Kratom Powder – How to Buy the Best Kratom Powder

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Kratom is a natural plant that was discovered over a century ago and people have been using it effectively ever since.  

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You can chew the green leaves of the Kratom plant for medicinal purposes, and you can also prepare them as tea for drinking. Kratom is one of many natural medicines today.  

It has a lot of beneficial purposes like performance boost and increased concentration. The right amount of Kratom, when administered, can give you a pleasant high feeling.  

Of all the available forms of Kratom, this article focuses on Kratom powder. The powder is sold in different stores like the Golden Monk Store. This is a safe place to get quality Kratom powder. Keep reading to know more.  

What is Kratom Powder? 

If you’ve never heard of Kratom powder before, it’s a fine derivative of the tropical evergreen Kratom tree. The scientific name of this tree is Mitragyna Speciosa. People living in Southeast Asia have used Kratom as a local medicine for many years.  

The locals in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia have exploited the stimulating effects of Kratom through different methods. There are times when the plant’s leaf is directly eaten and other times when people make it into tea for drinking.  

The Kratom leaves are also made into fine powder for versatile use. More people in the western world now make use of this powder recreationally, and for medicinal purposes.  

Best Vendor For Kratom Powder – Golden Monk Kratom 

However, just like many other drugs, Kratom has its adverse side effects. You will experience these effects based on the amount/quantity of Kratom ingested. The next outline shows the effects of Kratom powder.  

Effects of Kratom Powder 

You can take Kratom powder for different purposes. You will feel different effects based on the amount/quantity of the powder you use.  

Small amounts of the powder are usually stimulating and you can use it to increase concentration. Little amounts of Kratom powder also boosts performance and makes you more active. Other effects include natural high and improved sex drive.  

Unlike the smaller dose of Kratom powder, which is relatively safe, larger amounts of the powder could have bad side effects. Since Kratom has opioid properties, large amounts of the powder usually give opioid-related feelings.  

You can also use the powder as an anesthetic and as a euphoria-inducing drug. Kratom powder has been adopted in the treatment of opioid withdrawal.  

Side Effects 

Kratom powder has its own disadvantages and associated dangers. However, there are still some unclear facts about the dangers of the powder. One major danger associated with purchasing this substance from shops and dealers is the possibility of it being impure.  

Since there’s so standard regulation to guide and enforce the distribution of pure and safe Kratom, dealers can mix other drugs with the Kratom powder they’re selling. Such an act can dangerously increase the potency of the Kratom powder.  

Another danger that might stem from using heavy doses of Kratom powder is addiction. Some Kratom powder users may get hooked on it if they take the substance in high doses regularly.  

The fact that Kratom has opioid traits makes it possible for users to get hooked on the substance. In fact, some users have experienced withdrawals after consuming high volumes of the drug.  

Summarily, it’s best not to mix Kratom powder with other drugs, or frequently consume large amounts of it.  

Is Kratom Powder Legal to Take? 

Before purchasing and consuming any drug, legality is always a topic to consider. The legalization of this drug isn’t consistent in countries across the world.  

In fact, the US Drug Enforcement Administration hasn’t listed Kratom powder as one of the substances tightly controlled by the government.  

Kratom is confirmed to be illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea, Poland, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Israel, and Lithuania. Although the United States as a whole hasn’t solidified its legal ground on Kratom powder, certain states have already banned it.  

Regarding the legality and safety of Kratom powder, a lot remains unknown and unclear.  

Benefits of Kratom Powder 

Kratom powder is a psychoactive substance with opioid characteristics. Based on its nature, this substance can be used for several purposes.  

The benefits associated with using Kratom powder include:  

  1. Treats Opiate Withdrawal 

A useful application of Kratom powder is opiate withdrawal. It has been used severally in the past to help people with opiate addictions.  

When people are trying to get clean of an addiction to opioids, they adopt the use of Kratom powder as a safe substitute for the addictive opioid. The Kratom powder significantly reduces the bodily effects of opioid-related withdrawals – such as tiredness, body pains, and fidgety movement of legs.  

The amount of Kratom powder to be administered, for treatment of opiate-related withdrawal, is based on the pain intensity caused by the withdrawal.  

  1. Can Be Used as an Analgesic 

Thanks to Kratom’s opioid-related properties, it can be effectively administered to relieve pain. Kratom powder is popularly used as an analgesic when ingested in certain doses.  

The combined presence of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in Kratom powder gives it a painkilling ability. Both of these chemical compounds act on the same opiate receptors that affect the feeling of pain.  

Just like analgesics are expected to behave, Kratom powder scales down the feeling of pain within the human brain. Kratom powder also contains Corynanthiedine that inhibits opium-related adverse effects.  

As an analgesic, Kratom is believed to relieve pains from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, broken bones, Osteoarthritis, headaches or migraines, injured Muscles, Scoliosis, Neck Soreness or Strain, scrapes, and burns. 

