Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews (Warning) Alex Miller’s Pelvic Floor Exercises Work?

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Pelvic Floor Strong by Alex Miller is a comprehensive system designed to help females from all age groups improve their pelvic strength to get better bladder control. As stated on its official website, this system can be particularly beneficial for females who are unable to hold their urine at public places due to various reasons like delivering a baby, hormonal imbalances, etc. The program can target these issues and possibly overcome them without the help of any invasive surgeries or harmful medicines.  

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The Pelvic Floor Strong program comprises a set of exercises that are easy to perform and can help the pelvis regain its lost strength. As mentioned before, it has been put together by Alex Miller, a popular fitness coach with specialized skills in weight loss, particularly in women. The program can be purchased from in a digital or DVD form at exceptionally low prices. Click here to place an order today. 

Bladder control is something that no one normally pays attention to. But once this power is lost, things can get pretty embarrassing for the victim. Losing bladder control means you are unable to hold your urine inside and it is likely to leak no matter where you are. While this problem can be kept under control to some extent within your home, going out in public with this issue at hand becomes a nightmare.  

This problem also goes by the name of pelvic floor dysfunction and currently, a lot of people within the United States alone suffer from it without disclosing it to anyone. While both genders can develop it, women are at a higher risk due to the fact that they have to tackle childbirth and hormonal imbalances.  

pelvic floor strong

For all such women fighting this embarrassing issue silently, trying out Pelvic Floor Strong exercises can prove to be a life savior. This informational guide targets a poorly working pelvis and can help it regain its strength. For this purpose, the program includes several video tutorials and workout manuals so that the users can develop a better understanding of every step. 

Interested in finding out more about this program and what’s included in it? Keep reading this detailed Pelvic Floor Strong program review to find out. 

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Pelvic Floor Strong Review 

Leaking of urine is something that can be embarrassing for anyone in every setting, and nobody wishes it to happen to them on purpose. However, sometimes, when the pelvis gets weaker due to several factors like imbalanced hormones or recent childbirth, the body tends to lose bladder control automatically. As a result, you find yourself wetting yourself possibly anywhere and at any time.  

This may make you confine yourself to your home and reduce your public appearances. Women are more commonly affected by this shameful issue and are often in search of an adequate solution to get over it.  While there are many options like surgeries and medicines of different types, resorting to a more natural solution like the Pelvic Floor Strong program can be a wiser choice. 

This system comprises a handful of different Pelvic Floor Strong exercises that have been particularly designed keeping in mind the body of a woman. The fitness trainer behind this program is Alex Miller who has been able to satisfy thousands of miserable women, as mentioned on the Pelvic Floor Strong official website. Most of the exercises included in the Pelvic Floor program are kegel workouts that can naturally help with building pelvic strength. However,  many other types of exercises have also been incorporated to maximize the chances of overcoming pelvic dysfunction. 

Additionally, the official website states that all exercises included in the Pelvic Floor Strong DVD do not require the users to invest in any expensive equipment or join a gym. They can be simply performed from the comfort of home and in complete privacy.  

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How Does Pelvic Floor Strong Really Work? 

The first thing that most users are curious about is how the Pelvic Floor Strong program is expected to work inside their bodies. To accomplish what it promises, the program adopts different approaches. First, it initiates by letting users know about the different risk factors that can ultimately lead to poor bladder control and pelvic dysfunction. In this context, the program also takes into account several medical issues that may lead to urine leakage, such as the Layer syndrome. With this information in hand, users can be better able to understand the exact reason behind their pelvic dysfunction. 

Next, the Pelvic Floor Strong system moves on to introduce three basic programs that can all target the weakened pelvic walls and strengthen them naturally. These exercises are explained through detailed Pelvic Floor Strong video guides as well as a written manual. The company suggests going through the manual first followed by watching the videos to clarify what exactly is to be done.  

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What is Included in the Pelvic Floor Strong System? 

