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Folital is a hair support supplement that deals with the problem of hair loss. Consisting of 29 natural ingredients that came from different parts of the globe, this supplement aims to stop the cause of hair loss, help hair regrow again, remove a specific heavy metal called Thallium from your system, give you the confidence that you need for everyday life, and potentially give you the freedom to make your chosen career. Folital is on the market because every day, the average person loses 50 to 100 hair strands. In some cases, it’s even more than that. Several factors are to blame. First, there are outside factors such as extreme heat and pollution. Then there are inside factors that deal with what we eat and drink daily. Both are an opportunity for toxins to get into our system. Both are an opportunity for stress to take hold of our bodies and speed up the process of hair fall. Does Folital make your hair grow just by taking out this toxic heavy metal? Can hair fall be curbed just by taking the Folital supplement? We’ll answer all these questions and more with this detailed Folital supplement review. 

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List Of Contents: 

  • What Is Folital? 
  • What Are The Ingredients Of Folital? 
  • What Does Folital Do? 
  • How Does Folital Work? 
  • How Long Does It Take For Folital To Work? 
  • Folital Benefits 
  • Folital Side Effects 
  • Where Is Folital Manufactured? 
  • Related Scientific Studies To Folital 
  • How Much Does Folital Cost? 
  • Where Can You Buy Folital? 
  • Folital Reviews 
  • Folital Supplement Summary And Verdict 

What Is Folital? 

Folital is a breakthrough hair support supplement that supports hair regrowth. Mainly used for receding hairline and severe episodes of hair loss, this supplement can allegedly make your hair stronger and more vibrant from roots to tip. This revolutionary formula comprises 29 ingredients that are all sourced from the purest places in the world. With that said, Folital should be effective for men and women who have problems with their hair. Furthermore, this supplement can prevent further damage to your hair by providing it with the necessary nutrients in sustaining healthy hair strengthening. Of course, we’re talking about the type of damage here is along the lines of frizzy hair, split ends, and white-colored hair. 

Product Name Folital 
Category Hair Health 
Main Benefits Prevents Hair Loss 
Ingredients of Folital Biotin, Flaxseed, Vitamin B2 (See full list) 
Administration Route Oral 
Dosage Instructions Read Inside/Bottle Instructions 
Results 1-3 months (may vary) 
Alcohol Warning No Restrictions 
Quantity 60 capsules / 1 bottle 
Side Effects No significant side effects reported 
Price $49/Bottle (Check for Discount) 
Availability Only through the official website 
Official Website Click Here 

Of course, the latter problem can’t be fixed since it naturally comes in time, but it isn’t much of an issue since white hair can still be strong and healthy in the long run. Folital also addresses the concern of self- confidence. How does it do that? As we age, our hair can become weak. Sooner or later, when our hairline recedes, we’ll be made fun of by people around us. They’ll eventually call you names as well. That is no fun, and it reduces your confidence in doing the things you love. A receding hairline can also affect relationships as well. It means that taking Folital can reliably reduce the likelihood of that since you’ll be younger-looking by the end of the program. With more hair on your head, you won’t look as old as you are. There is a reason why your hair is called the “crowning glory” of your head. 

Folital can be considered an alternative solution to hair loss because it is made with a line-up of all- natural ingredients sourced to give the best hair loss solution, according to the manufacturers of this product. Folital has some properties involved with removing toxins in the bloodstream, so in the long 

run, it isn’t so bad for our body, after all. Think of it as something that is supposed to only work for your hair, only to find out it also works in other areas of your body as well! These toxins can also damage the cells in your body. It means that it can make you look old. With Folital, you can be protected from this threat as well! At 80 years of age, you’ll look like you’re still in your 60’s! However, this isn’t the real purpose of Folital. The real purpose of the Folital supplement is to rid your body of a heavy metal called Thallium. This Thallium can cause heavy damage to your hair follicles. It is also the pinpointed cause why hair isn’t growing as it used to when you were younger. We will dive into this topic later in a bit. 

Folital’s recommended dosage is two (2) times a day, preferably before your meals, to get the maximum efficiency of the product. Of course, you must take Folital with a full glass of water to gain the full effects of the product. Folital is a high-quality product that aims to make your life easier. With the Folital supplement regularly tested for quality in a GMP-certified facility, you are sure not to be conned when it comes to the product’s effectiveness at hand. Folital is sometimes called a hair breakthrough product since it contains cutting-edge research regarding hair fall solutions. However, how can we know if the supplement does its job? We’ll know it in the next chapter, where we’ll be discussing the ingredients found in Folital. 

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What Are The Ingredients In Folital? 

