6 Kids Toys to Gift Your Child This Birthday!


Kids tend to have more fun with the toys during their kindergarten-age, whether for a boy or a girl. Girls love to play with their dolls, while boys love to play with their cars. Birthday gifts are always special, especially if your kid is 6 years old.  

You might be tired of gifting the same thing to your kid on their birthdays every year. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right gift for your kids, especially on their birthdays. Nowadays, there are many variants available such as plastic toys, wooden toys, etc. Here we are going to help you choose the right gifts for your 6 years, old kids on their birthdays.  

Crazy Forts  

Most of the kids love to build the forts during their vacations and the monsoon. Let your child pursue this hobby further by gifting them with Crazy Forts. You can let your child take their fort-building skills to the next level by getting them the Crazy Forts. You would simply need an additional blanket to go with it. This fort design structure is perfect for kids age five years and above. You can get it easily from any of the online toy stores or amazon. It comes with a price of $45.  

Got2Glow Fairy Finder  

This would be the perfect gift option for your girl child. Generally, girls are obsessed with fairies and their lives. Let them experience this with Got2Glow Fair finder. With this jar, they can find the fairies and catch them. Here they can also feed the fairies and play a few games with them. They will get a lot of options in fairies to catch and collect. If your kid’s friends have got these types of jars, then they can also share the fairies in between them. This fairy finder jar is still not launched, but you can certainly place the order for pre-booking. This would be available on Amazon at the price of $39.99.  

Disney Mad Tea Party Game  

Disney characters and games have always been favorites to kids. Let them enjoy these creatures with Disney Mad Tea Party Game. Here all the players are given the challenge to stack the teacups on the table. They also get cards along with it to determine which cup needs to stack. Here kids find it difficult to get through the game due to the fear of the table tipping over. This game is suitable for kids age 5 years and above, and you can get it from amazon. The price is $19.99.  

KidiZoom Creator Cam  

Thanks to YouTube, everyone wants to be in the video and feature on the internet. Kids are no exception to it. You might feel hesitant to give your expensive digicam to your kids. But you can certainly get the one for them. Here we are talking about KidiZoom Creator Cam. This is a kid-friendly camera that lets your kids record and edits their videos. It comes with a green screen along with 20+ backgrounds, on-screen basic editing features, and a tripod. This camera also offers a flip screen for selfie mode along with an SD slot for storage purposes. Here you can upload the video from the camera to your computer through a USB cable. This cool camera is available on Amazon at $37.49. Kids with age above 5 years can use it easily. 

Rainbow Sandland  

If your kid is an art lover, then this would be the perfect gift for them. Rainbow Sandland lets your kid make their sand structures at home with ease. They might have explored the art of creating sand structures during their summer camps or at schools. But with Rainbow Sandland, you can let them do it at home. It comes with a sticker sheet and mini unicorns for decorating purposes. You will also get the glue and the cap along with this set. This is a perfect gift for kids age 6+ and is available at $12.81 on Amazon.  

Create Crafting Kit  

If your child is a craft lover, the Create Crafting Kit is the ultimate gift option. It comes with step-by-step instructions to let your child build multiple designs. Here they will get plastic tiles to interlock and create the designs. These types of games are known to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. You will also get the LED string lights along with this kit. This kit is available at $9.95 on Amazon.  

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