All You Need To Know About Gold Cardstock 2021

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No one can resist a little glimmer. In only a few minutes, you can turn everything in your life golden with this simple technique. Gold Cardstock is a beautiful gold-colored cardstock paper with a glittering sheen that is ideal for creating.

 Because it is thicker and more durable than regular paper, it is also suitable for paper crafts and card making. Gold cardstock used for business cards, postcards, playing cards, catalog covers, and scrapbooking because of its resilience.

 Materials and Steps for Gold Cardstock

  •   Cardstock
  •  Marker Yellow/Gold (for base drawing)
  •  A toothbrush (recommended size would vary depending on your design)
  •  If you would prefer to use acrylic or water-based use an oil-based product, it will bleed into the paper and will not work on porous.
  •   Makeup brush (soft-bristle brush)
  •  Glue-hardened brush (a regular brush works fine!)


 1.      Starting with a yellow or gold marker, sketch out the pattern you want on Cardstock. You want to make sure that the marker color will not show through the gold leaf for the most part.

 2.       Use acrylic or water-based gilding size to paint over your drawing. The size needs to be set, which generally takes around 15-20 minutes, so take your time. If you do not want to be rushed, be careful to pay attention to the details so that the gold leaf will seem crisp and clean.

 3.      To finish up, allowing the gilding size to a somewhat sticky surface is ideal for gold leaf adhesion, which occurs naturally after around 15-20 minutes with the gilding size.

 4.      Place gold leaf gently over the pattern after the gilding size is tacky (but not wet). May need a few pages if your design is enormous. To avoid seeing the seams in the finished item, it is best to overlap slightly (the gold leaf blends reasonably well). 

It is at this point that the makeup brush comes in. Use it to ‘pat down’ and regulate where the stiff-bristled meeting can be used to wipe the gold leaf across the pattern once it’s been flattened. Only the sections painted with gilding size will remain after rubbing the surface or making a few passes.

Gold foil cardstock printing

Using a laser printer, print the design onto your Cardstock or paper once you have chosen a design you like. If you use a laser jet printer, the gold foil will stick to the ink but not if you use a spot of ink.

 Settings to put Glitter on cardstock

 Glitter cardstock can be cut using the following parameters.

  •         Blade depth
  •         Speed
  •         Thickness
  •         Double Cut
  Use of Glitter Cardstock on cricut

Circuit gold cardstock adds immediate sass, glitz, or festive style. Adding shine and sheen to every endeavor makes it more enjoyable and memorable. Crafts include cards, bulletin board décor, school projects, party and holiday decorations, and more. To be used in conjunction with all Circuit cutting.

Comparison of Paper and gold Cardstock

 As the name suggests, card stock is thicker and more durable than printer paper, but it is thinner and more flexible than cardboard. When it comes to card stock, it is usually smoother and uniform in appearance.

 Final Thoughts

Due to gold cardstock opaque nature, it may be used this for almost anything. For the best effects on a less porous surface (such as glass), use gilding size oil-based. As a rule, always test the surface you intend to work on first and follow all directions on the guild. To get the best results, print the design in a light grey on a smooth white sheet.

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