Folital ingredients are a mixed bunch of individuals. It’s a whole community in one. However, there’s a problem. Remember when we said that there are 29 ingredients in the product? Well, in reality, there are only seven (7) declared ingredients. The remaining 22, which we have to admit is way too many to be unsaid, is supposedly part of their proprietary blend that your body needs to supplement its lack of nutrients that are supposed to help your hair achieve the growth that it needs. With that said, we can only gauge upon the seven (7) declared Folital ingredients to see if the product is effective or not. While the discretion of the proprietary blend truly concerns it, it’s still good that we have something to base upon our research and review of this product. 

The disclosed Folital ingredients are as follows: 

  • Vitamin B1 
  • Vitamin B2 
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Biotin 
  • Psyllium Husk 
  • Bentonite Clay 
  • Flaxseed 
  • Proprietary Blend (special mention) 

Vitamin B1 

Thiamine, which is the proper name of Vitamin B1, helps your body convert all the carbohydrates in  your body to get more energy. Since Thiamine is one of the better vitamins in promoting metabolism among individuals, you can infer that this vitamin is great for weight control. While that certainly doesn’t help with our plight against hair loss, Thiamine is great at boosting the immune system, promoting better blood parameters, and dealing with certain minor digestive problems. There are also cases that Thiamine can also repair nerve connections, so there’s that. It can also help deal with stress, which can help your hair problems in the long run. It should also be mentioned that hair loss problems usually benefit from the influx of blood flow towards the head, and since Vitamin B1 can make blood parameters better, it should also help fix the blood flow problem of your head. With more blood coming to your head, you can reliably get the nutrients that your scalp needs to nourish itself in the long run. 

Vitamin B2 

Vitamin B2 is also called Riboflavin. Riboflavin helps in metabolism as well as maintaining your energy supply. Therefore, you are made sure that you don’t get any “energy gaps” as you go about your day. In some way, it can be seen as a support ingredient for Vitamin B1. Riboflavin is also used as a supplement to carpal tunnel syndrome. As most people work with their computers now, we often get a strain on our wrists. This, in turn, can give you a painful experience which can also render you incapacitated and unfit for work. From this sense, we can see that Riboflavin has a positive effect on nerve health as well. 

Vitamin B2 can be taken from other sources like the food we eat, but we still usually need a supplement, especially if we know that we have an unhealthy regular diet. If you also lack this vitamin, your height is also smaller than usual. Therefore, stock up on Vitamin B2 if you want your body to be more developed than others around you. 

Vitamin B6 

Also known as Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is a B-vitamin that can deal with a certain type of anemia. Therefore, this vitamin is great for stabilizing your blood and reducing the risk of heart diseases in the process. There are also implications that a person lacking in Vitamin B6 is more prone to hormonal disorders such as depression, anxiety, and irritability. It can also reduce the feelings of Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS. Most probably, Vitamin B6 has these uses because it has direct effects on your 

metabolism and your central nervous system. Since it’s a B-vitamin, it has the role of burning carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy, but this specific type of vitamin can protect and make your nerve cells stronger while also keeping your skin in top condition. Therefore, this vitamin is great for Folital since it usually does its repair job on the skin level where your hair follicles are. 


A typical ingredient in most hair products, Biotin is known to make your hair stronger, more vibrant, shinier, and even longer with proper care. It can also help your hair recover from split ends and frizz. One more thing that other people usually don’t take Biotin for is its capability to help people who are on the brink of malnutrition. It can also help pregnant women get through the sudden nutritional increase 

they need to keep their babies healthy. However, Biotin’s main purpose stays. It is made to make your hair and nails stronger. So if you have brittle or fungus-affected nails, this ingredient can help! 

In some cases, Biotin is also used in cases of mild depression, but that remains to be seen. Biotin’s other benefits that most people don’t know are that it can also increase your mental capacity, act as an anti- inflammatory agent, and lower blood sugar while upping the level of good cholesterol in your bloodstream. So biotin has many uses, and being a B-vitamin (yes, it’s Vitamin B7), its main role of repair and metabolism still stays the same. 

Psyllium Husk 

Also known as just Psyllium, it is said that taking the husk of this fiber-like substance can help curb bad cholesterol levels in your blood. In turn, it can reduce the risk of your body developing life-threatening plaque along your arteries that can block off blood flow and give you a stroke. Psyllium husks can also help you with several tummy problems, such as constipation and diarrhea. It can also help alleviate certain problems that are associated with diabetes. Let’s admit it, Psyllium is made for digestion, so it’s quite a wonder why this ingredient is in this supplement. However, we can assume that this ingredient is in Folital because of its good effects on the blood. 

