it’s essential to note that in case the product includes any ingredients not known to you, it can be risky for your health. 

You might have an allergy to any of them, or they could adversely affect your body system. On the other hand, if you are on a restricted or specialized diet, you must ensure that the ingredients conform to the particular diet you’re following. For instance, some tinctures contain animal products and wouldn’t be ideal for vegans. 

3. Lab Test Results

No matter the product being manufactured, a trustworthy brand would put forward the proof of its authenticity with the help of third-party lab tests. Hence, the test results should be available on their website.

In case you don’t find any of that on the website, it’s best to head on to another one. But if the results are there, go through them well to be sure about the safety and effectiveness of the CBD oil. Plus, remember to check whether the THC levels are in accordance with the range prescribed. 

4. Sourcing

Good brands always utilize ingredients derived from a reliable and valid source. Choosing the right hemp source is absolutely essential to provide the results that users desire. As such, brands which don’t mention the source clearly aren’t reliable enough. 

Farms that work in accordance with the guidelines for production of hemp are ideal sources of hemp. In addition, the farm produce would have the legally permissible level of THC. 

5. Shipping Policy 

A brand that offers free shipping for any order is actually ready to bear the expenses of providing quality service to its customers. Ultimately, the shipping and refund policies that the brand follows determine whether it will succeed in building a trustworthy, long-term relationship with customers. 

6. Extraction

Hemp extraction procedures are of three types, on the basis of which CBD oils are categorized into three varieties. Some brands offer products made using all the extraction procedures, while others deal in products created using a particular one. 

Firstly, the isolate variety just includes pure CBD, with the other components extracted out. But the full-spectrum variety is available in various subtypes, which include different nutrients and flavor profiles. The third variety is the broad-spectrum one, as it includes every nutrient and no THC. 

Choosing a suitable extraction type makes the choice between brands easier. Naturally, you won’t require going through lots of websites to choose the right product for yourself.

7. Price

While making a purchase based on a tight budget, considering the price of CBD oil is essential. Furthermore, if you’re planning to purchase CBD products regularly, keeping track of the price becomes more crucial. 

Remember the cost of CBD oils would vary based on the ingredients they use, their dosage availability, and quality. Being clear about the suitable extraction type and the dosage is also important. 

How Does CBD Oil Help?

The usefulness of CBD oil is highly diverse, which makes summarizing the same quite challenging. However, we’ve still tried to put together its benefits, based on the research we conducted on the various products and the other information we’ve gathered from several relevant sources in the process. This will help the readers develop a better understanding. 

1. Acne

Acne is a widely prevalent skin problem, and consequently, there are lots of allopathic options for its treatment. But the problem lies with their vigorous chemical formulations that often have harsh side effects on the body system. 

In comparison, CBD oil is a much better option since it’s purely natural and has shown to be effective in treating chronic acne problems and several other skin disorders. It also offers more long-lasting results than allopathic medicines.

2. Relieving Depression And Anxiety

Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are prevalent among a large section of the world population. As such, the demand for safe and reliable medications for treating these problems has risen over the past few years. 

Lots of psychiatric medications are, of course, available out there, but they have many side effects, including insomnia, agitation, headache, and drowsiness. Moreover, consuming these medicines for a longer span may even cause addiction.

But CBD oil is a safe and truly effective alternative, as it has minimal side effects and has shown great promise in treating such disorders. Besides, anxiety and depression are closely related ailments, meaning using just the CBD oil would reduce the dosage required. 

3. Pain Relief

Pain relief is among the greatest benefits of using CBD oil and is, in fact, a major reason for its high popularity. It is really beneficial for reducing pains such as headaches, body aches, chronic pain, and menstrual cramps. 

If the product doesn’t do away with the pain completely, it reduces the effects to a level that can be managed. Many studies have also been carried out to determine its effectiveness, and the good news is that most of them have validated this oil as a trustworthy means of relieving pain. 

FAQs About CBD Oil Canada:

Q. Are There Any Side-effects Of CBD Oil? 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, most high-quality CBD products go through extensive lab tests. This substantially reduces the chance of any major effects on the body system. But those who are on a dosage exceeding 1,500 mg might have slight side effects such as

  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiety

Also, these side effects can last for at most eight hours, so there’s no need to panic during such situations. 

Being a purely natural product, CBD will surely not hurt your body. If you sense one or more of the side-effects listed above, staying hydrated and eating on a timely basis would help in driving those away. 

Q. How To Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes in the form of a liquid infused with CBD, so it’s quite easy to administer the product. You just need to take some liquid with the help of a dropper and then place it beneath the tongue. Following this, the oil will quickly be absorbed by the small capillaries present in the oral mucosa on that portion of the tongue. 

Q. How Shall You Decide The Suitable Dosage For CBD Oil?

If you don’t have prior experience in using CBD products, it’s important to note that deciding the ideal dosage won’t be as easy as randomly picking a particular option. The right dose would depend on the following four factors:

  • Mode of ingestion 
  • Body chemistry
  • Reason for use
  • Bodyweight

It’s a must to look at the above variables when you’re deciding on the dosage. If you’re getting confused in choosing a suitable dosage, it would be best to reach out to a doctor for their suggestion. 

In addition, you must never increase the dose without making your body accustomed to it. For example, after you’ve begun with 5mg, you must get comfortable with it before raising it to twice that amount. And we’d suggest increasing the amount by not more than 5mg every time. 

However, if you’re faced with chronic pain problems, you may require experimenting with the dosage before landing on the ideal amount. Again, consulting your doctor is the best way to proceed in such situations.

Conclusion – Which CBD Oil In Canada Should You Purchase?

By now, you must have a better idea about the best CBD oils on the market and all the essential know-hows regarding their usage. So, order one to experience the change for yourself! 

But before making a choice, keep in mind that going for the wrong brand won’t bring about the desired improvement. To prevent such possibilities, it is best to choose brands such as CBDNorth that provide authentic and truly effective products.

In fact, based on our first-hand experience, reviews, and extensive research, we feel that the full-spectrum oil from this brand is the best CBD oil in Canada. It has also garnered many positive reviews and customer testimonials, proving its effectiveness in addressing various health issues. 

Signing off with best wishes!

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