As per variousAlex Miller Pelvic Floor exercises reviews, this program stands out from other programs of the same sort mainly because it helps users understand the exercises to be performed through a written guide as well as video demonstration. As a result, it becomes easier for them to follow all the steps properly and maximize the benefits. Moreover, the program does not force any user to waste time buying expensive equipment or gym memberships.  

Inside every Pelvic Floor Strong DVD, you can find the following items: 

  • The Informational Pelvic Floor Strong Video Series 

This is the first item that you are expected to go through once you place an order for the Pelvic Floor Strong program. Inside it, you can find an informational guide that grants knowledge about the human pelvis along with simple movements that can strengthen it. This series of videos has been divided into different chapters, each of which focuses on different things. 

For example, the first chapter discusses general information about pelvic floor dysfunction and its causes; and the second one includes details about kegel exercises and how they can benefit the pelvis. The chapters that follow talk about different muscles that can help users in weight management and acquisition of a toned body.  

  • Informational Manual 

The informational manual that comes with every Pelvic Floor Strong program order talks about the Total Core And Pelvic Floor Repair Method in detail. It comes in a readable form so that you can easily go through it followed by watching the related videos. In this way, you can understand better what you are supposed to do.  

  • Flat Belly Fast: 10 Minute Quick Start Video 

This quick start video included in this system is expected to take only 10 minutes out of your busy schedule. Inside this Pelvic Floor Strong video, users can understand the core exercises to help in the shedding of extra fat layers around the abdomen and getting a flatter stomach. 

According to the company, these core exercises can particularly benefit women who have just given birth and wish to get rid of their postpartum weight gain. However, women with general obesity-related issues can also benefit from this workout series equally. 

  • Flat Belly Fast: Exercise Manual 

For all new Pelvic Floor Strong customers, this exercise manual comes as a bonus with every order they place through the official website. Originally priced at $17.00, this manual can teach the users how to get a flatter belly in the easiest ways possible at no extra cost. 

  • Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist 

In addition to the Pelvic Floor Strong exercises, users can also get a checklist that can help them keep a track of their progress. They can record their current health status and keep noting all the changes they observe over time so that in the end, their success becomes clearer and more visible.  

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Pelvic Floor Strong Exercises Explained 

According to the official website, there are multiple exercises included in the Pelvic Floor Strong program, all of which can help users regain strength in their otherwise weakened pelvic system. Let’s look at these exercises one by one.  

  • Kegel exercises 

These exercises have been discussed in detail by Alex Miller in chapter two of the Pelvic Floor Strong system. Kegel exercises have been quite popular as a natural solution to strengthen the pelvis. The creator of the program advises all users to perform these exercises first thing in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach so that their effects can be maximized. Performing these exercises targets the muscles surrounding the bladder and strengthens them so that the body is better able to control them as well as prevent urine leakage.  

  • Core exercises 

The core exercises included in the Pelvic Floor Strong manual can be found in chapter three. These exercises have an aim to target the muscles of the belly, hips, pelvis, and lower back and build them. A lot of users may find these exercises quite tricky; hence, the company has provided video demonstrations for them for better understanding. 

  • Belly exercises 

Belly exercises have been explained in chapter four of the Pelvic Floor Strong DVD. These exercises include those to help tone the body by removing extra fat layers from here and there. Additionally, these Pelvic Floor Strong exercises for the belly can also target and improve a sluggish metabolism so as to accelerate weight loss. 

  • Exercises for posture and flexibility  

These workouts have been designed to improve the posture of the body while introducing more flexibility side by side. As a result, users are better able to move their body which can save them from joint-related problems in the future. 