Bentonite Clay 

Normally used to exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin, Bentonite Clay is a famous ingredient for the skincare industry. Its effects on the skin include smoother, fairer skin while making it younger looking in the process. So why is it in Folital? Simply put, Bentonite Clay has properties that can protect your cells from further damage. In addition, it means that your hair follicles will be protected from outside threats. However, another question springs up. If Bentonite Clay is supposed to be administered externally, is it safe to be taken internally? Of course! There are versions of Bentonite that can be ingested so that it directly interacts with your blood. In turn, it can give antioxidative properties, which can help fight off toxins and protect your cells from damage. It’s more of a support ingredient in this supplement, so don’t expect it to be high in quantity. It can also relieve gastrointestinal problems if that is of great importance to you as well. 


This ingredient is known to make your stomach feel great. It relieves the first sign of constipation and can give you the capacity to lower your cholesterol to epic proportions. Therefore, it can reduce the incidence of heart disease to a certain extent. Furthermore, Flaxseed is also a great prebiotic, which means that it can harbor highly beneficial probiotics that can make your life easier in a nutshell. Probiotics, or probiotic bacteria, are highly beneficial microorganisms found in the small intestine. They can facilitate digestion and can even help you with hormonal problems that you would otherwise have if it weren’t for the chemical composition of these cute little buggers. 

Proprietary Blend 

This mystery blend of 22 ingredients undisclosed to the public is the most worrisome of the bunch. It is a wonder why the manufacturer didn’t tell us the composition of this blend. Perhaps it was just an oversight? At times, people can have oversight when it comes to things such as this. However, this is an oversight too great to be ignored. As the manufacturers tell us, this proprietary blend is made up of special ingredients supposed to nourish your hair. For one, we know that vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, D, iron, zinc, and several types of protein are essential for the hair. It is already a given fact that B-vitamins are essential in hair regrowth, but they’re not part of this blend, so there’s that. Several types of meat, veggies, and nuts can also promote hair regrowth. Then there’s L-lysine. The list goes on and on, but while we don’t have concrete evidence of what the blend truly contains, we won’t know for sure. We’ll just have to take their word for it that this proprietary blend contains the essential nutrients needed for your hair. 

What Does Folital Do? 

From what we can tell, Folital is a great anti-constipation and anti-cholesterol supplement besides the fact that it is tailored for your hair problems. With that said, it’s almost as if this supplement is an all- around supplement of its own. However, with the major presence of nutrients that can strengthen and stimulate hair growth, we can see that Folital is a rather rare supplement of its kind. It is a hair support supplement that has an all-around usage as well. It makes it one of the better supplements since it gives you the advantage of having a better quality of life. 

Going back, what does Folital exactly do according to its creators? Folital is made to combat a specific heavy metal called Thallium. This toxin is directly known to cause your hair to die. We get it from the environment and the food that we eat. Because of this heavy metal, our hair follicles weaken and die. Thallium is everywhere in our bodies right now. In small amounts, it can suppress your immune system. Luckily, if your immune system is strong enough, you can kick Thallium out of your system. However, if it’s not, then your body prioritizes places at which it places its defense. It means that your hair and nails are the first to go since they’re the most unnecessary parts of your body. Thallium, according to studies, can stop your hair from growing and uproot your hair in epic proportions. Folital bombards your body with nutrients to curb this threat. By strengthening your immune system and giving your hair the right nutrients, you’re assured that you will get back all the hair you lost ever since the day you were born. 

Folital is made for those saddened by their receding hairline and is losing confidence each passing day. With this supplement, you can gain back your youth and hopefully your past lifestyle. 

How Does Folital Work? 

Folital works in five steps, namely: 

  • Step 1: Nutrients are absorbed by your body 
  • Step 2: Your blood is purified and starts regrowing the follicles 
  • Step 3: Your follicles will start producing stronger hair 
  • Step 4: Eliminate hair loss and protect from future scalp conditions 
  • Step 5: Your overall health will start to improve 

Step 1: Nutrients Are Absorbed By Your Body 

Before the healing process commences, nutrients need to be absorbed into your body to gain the full effects of this product. Since Folital and Divine Locks Complex supplements are made up of an all-natural blend of pure herbal ingredients, you are sure that your body is reliably absorbing all the nutrients found in this supplement to start your regrowth hair. It is said that the proprietary blend of Folital will be the one that will start working on this one. The proprietary blend of Folital is made up of essential ingredients for your hair’s nutrient standards. 

Step 2: Your Blood Is Purified And Starts Regrowing The Follicles 

With the effects of some Folital ingredients mentioned above, it is no surprise that this supplement can stabilize and purify blood parameters. In addition, it has been said that some of the ingredients found in the Folital proprietary blend are antioxidative. It means that you get detoxifying action right after your gut absorbs these nutrients. It also means that this point eradicates the Thallium to pave the way for your hair-growing nutrients to take old. 

