Vivo Tonic Reviews – Blood Sugar Support Supplement

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Vivo Tonic is a dietary supplement designed to help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Diabetes numbers are rising rapidly around the world these days and it’s one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Diabetes can be hard to deal with on its own, but it comes with several other health implications that make it worse. Obesity, poor eyesight, fatigue, nerve pain, and brain fog are common health issues among those that suffer from diabetes. While there are several treatments available for people suffering from erratic blood sugar levels, Vivo Tonic is an all-natural supplement that can help the body regulate blood sugar naturally without any harmful side-effects. Is this new supplement the real deal? How does it fare compared to other supplements? Here’s everything you need to know about Vivo Tonic

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What Causes High Blood Sugar Levels? 


There are many factors that contribute to high blood sugar levels. Some are genetic, some are linked to one’s lifestyle choices, and there are other problems as well that happen behind the scenes in the body that may be causing high blood sugar levels. These are: 

  • A sedentary lifestyle. 
  • A high-calorie diet.  
  • A poor diet full of processed foods, junk food, foods high in sugar or carbohydrates. 
  • Genetics. 
  • Lack of insulin production. 
  • Inflammation. 
  • Oxidative stress and environmental toxins. 
  • Insulin resistance. 
  • Obesity. 

All the above listed reasons can contribute to high blood sugar levels and diabetes. While one cannot do much about genetics or lack of insulin production (which could be due to genetics), all hope is not lost as you can start making small lifestyle changes that can improve your health. A visit to the doctor can perhaps help you out if you’re struggling with insulin issues, your doctor may prescribe you insulin injections. 

Other than that, if you start incorporating even a little bit of exercise per day and improve your eating habits, then that can go a long way in helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Incorporating lifestyle changes can also help you lose weight which can further improve your health. However, problems like inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance do not go away easily, especially in the polluted environments we live in. Inflammation and insulin resistance are perhaps two of the biggest contributors to high blood sugar levels. Keep reading to find out how Vivo Tonic works to help your body fight against them for better overall health. 

Health Implications 

Having high blood sugar for a prolonged period can lead to several health complications such as:  

  1. Cardiovascular disease. 
  1. Neuropathy. 
  1. Fatigue. 
  1. Brain fog. 
  1. Poor eyesight. 
  1. Kidney damage or even kidney failure. 
  1. Bone and joint problems. 
  1. Feet problems, skin infections, and in severe cases: amputation. 
  1. Teeth and gum infections. 
  1. Damage to blood vessels of the retina which can lead to blindness. 

Therefore, high blood sugar levels are not to be taken lightly as they can lead to several other health problems that can make life difficult. Once a person is on medication for diabetes, it’s very difficult to get out of them and take control of your life. Fortunately, Vivo Tonic is based on an all-natural formula that can help in preventing the outcomes listed above.  

While Vivo Tonic is not a magical cure or anything like that, it’s still a powerful supplement that relies on nature’s finest ingredients to help improve your overall health. Therefore, if you’re struggling with high blood sugar and other health problems, then consider Vivo Tonic as it’s a safe, natural, and affordable option that could have a significant impact on your health. 

VivoTonic Reviews – Why to Consider Vivo Tonic? 

Diabetes or high blood sugar is not something that’s new; it has been around for years and there are several proven medicines and treatments available that can help people that are struggling. However, most of these medicines and treatments are not cheap which makes them inaccessible for the masses. There are different supplements though that one can go for instead of medicines or insulin injections in order to improve their health such as Vivo Tonic Blood Sugar Supplement. 

However, most supplements that claim to reduce blood sugar do not have natural ingredients inside them. Even if a supplement claims to be all-natural, they often do not nearly have the right dosage of each ingredient to make a difference. Therefore, it can be highly frustrating to invest in such supplements as they only waste one’s hard-earned money and time. We haven’t even mentioned how some supplements also have harmful side-effects. 

Fortunately, Vivo Tonic is completely different from such supplements as it consists of an all-natural formula that’s derived from different plants and nutrients. The supplement addresses the root cause of the problem and promotes a long-term solution instead of dealing with the problem at the surface level. Moreover, the manufacturer only uses the purest and most potent form of each ingredient to ensure maximum health benefits. Of course, you should not take our word for it. It’s always best to do your own research as well but given the list of ingredients (mentioned below) and the confidence the manufacturer has in their product, it’s safe to assume that Vivo Tonic is the real deal. 

Therefore, Vivo Tonic seems like a better option than most, and most importantly, it can save you lots of money by potentially eliminating the need for lots of medication. Of course, everyone’s body is different, and your doctor might still prescribe you a few medicines. However, given all the positive reviews Vivo Tonic has had so far, it’s safe to say that you can expect a positive result by using Vivo Tonic. 

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How Does It Work? 