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Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews – Benefits and Advantages 

According to multiple Pelvic Floor Strong independent reviews and user testimonials, the exercises included in this program can benefit the followers in more than one way. However, the exact benefits can always vary from one person to another. Some of these benefits have been explained below: 

  • The Pelvic Floor Strong system teaches about different kegel and core body exercises that can particularly target and strengthen the pelvis. Most of the time, these exercises are hard to perform and require proper supervision from a trusted fitness coach which can be obtained as a part of this program. 
  • Performing the Pelvic Floor Strong exercises as instructed by Alex Miller can minimize the risk of urine leakage by improving the body’s hold on the muscles of its bladder. This way, users can expect to save themselves from embarrassing accidents in public. 
  • With the regular use of the exercises in the Pelvic Floor Strong program, users can expect to see an improvement in their sleep duration and quality. Moreover, their sleep cycle may also improve in general.  
  • The program can save the users from buying and wearing adult diapers and overcome their fear of going out in the public. 
  • Properly following the Pelvic Floor Strong workout regime can also accelerate weight loss by improving metabolism and increasing fat burning. Some Pelvic Floor reviews also mention how users were able to achieve a flatter stomach by following the exercises mentioned in it for some time. 
  • By strengthening the weak pelvic muscles, users can expect to enjoy a much better intimate life with their partners with the Pelvic Floor Strong system.  

As per the official website, there have been no Pelvic Floor Strong complaints from the customers’ side regarding the Pelvic Floor Strong program and the benefits it provides. However, users must keep in mind that these benefits are subject to variation depending on the current health status of the user, the nature and extent of the problem, the reason behind it, etc. 

Where To Buy Pelvic Floor Strong? Pricing and Refund Information 

To get your hands on this pelvic strengthening program, visit today and place an order. Right now, the company is offering this program at an extremely cheap price of $37 only which, as compared to the benefits it promises, is negligible. Moreover, it is a one-time investment that can help you for years to come.  

With the Pelvic Floor Strong system, you have two options to choose from. You can either go for a physical pack that comes with DVDs or order a digital version and download it on a device of your choice. Irrespective of whatever you choose, the price remains the same.  

Remember that with the increasing popularity of this program, the risk of encountering a Pelvic Floor Strong scam is quite high. To avoid such scams, it is better to stick to the official website for order placement. This program is not available on Amazon for purchase and the company advises against purchasing it even if you do find it something. Moreover, there is also no Pelvic Floor Strong YouTube presence. 

With every purchase of the Pelvic Floor Strong system, users also get a few bonus items, that too without paying any extra penny. These Pelvic Floor Strong bonuses include: 

Bonus #1. Pelvic Floor Strong Information Handbook And Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist 

This handbook has been written in accordance with the informational video added to the main package. For those users who wish to get the instructions in written form, this bonus can be handy. Additionally, the bonus also includes a Diastasis improvement checklist to help you track your progress. 

Bonus #2. Flat Belly Fast Exercise Manual And 10-Minute Quick Start Routine 

This particular bonus is for anyone who wishes to build their abs. It also includes a video routine that features various ab exercises that can be done within 10 minutes. The best thing about them is they are completely safe for people with diastasis recti. 

Bonus #3. Back to Life, 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video 

This video has been created by Emily Lark, a health expert who has once been a victim of urine leakage due to diastasis herself. Due to her own experience, she decided to create this video to help people with similar issues.  

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Is Pelvic Floor Strong Legitimate Solution For Pelvic Dysfunction?  

Is Pelvic Floor Strong legit? According to the official website, it can be a great option for those fighting with a weakened pelvic floor and problems like urine leakage. Why? There are two reasons behind it: 

  • Firstly, the program comes from an authentic, certified health and fitness expert called Alex Miller. She is a popular trainer and has a lot of accolades to her name. 
  • Secondly, the company has a money-back offer in place for all those customers who invest in the Pelvic Floor Strong program but later find it to be ineffective in controlling their problem. This guarantee extends to 60 days which means that once you place an order, you have two whole months to follow the exercises included in it and see if they work for you. If they don’t, you can apply for a refund and the company will return all the money without raising a single question.  

Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews – Concluding Remarks  

Pelvic Floor Strong is a stepwise exercise guide, including a detailed manual as well as several videos, to help users get rid of the issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction and loss of bladder control. These issues are particularly prevalent in females and can be possibly overcome by purchasing this program for a price of $37 only. The creator of this program is a woman herself named Alex Miller who holds a significant position in the fitness world, especially in terms of improving women’s health. 