Step 3: Your Follicles Will Start Producing Stronger Hair 

Since the threat is gone, your hair will start growing once more from the roots. With a varied combination of ingredients sourced from different places on the planet with certain benefits, it is again no surprise how this supplement can heavily encourage hair growth. Imagine 29 members of nature pushing your body to do so. Now that’s efficiency! 

Step 4: Eliminate Hair Loss And Protect From Future Scalp Conditions 

With the nutrients taking hold, your hair will now grow back to when it used to be. The Folital formula will also eliminate the possibility of hair loss from your system, thereby making sure that you suddenly get the freedom you deserve. You also get the protection you need against certain scalp conditions. This step will continue on progress until you stop using this supplement in the long run. For this reason, it is recommended that you take Folital for at least six (6) months. 

Step 5: Your Overall Health Will Start To Improve 

As mentioned above, the ingredients found in Folital can reduce your incidence of many life-threatening situations such as heart disease and blood problems. As such, this supplement, which is loaded with tons of antioxidants, can make you feel lighter, younger, and brighter in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health. Moreover, it’s an all-in-one package that unexpectedly benefits other areas of your body as well! 

How Long Does It Take For Folital To Work? 

Folital works right from the time you take the product. You may not see it yet, but in one month, you should have visible results already. You can have long hair in three months, and you should have already regrown most parts of your receded hairline. By six months, you should have your full volume of hair that looks strong, shiny, and beautiful. This supplement should give you protection from future negative hair conditions shortly if you’ve taken it for more than six (6) months. 
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Folital Benefits 

Folital benefits include: 

  • Hair follicle regeneration 
  • Stronger and shinier hair 
  • Better quality of life 

Hair Follicle Regeneration 

With a formula consisting of 29 ingredients that are all catered to making your hair strong, there is no lie that this supplement can indeed regenerate all hair follicles that you had ever since you were born. Since this is the case, your hair will also grow. All may happen thanks to the added assist of the nutrients found in each bottle of Folital. 

Stronger And Shinier Hair 

Your hair can become stronger and shinier thanks to the multiple B-vitamins found in this supplement. There are also a few supporting ingredients that can make your hair stronger and shinier, and younger- looking as well. There’s also the added factor that your hair becomes more nourished over time, so the longer you take Folital, the better your hair would become. 

Better Quality Of Life 

In general, taking Folital can give you a better quality of life. Folital has essential nutrients that can make your hair feel better and make your overall life feel awesome. It is the antioxidants found in each bottle of Folital that make you look and feel younger. There’s also the added benefit of energy since Folital is also made up of energy-boosting ingredients. 

Folital Side Effects 

Folital has no side effects. As far as we’re concerned, all ingredients found in Folital are natural, so that means there is no risk regarding side effects as opposed to their synthetic counterparts. However, taking too much of Folital can induce side effects, so it is with caution that you should only take two (2) capsules of Folital each day to prevent such incidents from happening. 

Where Is Folital Manufactured? 

Folital is manufactured in the United States of America under a strict and quality-controlled Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility. 

Related Scientific Studies To Folital 

Folital’s creators use studies related to Thallium poisoning and toxicity to create the backbone of this product. Some scientific studies about dietary strategies on heavy metal poisoning are also used to constitute some of the ingredients found in Folital. Most studies of Folital came from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 

How Much Does Folital Cost? 

Folital costs $69 per bottle. However, you can buy Folital at $59 and $49 for each bottle when you buy them in 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages, respectively! Therefore, it is much better to buy Folital in bulk rather than buy them in single items. Furthermore, if you buy Folital in bulk packages, you can avail of their free US shipping promo! Folital is available internationally. 

Where Can You Buy Folital? 

You can only buy Folital from the Folital official website. Buying elsewhere will void your chance of availing of their money-back guarantee and expose you to fake copies of the product. It’s much better to keep to the safe side. Only buy Folital from the Folital website! 

Folital Reviews 

Folital reviews are currently positive, according to the latest consensus of netizens. In one of these Folital reviews, we can see how happy they got when their hair suddenly started growing back. 

“I am highly skeptical with this supplement. I tried many things concerning hair regrowth and regeneration. Nothing worked. Imagine my surprise when I got across this supplement. I wondered if 29 ingredients can do the trick, and it did! Actually, at first, I didn’t expect it. For me, it worked in around three weeks. I started seeing progress and even more progress after that! I am happy now that my hair got to where it’s supposed to be. It’s strong, shiny, fluffy, and I don’t look like a bald bird anymore from afar.” – Candace K. 

Folital Supplement Summary And Verdict 

Folital is a hair loss solution that is supposed to work wonders with individuals who are having a hard time fixing the problems on their heads. With the combined power of its 29 ingredients, you are assured that you get the nutrients that you need in the long run. In addition, it may be effective, efficient, and, most importantly, safe. 

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