As mentioned above, there are different problems inside the body that may be contributing to high blood sugar levels. However, the three main problems are: 

  1. Chronic Inflammation. 
  1. Oxidative Stress. 
  1. Insulin Resistance. 

All three problems mentioned above are highly common these days and are linked with erratic blood sugar levels. Inflammation is considered the root cause for many health problems, not just diabetes and high blood sugar. The same goes for oxidative stress which can occur due to different free radicals in our environment that make their way inside our body. Insulin resistance means that the insulin being produced by the body is not working as effectively as it should in regulating blood sugar inside the body.  

Inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and oxidative stress are related to each other which makes things worse. For example, oxidative stress can lead to inflammation which can cause lots of health problems. Inflammation can often reduce insulin sensitivity inside the body as well. Therefore, all three health problems are linked where an increase in one can increase the other which can drive blood sugar levels up even further.  

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While there are other factors that contribute to high blood sugar as well, in the end, they also contribute to inflammation, stress, and insulin resistance which is why it’s important to address those three issues. Vivo Tonic works by addressing the three main problems that lead to high blood sugar levels. The supplement is full of different antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals, and other essential nutrients that help reduce chronic inflammation, fight off free radicals, and improve insulin sensitivity.  

Obesity and high blood sugar levels often go hand in hand but fortunately, there are several ingredients such as ginseng and green tea leaf inside the supplement that can boost the body’s metabolism and overall fat-burning capabilities. Thus, with a powerful formula consisting of 11 powerful ingredients, Vivo Tonic can help supercharge your overall health and help you regulate your blood sugar levels naturally in a safe and effective manner. 

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VivoTonic Ingredients 

  1. Banaba Leaf: It contains 40 bioactive compounds that help in regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Banaba is also full of antioxidants and has anti-obesity benefits as well which makes it a great ingredient to fight off blood sugar and its related health problems. Vivo Tonic includes a potent dose of Banaba Leaf for maximum health benefits. 
  1. Corosolic Acid: It helps increase insulin sensitivity which helps reduce blood sugar levels and promotes higher energy levels. It can also reduce oxidative stress, promote weight loss, and reduce cholesterol levels. 
  1. Silymarin: It supports liver health which is responsible for converting and storing excess sugar in the bloodstream. Silymarin also supports weight loss, skin health, reduces cholesterol, supports bone health, and can even limit the spread of cancerous cells. It’s an essential ingredient for supporting healthy blood sugar levels in the body, and it can be found in abundance inside Vivo Tonic. 
  1. Berberine: It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, and improve triglyceride levels. It can also help fight against fatty liver disease and has several anti-inflammatory properties which reduce chronic inflammation inside the body and thus, help with diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. 
  1. Korean Ginseng: It’s a potent antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and improve the body’s metabolism for faster fat loss. Korean Ginseng has several other health benefits as well such as the ability to lower blood sugar levels, boost the body’s immune system, and improve daily energy levels. Thus, Korean Ginseng can greatly help in the fight against diabetes and high blood sugar. 

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  1. Green Tea Leaf: While the benefits of green tea for detox and weight-loss are well-documented, green tea leaf can also reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and improve overall blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity. Other than that, green tea has several other health benefits such as an improved metabolism, boosted brain function, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and improved heart health. 
  1. Resveratrol and Cayenne Pepper: Both ingredients work together to reduce blood pressure and support healthy blood flow throughout the body. Cayenne pepper can also boost metabolism, reduce hunger cravings, boost digestive health while resveratrol has several antioxidant properties that can boost overall health and reduce blood sugar
  1. Zinc: It’s an essential nutrient that’s responsible for the smooth functioning of many processes inside the body. Many people are also deficient in Zinc which explains why they may suffer from health problems. Zinc can help regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, lower oxidative stress, and can reduce chronic inflammation in the body. 
  1. Chromium: It can enhance protein, lipid, and carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium is also essential towards ensuring the correct functioning of insulin, and it helps improve insulin sensitivity as well to regulate blood sugar levels. Chromium can help in the metabolization of glucose and thus, it can help boost energy levels as well
  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid: It’s a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy vision levels, healthy nerve function, weight-loss, and it can also reduce cholesterol levels as well. Alpha Lipoic Acid can also help protect against cell damage as well inside the body. 

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Is VivoTonic Safe? 

Safety is a very important aspect of any supplement. We use health supplements to give us an additional boost to different aspects of our health, so it would be counterintuitive to use a supplement that has a negative impact on your health. Unfortunately, this is the case for many supplements out there as most manufacturers compromise quality and purity of ingredients over low cost of production and high margins. As a result, you often get a low-quality supplement that’s full of impure ingredients that can be bad for your health. 

Many manufacturers get their ingredients from different areas of the world which can result in poor quality as there are different quality standards everywhere and, in some places, they are not even being followed! That’s a major red flag to look out for, and it’s always recommended that you do your own research before purchasing a supplement. Not all outsourced ingredients are bad of course. In such cases, it’s always good to look at real user reviews of a supplement and check whether the manufacturer follows all the good manufacturing practices. 

