Charles Byers | On Binary Restroom Usage

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Letters to the Editor
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There is a misconception circulating in our society that is driving some wrong-headed decisions by government policy makers at all levels, from local school board members to the most senior of federal elected and appointed officials. That misconception is the following: A person’s gender, instead of anatomy, is the determining factor in deciding which restroom, change room, shower, or similar facility to use, where people may be in some state of undress while in a public use area.  

Until very recently, there was no distinction made between gender and genital anatomy. Sexual attraction was never considered a reason that an anatomical male would enter a designated women’s restroom, nor that an anatomical female would use the anatomically inappropriate men’s facilities. It was never considered, because it was obvious to any and all that anatomy is binary, and anatomy is the basis of separating the users of public facilities.  

In these troubled times filled with troubled, sensitive individuals wringing their hands over troubled, gender-confused individuals who can’t figure out how to behave in polite society, everyone needs to stop worrying about hurting someone’s feelings and take a deep breath. All of us get our feelings hurt once in a while, and most of the time we take offense when none was intended. Most people aren’t trying to purposely hurt someone’s feelings by using the wrong pronoun, but redefining gender does not redefine anatomy. Society is trying to accept that a few of us are legitimately gender-confused, and it will eventually figure out the best way to include these new ideas into our social structure.  

However, the fact remains that, with extremely few exceptions, all human beings are equipped with one of only two sets of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. And if gender is no longer determined by anatomy in our woke, politically correct culture, then gender never really was the basis for creating separate accommodations such as public restrooms. It was always anatomy, but in proper society, people were more comfortable speaking of gender instead of sex. Now that we are no longer shocked and embarrassed to speak frankly, let’s just say it: People are expected to know what genitalia they possess and to only use those facilities designed for persons so equipped. If we need to put clear instructions on restrooms and gym locker rooms, we can do it. I would hope pictorial illustrations are not required.  

If someone was born with anatomical characteristics that don’t correspond to their self-image, modern medical science can make alterations. Males who have been surgically altered to appear as females would be expected to use women’s facilities, and vice versa.   

Passing laws that require society to blur the lines of propriety to accommodate self-identified gender ambiguity is extreme. Members of our federal, state, or local government who give credence to such foolishness are as guilty of public indecency as is any male in a girls bathroom whining that he feels like a girl today.

Charles Byers

Canyon Country

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