PhenGold Review (2021) Does It Really Work? Here’s My Results


In the busy and unfortunate modern world of today, more than half of the people are facing the issue of obesity. Being overweight is a big problem in itself, which can later on cause some serious and unavoidable health issues. The most prevalent culprit behind the huge weight gain in many people is the sedentary lifestyle with lack of or no exercise at all along with the bad eating habits. Obese individuals are always at a higher risk of developing multiple health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, stroke, high cholesterol, hypertension, mental disorders, and many others.  

Though, weight management is a difficult task, but it is equally critical for every individual to avoid all the adverse effects linked with obesity. Losing all the extra weight that have been piled up for years as well as maintaining for physical fitness is a daunting task that typically requires consistency and tons of dedication. You have to give your body some time to change and have to wait for the results with patience. For most of the people, it is near to impossible for pulling out some time for physical activities regularly amidst their busy life routine. For such people, the ideal option is to use weight loss products like dietary supplements to help them in this challenging journey of weight loss. In the following review, we will discuss the new PhenGold supplement that claims to help people in losing weight in the safer manner. To check out the complete details and working mechanism of PhenGold, read the review below: 

What is PhenGold? 

PhenGold is relatively a new weight loss supplement in the market that is specifically designed to eliminate weight without causing any harmful effects. This natural supplement is created by Swiss Research Labs Ltd, and it has claimed to work perfectly for everyone regardless of their age and weight loss goals. PhenGold is different from the other weight loss supplements, as the manufacturers stated that they have not used any artificial flavors, or GMO while producing this supplement. In spite of being relatively new comer to the weight loss supplement sector, PhenGold has managed quite an outstanding position due to its ability of delivering noticeable results. Click Here to Visit Official PhenGold Website 

Within short span of time, PhenGold has become one of the leading weight loss supplement in the market. The formula is suitable for vegan, as it has been made with the use of vitamins, botanicals, and various other natural ingredients that help in stimulating the fat burning process of the body. As per the manufacturers of the product, the regular use of PhenGold may help the users in reducing hunger pangs and food cravings that would further promotes quick weight loss results.  

The natural composition of PhenGold formula contains all the potent ingredients that can efficiently help in burning fat, increasing metabolism, and boosting your energy levels. The supplement is equally beneficial for both men and women, since it has far-reaching impacts on your overall wellness and health. The daily usage of PhenGold will assist you in rapidly losing weight, that too with convenience.  

The makers have suggested to amplify the process of weight loss process by using PhenGold in combination with healthy diet routine and workout. With better efforts in right directions, you will be able to witness positive results within short time span. PhenGold weight loss supplement comes in the form of pills, which are absolutely easy to take. The formula will help you burn calories even when you are not engaged in any physical activity. 

PhenGold Pros: 

PhenGold weight loss supplement is a powerful formula that has many positive sides for the users. Following are some the pros of PhenGold listed below: 

  • PhenGold contains all natural ingredients that are effective in delivering great results.  
  • All the ingredients in the formula are used in potent and well-optimized dosages.  
  • The manufacturer brand behind PhenGold is well known and legitimate. 
  • The supplement is made with all high quality and carefully picked natural ingredients.  
  • It delivers fast weight loss results with better energy and body health. 
  • PhenGold formula is absolutely free from soy, lactose and GMO.  
  • It doesn’t contains any artificial ingredients like dyes, or fillers.  
  • No adverse effects have been reported with the usage of PhenGold supplement.  
  • The formula is absolutely ideal for vegans, as it contains no animal ingredients.  
  • PhenGold can easily be ordered with free shipping. 
  • The product comes with the money back guarantee so you can get your money back if the product doesn’t work as expected.  

PhenGold Cons: 

While there have been no serious downsides associated with the product, few cons of PhenGold weight loss supplement are listed below: 

  • It is only available for purchase online. 
  • PhenGold may be slightly pricey for some people as compared to other weight loss supplement. However, the manufacturer offers great deals and discounted offers for bulk orders on their website.  
  • The formula requires slight improvisation to come up with better appetite suppression to help kill down the food craving issues, as taking less calories could speed up the weight loss process.  

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PhenGold Ingredients 

PhenGold is a unique weight loss supplement because its formula contains scientifically proven and top quality natural ingredients. All the ingredients used in PhenGold have been specifically chosen due to their efficacy to boost metabolism, reduce food cravings, and various other impacts that can contribute actively in speeding up the weight loss results. Following are the main ingredients that are used in the PhenGold weight loss supplement. 