Every Pelvic Floor Strong order that is placed through the official platform is secured with a 60-day money refund policy which not only makes it a legit solution but also gives confidence to the users to try it out at least once. For more details on Pelvic Floor Strong orders and refunds, visit the official website here.  

pelvic floor strong reviews

Pelvic Floor Strong Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

  • What is diastasis recti? 

Diastasis recti is a condition in which the right and left abdominal muscles widen to occupy fat within them. Many people refer to this condition as belly pooch. It is more common in women, especially those who have just given birth. However, childbirth is not the only cause of diastasis recti. This abnormal widening of muscles normally tends to heal within 3 months; however, a lot of people continue to suffer from it. Such people require suitable exercises for complete reversal and with the Pelvic Floor Strong program, they can likely achieve it. 

  • Is Pelvic Floor Strong time-consuming? 

According to Alex Miller, this program has been designed in such a way that people who normally have a busy life routine can easily follow it. As described in the Pelvic Floor Strong manual, it is quick and easy so that it might be able to blend easily into your normal life.  

  • Is the Pelvic Floor Strong program age-specific? 

As per the designer of the Pelvic Floor Strong system, this program is not specific for a particular age group. It has been designed to benefit women above the age of 40 years. However, those in the older age group can also benefit from it. 

  • Are the exercises found in Pelvic Floor Strong hard to perform? 

According to the Pelvic Floor Strong official website, the exercises included in this program have been designed in such a way that they aid in the gentle repair of the damaged core muscles. Hence, the chief instructor has ensured that each of these workouts is in no way intimidating for anyone. In case any user finds any exercise too difficult to perform, she can resort to the variations and alternatives provided within the program by Alex Miller. This gives the maximum number of people a chance to get help for their diastasis problem without any limitation. 

  • How often should I follow the Pelvic Floor Strong exercises? 

On average, you need to perform these exercises up to four times a week. However, doing it on a daily basis is a better idea. If these exercises are making your muscles sore, taking a day off for proper rest is recommended. 

  • Can Pelvic Floor Strong help women who underwent childbirth 10 years ago? 

According to Alex, such women are likely to benefit even more from this exercise program. This is because due to prolonged duration, the chances to heal the defective tissue layer increase. 

  • Is it okay to perform Pelvic Floor Strong if I underwent a Cesarean section? 

The Pelvic Floor Strong program is not only restricted to those who had normal childbirth. In fact, it can also benefit those who were operated on for delivery of the child. Such women are more likely to suffer from diastasis recti and the consequent symptoms like urine leakage. In such cases, it can be a wise option to include Pelvic Floor Strong exercises in your daily routine. 

  • Is Pelvic Floor Strong only for women who went through childbirth? 

As per the manufacturer, Pelvic Floor Strong tends to help users overcome the symptoms triggered due to childbirth. However, this does not mean that other women who have not given birth are not liable to follow this program. Such women can also develop diastasis recti and can benefit from it. 

  • Is it harmful to perform Pelvic Floor Strong If I have an underlying medical condition? 

No, because Pelvic Floor Strong includes exercises that are not only gentle but also low impact, they are not likely to cause any harm to people suffering from any medical conditions of the joints or bones. However, for your own safety, consult a doctor before incorporating this program into your routine.  

  • Is there a Pelvic Floor Strong money-back guarantee? 

Yes, the company is currently offering a refund option to all users who have purchased Pelvic Floor Strong but have been unable to see any results. Such users need to contact customer service and request a refund. The company will take a few days to confirm your purchase and refund the entire amount. To contact the company, you can either send an email to [email protected] or call their local toll-free number:1 (800) 390-6035. For international calls, users can use the following phone number: 1 (208) 345-4245. 

  • Do I need to sign up for a subscription for continuous access to Pelvic Floor Strong? 

No, you only need to pay once for this program and the company will grant you access to all the materials included in it. There are no extra or hidden charges that you need to pay every month for the renewal of the subscription. 

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