Dick Cesaroni | The Destruction of Our Economy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After surviving the pandemic by getting our vaccinations for the virus and following all the rules, my wife and I have been frequenting the local restaurants for lunch and an occasional dinner. 

What really stands out are the businesses that have not returned to pre-pandemic “business as usual.” 

In other words, fully opening the eateries for customers to come in and sit down. 

Practically all the restaurants have signs posted at the front entrance saying, “We are hiring – All positions.” These were and are the smaller mom-and-pop types of businesses. 

In talking to the managers or the few waitresses who have gone back to work, they say that it is almost impossible to get people in to hire them so they can return to full service. Some of these businesses are barely hanging on. 

The reason they are not getting very many applicants: They are getting money from the government to stay HOME. The government is paying them (the former workers) far more money for staying home and doing nothing. 

This is the start of the ruination of the economy in our country. 

The Democrats have taken it upon themselves to stop the economy from recharging itself after the end of the COVID-19 virus events. And you have greater unemployment. 

There are thousands of people just sitting on their duffs sucking the economy dry by taking all this free money being handed out by the Democrats. 

No wonder our country is so slow in recovering from the crisis of the pandemic. 

I plead to the Democrats to stop handing out all of this free money so these lazy folks will be forced to go back to work and start earning their money by working AGAIN! And deny them any compensation such as welfare. This IS NOT where I want my taxes going. 

Get these hardy souls back to work. Stop all the freebies and start making this country great again. 

One taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni


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