Green Tea: 

PhenGold formula includes 500 mg of green tea, which ensures the presence of sufficient caffeine and antioxidants in this supplement. Caffeine has always been linked to enhancing activeness and exercise performance, thus boosting the fat burning process in the body. Green tea also contains a plenty of antioxidants like EGCG, which plays a great role in improving your metabolism. A faster metabolism is advantageous, as it actually enhance the body’s ability to burn calories at night even when you are resting.  


L-Tyrosine is backed up with many scientific studies and it has been discovered that supplying this critical ingredient can aids in creating a good safety buffer to avoid depleting essential neurotransmitters in the body. L-Tyrosine delivers massive improvements in attention, memory retention, mental focus, and boosting your cognitive function. PhenGold weight loss supplement contains a potent dose of 300 mg of L-Tyrosine.  


PhenGold weight loss supplement contains 250 mg of L-Theanine and its benefits mainly occur within the nervous system. There are many neural health benefits associated with L-Theanine that has proved to be beneficial for anyone who works out regularly. This ingredient is known for boosting creative thinking, calming mind, and boost meditative thinking. All these are very critical for your weight loss journey, since they will help in reducing all the stress and anxiety levels that you might feel during your weight loss journey. It also helps in regulating appetite.  

Rhodiola Rosea 

PhenGold weight loss supplement contains 250 mg serving of Rhodiola Rosea to deliver sufficient adaptogen effects, which aids in reducing exhaustion and fatigue. The reduction in tiredness means that you can push yourself more to work out and exercise for longer without feeling exhausted. Also, less exhaustion also helps in improving your overall mental and physical performance.   

Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper is a known ingredient in many weight loss products, as it typically contains carotenoids and capsaicin, which are widely known for controlling appetite and boosting metabolism. The capsaicin content present in Cayenne pepper has powerful metabolism boosting effects on the body that really helps in losing weight. Clinical studies have proved that cayenne pepper help people regulating their appetite, which is a vital part for sustainable weight loss journey. 

Green Coffee 

The potent dose of 100 mg of Green Coffee is used in the PhenGold weight loss supplement due to its strong benefits in supporting fat loss. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that aids in reducing the overall glucose content and fat absorbed into the body every time you have some food intake. In addition, green coffee offers benefits for the people suffering from hypertension or damaged vascular function.  

Vitamin B3 

Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, helps in support a fast and healthy metabolism. It also reduces fat levels in the blood, which in turns helps in better heart health. Besides this, Vitamin B3 also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol levels. In addition, Niacin also helps in reducing inflammation and discomfort that is caused during regular workout sessions.  

Vitamin B6 

PhenGold also contains Vitamin B6 which plays a vital role in processing carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other nutrients. This ingredient helps to boost motivation and improves mood through its effects on various hormones like dopamine and serotonin.  

Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 is an important ingredient for maintaining a healthy metabolism. This vitamin in PhenGold helps in better energy production within respective cells. Additionally, it can also help in boosting physical performance during intense workout routines while eliminating fatigue. 

After the detailed analysis of ingredients and their strong potent dosages used in the PhenGold supplement, this formula appears to be highly promising in delivering good weight loss results.  

PhenGold – Mechanism of Weight loss 

PhenGold weight loss supplement is a potent blend of natural ingredients that are combined together to trigger various body functions and processes that discourage fat storage in your body. The working mechanism of PhenGold focuses on the following important ways to reduce the extra pounds.  

Fat Burning 

PhenGold works towards accelerating the fat burning process within your body with its powerful ingredients like cayenne pepper and green tea. These ingredients can boost the natural thermogenesis and metabolism in your body, thus ensuring that your body burns high amounts of calories and fat every time you exercise.  

Halt Fat Production 

PhenGold supplement helps the users lose weight by stopping the production and storage of fat in your body. The ingredients like cayenne pepper and L-Theanine put a halt on fat production in the body by preventing the production of fat cells and enhancing your metabolism.  

Suppress Appetite 

Reducing the overall calorie intake is an important part of weight loss journey. PhenGold formula makes it easier for you to maintain a calorie deficit diet by suppressing your appetite. This supplement contains ingredients that delivers high amount of caffeine along with Vitamin B6 that helps in reducing sugar and carbs’ cravings. 

Boosting energy levels 

The calorie deficit diet routines are usually known as the culprit behind low energy levels, which means you will get exhausted easily. However, PhenGold uses ingredients that gives you great weight loss results while enhancing your energy. PhenGold weight loss supplement will boost your mental focus, physical energy and overall concentration so that you can perform better. 

Improving Mood 

During the weight loss journey, most of the people feel anxiety after following limitations on diet and exercise. Mood swings and mild depression are quite common during weight loss. However, PhenGold contains ingredients like L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine that help in controlling negative feelings while improving your mood and focus.  

