Key PWA Storefront Benefits


Until a few years ago, most experts agreed that mobile apps would become the main driving force in e-commerce. At the same time, a comfortable and easy-to-manage and use alternative in the form of PWA Storefront was found quite quickly.  

What is PWA Storefront? 

Progressive Web Apps or PWA is a modern technological concept that allows you to create a web resource that will be displayed in the user’s browser, but functionally and visually identical to a mobile app.  

PWA-powered online stores are built using a variety of programming languages ​​such as PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When viewed through a browser, such a resource looks like a familiar website, but in the process of interacting with a visitor, it has all the functions of a mobile application. The peculiarities of the PWA Storefront include the ability for users to add a separate resource page or the site itself to the display of a mobile device and receive push notifications from it. 

Moreover, Storefront PWA allows the resource to function even when the user does not have a stable Internet connection. An example is the Google Docs online office, which provides the ability to work offline. 

Why it is beneficial to use the PWA Storefront  

The number of mobile audiences is growing rapidly every year, so using the PWA Storefront is becoming a real necessity. Among the key advantages of this concept, the following features and solutions should be highlighted: 

  1. Installing your app on a custom device. 

This solution is extremely convenient for users who can install applications without having to visit application stores such as Play Store, Windows Store, and App Store. This greatly speeds up and simplifies the installation process. 

  1. The resource remains available offline 

PWA technology allows you to maintain a continuous user session, even in a situation where there is no stable Internet connection. The presence of such a function has a positive effect on conversion.  

  1. Consistently high download speed 

Progressive Web Apps have a faster page load speed than conventional websites. This technology helps to speed up the loading of website pages even with a weak Internet connection. 

  1. Interactivity 

The presence of push notifications allows you to keep in touch with customers and convey important information to them at any time, increasing the engagement and interest of the audience.  

  1. Safety 

All user data is transmitted exclusively over the HTTPS protocol, which provides the highest level of security.  

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