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Sion Air Cooler Reviews [Fake vs Real Sion Cooler]: New Price of Sion Portable AC


NY, USA, Sion Air Conditioning: Air conditioner acts like oxygen in recent times. Whether it is the shop, home, office, or mall, you will find air conditioners. It is the most important home appliance today for everyone. But the increasing energy bills is another problem of smart homes because of the overuse of AC. Apart from that, the normal air conditioners also harm the environment.

Now, you can try a less expensive way to beat the scorching heat of summers. Sion Air Cooler is the new tool for enjoying your hot summer season. It is a small and portable air conditioner for home and office use. This Air Cooler is better than traditional air conditioners.

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What is Sion Air Cooler?

Sion Portable Air Conditioner is a small air conditioner that works like AC and cooler. It is smaller than regular air conditioners and works more efficiently. Besides, this tool is also an energy saver and brings your monthly electricity bills.

Packed with modern technology, this air cooler can cool the entire room within a few minutes. It is a simple to use tool for home, shop, office, or gym.

What are the problems of using normal air conditioners?

Everyone uses AC today at home, office, and everywhere to get cool air. But regular use of air conditioners involves many problems such as:

  • Increasing energy bills
  • Costly maintenance and servicing
  • Harmful for the body
  • Pollutes atmosphere
  • High energy consumption
  • Fixed installation


Why you must choose SION Air Cooler over normal air conditioners? 

Normal air conditioners are widely used by people in the world. But due to some limitations or traditional ACs, you can now choose SION Air Cooler for residential and commercial use. There are many advantages of using this mini-AC over normal air conditioners such as:

  1. Simple Use

SION portable mini air conditioning is very easy to use. You do not need any guidance or training from professionals to use this AC. Besides, you can also use this portable AC without any special tools or equipment. Easy to use feature makes this small AC comfortable for home and office use.

2. Portable AC

While normal air conditioners have fixed installation, SION Air Cooler is a small and portable appliance. You can carry this air cooler anywhere in your cars and bikes while going for business trips or family trips. This is a lightweight air conditioner that can fit in any small space. You can also store it in a small space.

3. Unique shape

This mini cooler has a beautiful shape that enhances the look of your home or office. It has a stunning color that suits the interior of any room. This cooler can be kept on the dressing table, desk, dining table, or tabletop as a home décor item. You can place this small air conditioner in the bedroom, office space, dining room, drawing room, study room, or gaming room.

4. May Cool room quickly

One of the major benefits of using a SION AC is that it may cool your room speedily. It works faster than normal Coolers and spreads cool air in the full room. Besides, this device may also give strong winds and lowers the indoor temperature. You might get a calm feeling even in the hottest summer season.

5. Nice sleep during the night

This mini cooler may give you a nice sleep every night. It works speedily and may reduce the amount of heat in your room. This cooler may relax your mind and give long sleep of 7 hours every night.

6. Different speeds of airflow

Normal air conditioners have a remote control if you want to increase or reduce the speed of air. On the other hand, Sion Portable AC has a temperature controller on the top. You can adjust airflow speeds with a single touch. There are 3 levels of airflow speed from which you can select any speed. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature of this cooler with the help of a temperature controller. 

7. Reduces electricity bills

Everyone is worried about increasing electricity bills while using normal AC. Contrary to that; you can reduce power consumption by using Sion Air Cooler regularly. It decreases power bills every month.

8. No chemicals or gases

Using traditional AC is dangerous for the surroundings. It emits chemicals and gases that pollute indoor air. Sion Air Cooler does not emit chemicals, parabens, or gases that pollute the indoor atmosphere. As a result, you can get pure and fresh air throughout the day. This will improve your health day by day.

SION Portable Air Cooler Price for Sale:

Sion Air Cooler is available at the price of $89.90 (50% Discount Per Unit). To Save more order the 2 Sion portable air conditioning in cost of $161.82.

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Sion Portable Air Conditioner is a very good cooling device for homes and offices. But there are some drawbacks of this item such as:

  • You can buy this product only from the official site.
  • Charging the battery of this mini cooler takes a long time.
  • The water tank has limited capacity

Where to Buy Sion Portable Air Conditioner?

You can order Sion Air Cooler only from the official site of the manufacturer. There are several offers on the official site. The price of 1 model is $89.90 while you can purchase this product in a pack of 2 or 5 models to get 50% to 65% discount.

Nowadays, there is an offer of 50% discount and free shipping on the price of the product. The procedure to order this product is very simple and you can also get various payment options. You will finally get the product within few business days after doing the payment.

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