PhenGold – Benefits  

PhenGold weight loss is a promising formula that helps in making your weight loss struggle easier than ever. The formula claims to give effective weight loss results with better energy levels. Here below we are discussing some of the great benefits of PhenGold supplement that you can expect from it: 

  • It helps you shedding weight in short span of time so that you can achieve your ideal physique. 
  • It is available at very reasonable prices. 
  • It helps in reducing hunger pangs and food cravings due to the presence of Vitamin B6 in its formulation. 
  • It helps in boosting body’s metabolism and encourages faster fat burning process for better weight loss results.  
  • It focuses on fat loss from every part of the body, ensuring that there is no loss of muscle mass. 
  • It helps in toning up the complete body with better muscle health. 
  • The ingredients present in PhenGold are all natural and therefore are not linked with any negative effects.  
  • It helps in triggering thermogenesis in the body which directly encourages the fat burning process more efficiently.  
  • PhenGold weight loss supplement comes with a money back guarantee. You can get your money refunded within 60 days of its use, if the product doesn’t work for you.  

PhenGold – Side Effects 

Most of the dietary supplements are safe and are not usually linked with serious side effects. However, for the safety purposes it is important to know about the product before using it so that you can avoid such items that are compromising your health. PhenGold has many good and positive reviews from its users and it has changed the lives of many by helping them in losing weight effectively.  

None of the users have reported any serious side effects. PhenGold is very clear about its ingredient list and all the ingredients are natural and generally classed as safe. You should always check the ingredients label so that if you are allergic to any particular ingredient you may avoid it. Overall, PhenGold weight loss supplement is considered safe for the majority of the users. Though, the product doesn’t contains any bad elements that can trigger negative side effects, it is recommended that pregnant women and kids should not use this product. In addition, people with allergies can use this product without any issues. Generally, PhenGold is absolutely safe for consumption if you are above 18 years old.  

Who should use PhenGold and who should not? 

Losing weight is typically a challenging struggle. Even by lowering down calorie intake, many people find it hard to push themselves for exercise due to low energy levels. Fortunately PhenGold could work as a solution for all your weight loss concerns. Not only it helps you in curbing your hunger pangs, but it also boost your energy to help you perform better while you are eliminating extra weight. PhenGold is a powerful choice for losing weight, but it should not be consumed by certain groups of people. Individuals under 18 years should not use this product. Similarly, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid using PhenGold.  

How to use PhenGold? 

PhenGold weight loss formula comes in a bottle that contains 90 capsules that is enough for a month supply. You need to consume three capsules of PhenGold with a tall glass of water. You can either consume all the three pills at once or have one each with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. It is advised by the makers to take three capsules approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. Directions of usage are same for both workout and non-workout days.  

However to avoid the heavy effects of caffeine, we would suggest taking the supplement at different intervals throughout the day. With the distributed dosage, it will help you in maintaining thermogenesis for longer and should ease up the effects of caffeine as well. It is advised not to take your last capsule too close to your bed time, as you may find struggle to sleep due to caffeine content.  

It is recommended to use PhenGold in combination with healthy lifestyle and workout so that you can see better and faster results with these pills. Meanwhile, you should also consult your healthcare provider before starting using PhenGold supplement to discuss your underlying health conditions and its interference chances with your current medication.  

Where to Buy PhenGold? 

PhenGold supplement is not available on online marketplaces and Amazon as well. You can easily purchase this supplement from the official PhenGold website and place your order securely. PhenGold is available in different deals and discounts for single and bulk orders. You can choose one as per your requirement. Following are the pricing details: 

  • 1 bottle of PhenGold, i.e. one month supply, is available at the price of $ 64.95 
  • 3 bottles of PhenGold, 3 months’ supply, is available at the price of $ 129.90. 

PhenGold Return Policy and Money Back Guarantee  

PhenGold weight loss supplement is a proven blend of natural ingredients that work towards increasing the fat burning and metabolism of your body. Though, the formula has promised effective weight loss results and is backed up by numerous positive reviews; however, if it doesn’t make you fully satisfied, you can request a refund. PhenGold offers a 60 day money back guarantee and the refund process is quite smooth.  

Final Word 

PhenGold weight loss supplement is an effective and legitimate weight loss solution, especially for those who have been struggling from many years to lose weight. It is safe for people with allergies, vegan, and vegetarians. All the natural ingredients used in the formula are backed by multiple scientific evidences. There is simply no doubt that this formula can help in suppressing appetite, improving metabolism, and triggering faster weight loss process.  

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