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PhenQ has ceased its position in the weight loss market through its distinctive, powerful fat burning properties. However, considering its everyday increasing popularity, its weight cutting powers are often subjected to a great deal of doubt. That is, is PhenQ genuinely effective in decreasing body weight or is just some rip-off offering no value at all? Click Here to visit the official website 

Sticking to a healthy weight is not humanly possible for all of us. Especially in the current pandemic situation when we are bound to restrict our movements, it is natural to lose the motivation that is essential to be in our best of forms. 

Thankfully, the world stands on the verge to become normal in the upcoming times. Yet, the dilemma to solve the weight loss mystery remains the same for some. 

Basically, the perfect weight-loss recipe does not always narrate the need for extreme motivation, diet, and trainings to all. Even if you excel at every part considered must for a slim waistline, things can fall flat at the end.  

This is because the weight management is largely dependent upon the pace of metabolism. While a good pace can make those high-calories foods go unnoticed, a poor one can act as a blocking stone in the dynamics of slimming. To counter such problems, the support often comes handy in the form of diet formulas.  

PhenQ is a diet formula that serves as a foolproof solution for a metabolism that turns sluggish in performance. It has meta-boost properties that activate and accelerate the basal metabolic rate for the scale to budge better and faster. However, the over the counter phentermine weight loss supplement is not limiting with its effects. It is a 5-in-1 formula that further suppresses hunger, improves mood, boosts energy, and keeps fat production at bay.  


Unlike the conventional diet pills, PhenQ focuses on dimensions that are directly responsible for impeding the weight loss progress. These dimensions revolve around excessive hunger, poor energy, slow and insufficient fat burning, and nonstop production of fats.  

Now the researchers intended to bring out the most practical but natural solution from Mother Nature. Hence, they came up with PhenQ that is a work of detailed research conducted on plant-based extracts, minerals, and vitamins. The recipe was kept pure from artificial and non-vegan ingredients, making it a safe and friendly bet for all.   

Overall, every ingredient that builds the diet pills works best to overcome problems you may be facing during the phase. For instance, a-Lacys Reset that is said to be the groundwork of PhenQ burns 7.24% of the body fat. The very ingredient holds the potential to bring down your weight by 3.44% while adding 3.8% to your muscle mass. This contribution comes from one of the basic ingredients of the supplement, so lot can be expected from the whole.  


  • Nominated as number 1 by Men’s Journal 
  • Made by a well-known company called Wolfson Brands Limited 
  • Completely organic fat burning formula that is safe against the artificial counterparts 
  • Produces faster and satisfactory results with no side effects 
  • Revs up metabolism, heightens up energy levels and controls appetite 
  • Apart from oxidizing fats, it supplies calcium to your body 
  • Covers the purchase with 60 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • An OTC pill that can be purchased without prescription 
  • A fast absorption formula that is scientifically studied and tested 
  • Friendly for vegans and vegetarians 
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified lab with FDA approved agents 


  • Not designed for expecting and nursing mothers 
  • Not for people with serious medical conditions or under 18 
  • May not be a cost-effective purchase for some buyers 
  • Contains limited concentration of caffeine that could set off a reaction in caffeine sensitive people 
  • Not available on any retailer store, except its official website 
  • Shipping charges applied on orders from specific regions 

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The creators of this ground-breaking supplement claim that it is difficult to find such one-stop solutions on the shelves. PhenQ is one solid formation that expansively targets issues acting more like some contributing factors in growing weight. It is a process that strikes with the strength of 5 solid supplements by:  

  1. Boosting Metabolism: 

At first, it gets to the root cause of the predicament that is mostly found to be an underactive metabolism. Generally, aging and poor lifestyle choices are held liable for this disaster, which could cause the body to store calories as fat that was meant for the making of energy in the first place.  

Globe Newswire states that PhenQ expedites the rate of metabolism while inducing thermogenesis in the body. Now the former is a quality that largely supports you by burning more calories. However, the latter offers parallel value as it increases the body temperature and results in losing more calories. Overall, this fueling to your engines equally upgrades the energy through conversion. 

  1. Preventing Fat Production:  

As much as PhenQ works for a healthy weight in the present, it works for a fit body in the future. Thereby, it comes with weight cutting capacity coupled with weight management knack. 

 Basically, the supplement gets on board with the bonus power to block the creation of fat. By utilizing it, it tunes the alternation of calories into energy, and not fat. With this reduction in formation, the system finds fewer to no fats to save for the ‘bad times’! 

  1. Suppressing Appetite:  

Setting a limit to the daily caloric intake is no easy job for all. This could not just affect the energy and mood but can gradually weaken the motivation to stay in shape. PhenQ works against those constant and uncontrollable hunger pangs by promoting satiety and suppressing appetite. As the appetite controls, the journey no longer feels cumbersome, tiring, or frustrating at any point 

  1. Increasing Energy:  

Strict diets can take a toll on your energy, which is the strength you need to overcome those arduous weight loss trainings. PhenQ contributes to the energy through its ideal concentration of amino acids and B vitamins.  With enough energy in your reservoirs, things can go as planned or better 

  1. Uplifting Mood:  

Restricted calories can dip your mood that is completely normal during the course. PhenQ brings some very convincing mood enhancing ingredients that help you stabilize your mood and stay focused on your mission! 


