Chill Air Conditioner Review – Best Personal Mini Portable Air Cooler (AC) Unit


The first days of summer are welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm away from spring, winter, and autumn. As the days go by, the body begins to feel sluggish, tired, and drowsy. The reason for this is that the body has to work hard to retain the coolness, which in turn makes the body work extra hard, resulting in tiredness. In addition, the body produces excessive sweat, sunburns, skin damage, dehydration, and fatigue.  

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There is a new invention that will say goodbye to these effects caused by the summer weather—introducing the portable Chill Air Conditioner and experiencing the coolness during summer. 

About Chill Air Conditioner 

The Chill Air Conditioner is a personal, portable mini conditioner suitable for both outdoors in the fields, picnics, cars, travelling, etc., and indoors in houses, dormitories, offices, etc. This unit helps provide a relaxing and cooling environment quickly. Manufactured using advance technology, the unit’s evaporation process humidifies the air and filters any allergens.  

Features of the Chill Air Conditioner 

The portable Chill Air Conditioner has the following features: 

Three cooling modes 

This unit has three cooling modes, namely, low, which is cool, medium, which is chill, and high, which is cold. These modes can be adjusted depending on the weather and preference. 

Low mode is the default temperature mode that converts air into a cold breeze and is suitable during warm and hot weather. Medium mode is used to reduce the moisture in the room and is suitable for homes or environments closer to the ocean or sea. High mode is used to cool environments located in very hot areas. 

AC charging system 

The Chill Air Conditioner has an excellent AC battery charging system inbuilt in the unit. Therefore, one does not need to keep recharging the unit or need the services of a technician to open the unit. The AC has a very good charging system 

Equipped with a 2000mAh battery 

The Chill Air conditioner has a battery of 2000MAH which means that the battery’s life span is longer in terms of producing more power for the unit’s operation. A combination of these two ensures that with a AA battery, the power usage will be low and may last for a whole day depending on the heaviness of the use. 

USB charger 

The unit has a USB charger. The adapter generates the 5 volt DC standard, which is required when using a USB Charger. Once the charger is plugged into the AC outlet and the power is switched on, the air conditioner is now ready for use. The USB cable can also be connected to a laptop or any other compatible source of electricity. 

Louvered Control Fins 

This unit is installed with adjustable and flexible directional fins. This allows for the control and directional flow of air and makes this suitable for even small rooms as the user can set the air conditioner in their preferred direction. 

Maximum run time 

The unit has a maximum run time of 10 hours, meaning that the unit can be used continuously for 10 hours. 

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How Does A Chill Air Conditioner Work? 

The portable Chill Air Conditioner pulls any stagnant air from a room. The motor inside the air-conditioner circulates the air throughout the area, which produces a cooling effect. The unit then takes any warm air in excess and moisturizes and funnels out through the hose pipe to the window or any open place. The Air conditioner depends on a simple cooling system such as cold water and ice cube trays for cooling the surroundings. These cold sources help to blow out the cool air. A user has various settings to choose from to alter the cooling from the lowest to the highest depending on preference and the weather of the day. 

How to Use the Chill air conditioner: 

· Always replace the filters regularly. 

· Clean the air conditioner every so often and wipe to remove dirt. 

· Keep the unit in a cool place, especially during summer. 

· Ensure the unit is covered to keep away from dust and other elements. 

· Read and understand the operating and installation manual. 

· Service the unit as often as directed by the seller. 

· Contact the seller’s technical team should any issues arise. 

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Benefits of Chill Air Conditioner 

  • Easy to Use:  The unit has been manufactured using the latest technology and is therefore easy to operate. When the battery charge is full, the unit is turned on, and thereafter the user selects any of the desired modes. There is no technical or training required for the unit to run. 
  • Compact design: The compact design allows the unit to fit into any space, however small. The unit occupies a very small area and can be used at night in any room. This unit is easy to carry along. 
  • Runs without any noise: The Chill air Conditioner does not produce any noise or sound. This makes the unit suitable for use during reading, sleeping or studying. The cooling effect is the only thing noticeable in the room. 
  • Consumes less energy: The Chill Air Conditioner conditioning system uses less energy and therefore saves on electricity bills. 
  • Filters the air: The easy-to-remove filter in the unit filters the air in the process of cooling and removes any dust or particles that may cause allergies to users. The filter is easy to clean. 
  • Increases the Humidity in the air: The unit contains a compartment full of water that increases moisture. This water humidifies the air and blows out cool air, which curbs the circulation of dry air, leading to headaches and dry skin. 
  • Durability: The Chill air Conditioner is durable and does not lose power quickly nor needs frequent water refill. There are no incidents of breakages due to the materials used to manufacture the unit. 

Side effects of Chill Air Conditioner 

There are no side effects of using Chill Air Conditioner 

Purchase and Price of the units 

The Chill Air Conditioner can be purchased online by a guaranteed and safe checkout process. Currently, the discounted offer is for 50% is as follows: 

1 portable AC Unit costs $89. 

2 Portable AC units cost $85 per unit. 

3 Portable AC Units cost $69 per unit plus Free Shipping. 

4 Portable AC Units cost $63 per unit plus Free Shipping. 

The manufacturer has given a one-time offer to customers. Should a customer take advantage of the Lifetime Protection & Replacement Plan, the unit will be shipped as a priority for only $14.95, and the customer will benefit from the life cover. 

Money-Back and Refund Policy of Chill Air Conditioner 

Should one feel dissatisfied with the Chill air Conditioner Unit, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available. Simply contact the customer care team and send the unit (s) back, and after that, a refund will be made within 30 days less the shipping charges. 

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Q: How long does the shipping take? 

A: Currently, all orders are sent through courier within 7 to 5 working days. The long delivery days are more due to the high demand. However, expedited shipping arrangements can be made at additional charges. 

Q: Is the unit energy efficient? 

A: Yes, the high energy efficiency rating results in more energy efficiency for the portable Chill Air Conditioner. 

Q: Can the unit be used in the kitchen? 

A: Yes. The Chill Air Conditioner can be used anywhere in the house. 

Q: Does the unit need a technician for setting up? 

A: No. The unit is easy to assemble and does not require a technician to set up. 

Q: Can the unit be put to use the whole day? 

A: The Chill air conditioner can run for 24 hours every day. 

Q: How many people can one Chill air Conditioner help to cool? 

A: The portable unit can cool a small room comfortably. 

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· Assured and guaranteed results. 

· Compact and therefore easy to transport. 

· Fast & Simple purchase process. 

· Saves on electricity bills 

· Can be used anywhere. 

· Easily rechargeable with other gadgets like a laptop. 

· Noiseless and can be used during sleep. 

· A calming light to help with sleep. 

· Does not require maintenance. 

· Can be used as a humidifier. 

· Runs for a long period. 

· Can be used as an adjustable fan. 

· Easy to install. 

· Cools surroundings within 30 seconds. 


  • There are no cons to using the unit except that the unit can only be purchased online. 


The summer need not be a nightmare anymore. Forget the centrally mounted air conditioners and invest in the Chill Air Conditioner. The chill air conditioner has all solutions to uncomfortable days and sleepless nights spent turning on the bed. Allergies. Dry skin, sunburn, and dirty air will also be a thing of the past. This innovative portable unit is the real deal manufactured for keeping people cool. Place an order for the home or office to begin enjoying life during the summer season and offer protection from the danger associated with the summer holidays.  

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