  1. Boosts Energy Levels 

Kratom powder is also known to improve focus/concentration and boost energy. Mitragyna Speciosa – which is the scientific name for Kratom – is a member of the coffee family.  

For this reason, it makes sense that the plant should display similar effects as coffee; like energy-boosting. Kratom powder contains alkaloids that kick-start adrenergic receptors for better focus.  

The energy-boosting effect, and increase in focus, are felt when small amounts of Kratom is consumed.  

  1. Acts as a Nootropic 

Kratom powder also acts as a nootropic when administered in small amounts – certain individuals might require doses a little bit higher, but never to the extent of acting as a depressant.  

The nootropic characteristic of Kratom powder is also similar to that of Ginseng, and can effectively boost certain mental processes.  

Some of the mental processes that are significantly influenced by the nootropic property of Kratom powder include improved focus, mental recollection, positive emotional boosts, and reduced stress levels.  

  1. Gives You Euphoria 

Kratom powder also causes euphoria when consumed in certain doses.  

The substance influences the release of endorphins into the body system. This in turn causes a decrease in the sensation of pain and triggers euphoria.  

When Kratom powder is consumed in amounts that induce feelings of euphoria, physical activeness and endurance are also increased. At this level, concentration is boosted and the mind is relaxed.  

  1. Improves the Immune System 

There are many natural solutions that have been adopted for many years to improve the human immune system.  

These natural solutions include plants and herbs scattered about in various regions across the world. Kratom is among these immune system boosters, and it’s still being used today. 

There are a couple of alkaloids – respectively Isopteropodine, Isomitraphylline, Mitraphylline, and Isorhynchophylline – which are present in Kratom powder.  

The combination of all these alkaloids effectively improves the immune systems. Kratom powder significantly combats bacterial infections and viruses in the body. Additionally, it rids the body of considerable amounts of toxins.  

The amount of Kratom powder administered for the purpose of boosting the immune system is usually small.  

How to Buy the Best Kratom Powder 

There are a lot of places, including online stores, where Kratom powder and other Kratom products can be purchased.  

Kratom, which originated from the Southeastern countries, has now found its way to the western world. Today, Kratom powder has seen an increase in the number of global users.  

There are different strains of this powder, and there are also factors that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying the powder.  

These factors are: 

  1. Check the Source 

There are different strains of Kratom powder, and each strain is derived from a particular source.  

Strains of the powder are colored differently, and the difference in colors is used to accurately identify the strain of powder and its effect. To confirm if the powder will give the desired effects, look out for the source. 

  1. Get Different Strains 

It’s also advisable to buy, and use, more than one strain of Kratom. This is because it’s easier to get hooked or addicted to a particular strain when used alone for a long time.  

  1. Figure Out Why You’re Using It 

Kratom powder is available in different strains, and also administered in different doses. The amount of Kratom powder to be consumed is determined by the required effect.  

This means that you should know exactly why you want to use the Kratom powder – or else, you’ll end up with the wrong strain and effects.  

  1. Get Your Batch Only from Reputable Sellers 

Apart from countries where it has been banned, Kratom powder can be purchased from various stores.  

However, there’s no control of the powder’s production process, or potency level – meaning that dealers of the powder can mix other substances with the powder, and dangerously increase its potency.  

The best way to purchase safe Kratom powder is to patronize a licensed seller.  

  1. See If Your Batch Has Been Lab Tested 

Lastly, in order to purchase safe and quality Kratom powder, always check for Kratom lab testing.  

There are certain labs that have been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, which can test your Kratom powder for any dangers in its potency. Make sure that the store you’re buying from has done Kratom lab testing.  

For quality and trustable Kratom powder, we recommend making your purchase from the Golden Monk Store.  

Kratom Withdrawal 

People who are having Kratom withdrawal may experience the effects for 14 to 21 days.  

Some of the signs associated with Kratom withdrawal are tiredness, nausea, inactivity, twitching, sleeplessness, diarrhea, and muscle pain.  


Kratom powder has now become a widely used substance in different countries across the globe. Indigenes of the Southeastern regions where it originated from have been using it for years.  

You can use psychoactive powder, which has opioid properties, for the many effects that it produces. Kratom powder is known to reduce severe body pains, elevate mood, improve focus/concentration, boost performance, and more.  

There are various dealers and stores that sell Kratom powder. However, apart from countries that have banned the sale of Kratom powder, other countries haven’t regulated the production and sale of the powder. For instance, the USA’s DEA hasn’t listed Kratom as a controlled substance in the country.  

This means that shady dealers can decide to cut corners, and cost, by adulterating the Kratom powder with other opiates. Such an act can dangerously increase the potency of Kratom, and cause deadly effects.  

We recommend the Golden Monk Store as a trusted dealer of Kratom powder, and other Kratom products. The Golden Monk Store has standard Kratom quality control procedures. The store is an audited member of the American Kratom Association’s CGMP program. They also conduct up to 6 lab testing on each ton of Kratom powder.  

Clearly, the Golden Monk Store is a great place to buy safe Kratom powder.  

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