PhenQ is a house of some naturally sourced ingredients possessing properties to squeeze your waist size. These ingredients fall under the category of botanical herbs and vitamins that go a long way in your support. Few of these are: 

  1. Capsimax powder: The agent is obtained from the capsaicinoids of red chilli peppers for its tendency to encourage lipolysis. According to scientific research, the concentrated extract can improve the breakdown of accumulated fat for the utilization of energy substrates 
  1. Chromium picolinate: The mineral gives meta-boosting powers to PhenQ and hence, has a significant role. Moreover, it is a great aid for sugar pangs or an appetite that feels overactive to control 
  1. Caffeine: Caffeine is a multifunctional support you need through and through. It provokes metabolism to work faster while blunting your hunger to pull your hands off the additional calories 
  1. Nopal: Nopal is all about fiber that is known for its satiety-promoting effects. Vitro studies show that its fiber connects to the dietary fiber, causing the absorption to decrease. With this decrease, the absorption of energy also stoops and that progresses to the drop in weight.  
  1. L Carnitine fumarate: It has a reputation of a fat burner and is acclaimed to flush fat storage, especially the visceral belly fat.  


PhenQ contains a special patented compound called a-Lacys Reset. If we delve into the details of a-Lacys Reset, we will learn that it is an amalgamation of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.  

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant whereas cysteine is an amino acid. Interestingly, the fusion of these substances can enhance every cellular activity taking place in the body. Not only that, a-Lacys Reset is powerful enough to regulate oxidation through reducing the effects of free radicals.  

As for the weight management effects, research validates that the mix possesses anorexigenic effect. It suggests that a-Lacys Reset can freeze the performance of ghrelin that makes the appetite feels lesser and in control.  


It is important for you to learn that PhenQ is far more than just sculpting your body. It has some amazing general benefits that facilitate your mental and emotional health along with physical. For example, it: 

  • Boosts your mood 
  • Supercharges energy 
  • Improves mental state 
  • Heightens up self-confidence 
  • Gives your self-esteem a much needed boost 


A pure, organic substance like PhenQ assists everyone willing to put in the trust. This goes for men and women keen to lose weight without losing their mind. Since it’s a blend made of botanical ingredients, it doesn’t go against the principles followed by vegan and vegetarians. Neither does it counteract with birth control nor causes addiction of any sort.  

But in spite of the overall safety, the diet pill is strictly discouraged for expecting and nursing mothers. Not only that, it is disapproved for people under 18 and those dealing with serious health problems for its tendency to work against those high-power drugs.  


From a broader point of view, PhenQ is a fail-safe mixture of herbs, vitamins and minerals proving the power of Mother Nature. Owing to its organic formulation, it is least likely to cause any side effects with some exceptions like nausea, headache and indigestion in the start. These effects will be subtle and hence, resolve without the need for any medical intervention.  

However, it could cause allergies to people sensitive to any of its ingredients like chromium picolinate and caffeine. In such a case, we suggest a complete withdrawal of the dosages right away. Secondly, it can cause mental alertness and can impair your ability to sleep. Hence, avoid taking your dose right before bed, even if you forget to take on time.  


Following the dosage of PhenQ is no big science. The makers simply recommend 1 pill in the morning with breakfast and the second dose of 1 pill with lunch. Essentially, one should follow the following rules to make the best out of its PhenQ experience: 

  1. Do not take the dose after 3 pm as this could cause difficulty in falling asleep 
  1. Ingest the dose with ample amount of water 
  1. It may take time to kick in. The expected period is within 3 months. So stay patient and regular with doses 
  1. Pair it with sufficient degree of workout every day. This is important for a full-fledged recovery from obesity or excessive weight 
  1. Do not double your dose if you accidently miss any. Nor increase the dose for faster result as this is not how PhenQ is engineered to work 
  1. Follow healthy habits during and after PhenQ for weight loss and weight management henceforth 

PhenQ price 

The genuine formula of PhenQ is only available on the product’s official website. So avoid any third party interference to keep yourself from counterfeit and over-priced purchase. PhenQ comes in different deals with Deal 3 offering maximum value and savings: 

  1. Deal 1 is for $69.95 that equals to 1 month supply saving you $10 
  1. Deal 2 is for $139.90 that equals to 2 months supply saving you $99.95 with 1 Free bottle of PhenQ 
  1. Deal 3 is for $189.95 that equals to 3 months supply saving you $209.80 with 2 Free bottles of PhenQ and Free Advana Cleanse 


For people with realistic expectations and approach, PhenQ offers quite a value and an experience absolutely satisfying. It is a tried-and-tested option that has helped not few but innumerable number of people, many of which had lost hope for a balanced weight and a healthy life.  

However, let’s once admit that it is not some magic but a process that works gradually with efforts. So make sure your diet, trainings, sleep, and other lifestyle choices are spot on and friendly to your goals. To crack it with passing colors, follow a plant-based diet and keep a tight rein on your sugar and calories. 

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