Vivo Tonic meets all the requirements laid out above as it has plenty of positive reviews on its website and the manufacturers do not compromise on quality. The creators of Vivo Tonic only use a 100% natural formula that’s based on different plants and minerals known for their various health benefits. You may already know about more than half of the ingredients listed above; Vivo Tonic simply brings all the effective ingredients into one capsule to produce powerful blood sugar-reducing benefits. There are no sweeteners, synthesized ingredients, or any other harmful chemicals inside the supplement which make it completely safe to use with no side-effects. 

Of course, you should always consult a doctor before purchasing any supplement if you have doubts. Everyone is different and the body can react differently to even natural ingredients. If you have allergies or any other health condition, then it’s recommended to consult a doctor before making a purchase just in case. 

Benefits of Vivo Tonic 

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels: The supplement contains powerful ingredients that help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. These ingredients are full of different nutrients that can support blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, and boost overall heart health. 
  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels: The Vivo Tonic formula has several powerful ingredients that can naturally support lower blood sugar levels. These ingredients support the different natural mechanisms inside the body for lowering blood sugar which can help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day. 
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity: Insulin is very important for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and many people that struggle with diabetes have high insulin resistance which means that the insulin is not able to do its job properly. Vivo Tonic helps improve insulin sensitivity in the body allowing for better blood sugar regulation and healthier blood sugar levels in the body. 

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  • Faster Metabolism: The supplement is full of different nutrients and antioxidants that help boost the body’s metabolism. Obesity and weight gain are often associated with diabetes and high blood sugar. Vivo Tonic can help increase the rate at which your body burns calories so that you don’t just reduce your blood sugar levels, but you also start losing weight for better overall health. 
  • Higher Energy Levels: The supplement helps improve insulin sensitivity and improves metabolism which helps increase the amount of glucose being converted into energy. As a result, the supplement can significantly boost daily energy levels which can help counter some of the negative health implications of high blood sugar such as fatigue and brain fog. 
  • Reduced Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is linked with many health problems such as diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, arthritis, and heart disease. Vivo Tonic is full of different antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that can help boost the body’s immune system and reduce inflammation. As a result, one can start seeing improvements in their blood sugar, weight, cardiovascular health, and one can even start seeing reductions in pain if they’re suffering from it. Overall, Vivo Tonic can help your body fight off inflammation for several health benefits. 
  • No Side-Effects: Vivo Tonic uses a completely natural formula which makes it 100% safe for consumption. The manufacturers also leave no stone unturned with regards to quality assurance. Therefore, you can expect there to be no side-effects from using Vivo Tonic. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: While this isn’t a benefit of using Vivo Tonic, it’s still worth mentioning that the supplement comes with a 100% money-back guarantee which makes it a risk-free investment. That’s a great deal who’s skeptical about the supplement and wants to try it out before deciding. 

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Pricing and Refund Policy 

Most treatments related to blood sugar and diabetes are very expensive. Multiple daily blood sugar checks, insulin injections, and lots of medicines can make life really difficult for someone suffering from high blood sugar levels, and these things can significantly add to your monthly expenses. While Vivo Tonic is not a replacement for treatment, as it’s a supplement and not a medicine, it can still help reduce your monthly expenses by helping you naturally take control of your blood sugar. The supplement itself is reasonably price and comes in three affordable packages priced as follows. You can place your order on VivoTonic official website for a safe purchase and order support. 

  1. One Bottle: $79 
  1. Three Bottles: $59 per bottle 
  1. Six Bottles: $49 per bottle 

If you want to invest in Vivo Tonic for the long-term or want to get bottles for your family and friends as well, then it’s recommended to get the six-bottle bundle as it’s the best value out of all of them. The three bundles above make it easy to purchase the supplement as there’s a bundle that suits everyone. 

Moreover, each purchase of Vivo Tonic comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is a great way to try out the supplement for yourself if you’re not completely convinced about what the supplement can do. Everyone’s body is different, so the supplement may not work as well for you as compared to someone else. Therefore, you can always give it a try before committing which is where the money-back guarantee can come in handy. Just use the supplement for a month, and if you’re not happy with what Vivo Tonic has to offer, then you can get in contact with their support team and ask for a full refund. 

You can get in touch with the company using the following address: 

Email:[email protected] 


PhytoThrive Labs 

37 Inverness Road, Suite 100, Englewood 

Colorado, 80112. USA  

Does VivoTonic Really Work? 

If you’re struggling with diabetes, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and even obesity, then Vivo Tonic can help you out. Vivo Tonic is a highly effective, multi-purpose supplement that can help people suffering from different health problems. While the supplement is primarily aimed for people struggling with high blood sugar and diabetes, it can still help improve your overall health. Vivo Tonic consists of different powerful plant-based ingredients that can regulate high blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and boost the body’s metabolism for faster fat loss. 

The best part about the supplement is that it is completely natural. There are no harmful chemicals, no synthesized ingredients, and no artificial sweeteners that can cause harmful side-effects. Vivo Tonic is safe to use and it also comes with a money-back guarantee which makes it a win-win for the consumer as they have nothing to lose this way. Therefore, if you’re looking for a risk-free way to improve your blood sugar levels and overall health, then Vivo Tonic is worth considering, and you can buy it from here. 

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