How To Build Customer Loyalty for Long-term Sales and Revenue

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One of the key identifying features of a successful business is the percentage of repeat customers and the volume of sales generated from them. Building customer loyalty takes time, and once you develop a dedicated client base, you would want to direct your advertising efforts to maintain that base. Statistics indicate that long-term customers are likely to spend up to 67% more at a familiar store than at a new one. Further, 86% are open to purchasing a somewhat more expensive brand if they can get excellent service. So, how would you build brand loyalty and ensure that existing clients share their experiences with family and friends?

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

How well you connect with customers and respond to queries and complaints is a significant facet of building customer loyalty. Train your employees to provide detailed information with a warm, friendly, and patient demeanor. Assisting with product installation and tips on how to use them successfully builds long-term relationships. Also, train your people how to handle disgruntled buyers tactfully. 

While automated chat options have become a standardized add-on for most business sites, you are likely to have a better chance of customer retention if you have live agents listening to questions and providing responses. Check platforms like Higher Hire, Upwork, WoodBows, Fancy Hands, Indeed, and Fiverr where you can hire trained professionals to handle customer service tasks for you–at very affordable prices.

Communicate with Customers

Communicating regularly with customers ensures that your brand remains fresh in their minds. You might want to send out emails and social media promotions during the seasons when customers are most likely to revert with orders for your products or services. For instance, since most people start home improvement projects in the fall just before the holidays or in preparation for winter, this is the ideal time to send out architecture Christmas cards. You can thank them for their business and offer information about any discounts and package deals on new projects.

Initiate Loyalty Programs and Freebies

Customer loyalty programs are one of the most effective strategies to have people coming back for more. Depending on the products and services you offer, set up loyalty points programs that entitle customers to free stuff if they accrue a fixed number of points – for example, getting one coffee free with a purchase of donuts or one drink free for every 100 points. You’ll have customers coming back to add up and redeem points to get the free stuff. 

Offer Different Payment Options

Expect that customers are likely to face a cash crunch at some point, primarily if you sell high-end products. Offering payment plans like easy monthly installments can get you more conversions with customers referring to family and friends. If you run an eCommerce business, integrate payment systems like ApplePay and Google Pay to encourage more customers to buy from you. The easier it is to make payments, the higher your sales for your business.

Every business owner should use the most effective strategies possible for building brand loyalty with a dedicated group of customers who will always choose their products above the competition. 

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