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MK-677 is popularly called as ibutamoren in the community of bodybuilders and mass gainers. It is a non-peptide spiropiperidine that contributes to the release of growth hormone, resulting in higher levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).  

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As per the experts, it imitates the performance of ghrelin, which is a hormone largely made by our stomach. It also connects to a ghrelin receptor, both of which result in boosting the amount of growth hormone. According to research, the reaction of this powerful, agonist of ghrelin receptor is no different from the properties of ghrelin. As the hormone flows in the bloodstream and works in a particular area of the brain responsible for curbing hunger, it also enhances hunger without boosting the concentration of any bad hormones like cortisol.  

Generally, trainers resort to ibutamoren for its ability to build fat-free muscles and cease muscle wasting. While its potency to heighten up the GH is indubitable, it isn’t uncommon to treat a deficiency through it. Besides, it also improves bone density and sleep with researchers claiming it to possess nootropic and anti-aging powers as well. Through and through, it is one orally-active, lasting agent that holds great significance for anyone striving to pack on mass.  

Some surefire benefits of using MK-677 are: 

  1. Grows muscles

The effects of MK-677 for the engorgement of muscles are no less than anabolic substances. And so, it is usually sought for the growth of leaner production of muscles. As the substance ignites Growth Hormone and IGF-1, it goes a long way in building, repairing and maintaining muscles.  

Basically, it promotes recovery of muscle tissues that have been damaged during those hardcore workouts. As the tissues are subjected to timely or say, fast healing, these are consequently tuned to grow faster and better 

  1. Higher Strength: 

In addition to the increase in mass, the rise in growth hormone also favors the strength levels of muscles. However, the extent to which it favors your strength largely depends upon the trainings and health conditions. Hence, ibutamoren may or may not turn some as stronger as it could turn others  

  1. Increased fat loss:  

Ibutamoren is a choice for men willing to grow leaner muscles, which is simply credited to its meta-boosting capacity. Mass gainers claim that it supports fat loss while they follow a diet friendly for their muscle growth. As a result, they tend to grow bigger without adding the unnecessary fats surrounding their muscles 

  1. Limits muscle wasting:  

Many times, bodybuilders encounter muscle wasting despite taking the right training approaches. However, experts suggest a link between muscle wasting and the deficiency of protein coming through the diet. Interestingly, Mk-677 has been found to prevent this unnecessary wastage of muscles and undo protein catabolism in some research  

  1. Adds bone density: 

Research hints that the consistent use of this compound can help people with the betterment in bone mineral density. As poor bone density can lead to a plethora of health issues, the substance comes across as a great hope for people in need like aged, obese or women dealing with menopause.  


MK-677 works as a hormone stimulation to augment the growth hormone and the general intensity of growth. It is a selective, growth hormone secretagogue that apes the functioning of endogenous ghrelin and connects to one of its receptors in the brain. Through this, it supports the body to generate higher amount of GH and IGF-1- which is a mediator for GH in the majority of tissue and cells.  

Nearly every tissue in the body experiences the growth effects of ibutamoren and our muscles and bones are no exception. These changes occur because of the release of insulin-like growth factors benefitting people in almost every segment of health through: 

  • Fortified bones and leaner growth of muscles 
  • Higher IGF-1 within 15 days 
  • Increased REM sleep and reduced sleep latency 
  • Decline in fat ratio 
  • Increased strength and endurance 
  • Prevent and restore loss from nitrogen wasting 
  • Improved nitrogen concentration  
  • Improved quality and health of skin 


MK-677 has been found to elevate the amount of growth hormones parallel to what men have in their teenage years. However, its effects are far more insignificant against the growth hormone shots or therapy taken to address growth hormone deficiency.  

Essentially, it aims to strengthen the body’s mechanism to grow its natural hormone and not deliver the hormones through shots. People that have experienced ibutamoren claim that its long-term use is more result-yielding than a use involving a brief period.   

However, experts argue that the progress is largely dependent upon a number of factors with diet, workouts, recovery and stacking with other substances playing the most crucial part. Yet, the results and feedbacks are convincing, indicating the value it carries for pro and novice mass gainers at large.  

Now as for the before and after results, you can notice positive changes in the quality of your skin and sleep in the first 15 days. During this period, your hair and nails can also show a much needed improvement in their condition and growth.  

By the completion of 2 months or so, the changes in your body will gradually become more prominent. For example, your body will start losing the excess body fats and your muscles will expand more and more. If your trainings are rigorous and regular, these changes will appear drastic. If not, the transformation will be minor but worth considering the limited input from your side.  


The compound is not permitted for human consumption as it has the status of an Investigational New Drug at present. However, the use of MK-677 is approved for research purposes. Thereby, it is legal to obtain it or any other SARMs sold under the label, research chemicals. In case any of these substances is sold for human usage camouflaging its nature as some dietary supplement, it can put the buyer and the seller in some definite, legal mess.  


Luckily, MK-677 falls under the category of SARMs and not anabolic steroids. Hence, it is not as harsh as the effects of latter can turn out to be. In spite of that, the compound is not exempted from the side effects at all. Some of the possible complications you may face during or after its use are: 

  1. Water retention 
  1. High sugar levels 
  1. Bloating 
  1. Feeling of lethargy  
  1. Anxiety  
  1. Headache 
  1. Excessive hunger 
  1. Reduced insulin sensitivity  

In general, side effects occur due to the excess, long-term or irregular usage of MK-677. However, many blame the compound that does not come pure from the buyers. Yes, in many instances, users relate the occurrence of side effects as the result of using some mixed formula and not the genuine form of MK-677. Despite of that, we highly discourage the use of anything artificial, be it is SARMs or anabolic steroids.  


Brutal Force SARMs are a great pick for people keen to go natural with their bodybuilding journey. These are a set of natural compounds that aim to deliver similar muscle building, strength enhancement and fat loss effects like SARMs, but through a natural course.  

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