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Our Honest Provillus Review  

There are many positive Provillus reviews tor the men’s formula and the women’s formula. Provillus hair loss treatment is FDA approved,  and contains Minoxidil 5%. It’s a clinically proven hair regrowth system for men and women to reverse hair loss and help regrow your natural hair, but does Provillus work? In this review of Provillus, we’ll discuss price, ingredients, side effects, Provillus vs Rogaine and where to buy Provillus hair loss treatment, as well some before and after pictures to see if it’s worth the cost and the hype. 

Where To Buy Provillus Hair Loss Treatment 

You can buy Provillus from their official website: 

Does Provillus Work?   

When used as directed, topically twice a day, it is very clear that Provillus does work and both clinical studies and results from many Provillus users prove that it does help reverse hair loss and also to regrow new hair, no matter what age you are. 

Provillus contains Minoxidil, which is the only FDA approved drug for hairloss, that is clinically proven to help both men and women with their hair loss. It does this by reactivating hair follicles and stimulating new hair growth. 

Provillus Price 

The Provillus price varies depending on which package you buy, here are the packages and prices: 

1 Bottle Trial Package = $49.95 (1 month supply) 
3 Bottle Package = $99 (3 month’s supply) @$33.30 per bottle 
5 Bottle Package = $149.85  (5 month’s supply) @ $29.97 per bottle 
So, the 5 bottle package would obviously get you the lowest cost per bottle @ $29.97 per bottle. 

Provillus vs Rogaine    

Deciding on Provillus vs Rogaine For Hair Loss 
Comparing the differences between Rogaine and Provillus can be a bit tricky since Rogaine originally intended for men and not for women. 
But the special formulation of Provillus opened the door for an effective and unique hair regrowth formula for both men and women. These two competitors are the top choices in today’s market but first let’s shed some light on the differences between the two products. 


Rogaine hit the market long before Provillus, however, as stated previously, its hair regrowth system was targeted for men only. It’s main two functions are that it enhances the hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth. Its main ingredient is Minoxidil. Minoxidil has the sole purpose of regenerating the body’s normal cycle of hair production.  As a result,…restoring hair to a fuller and more natural look. 
Like Rogaine, Provillus hair treatment does contain Minoxidil which maximizes the hair follicle volume BUT in addition it also uses other natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and herbs to maximize the progression and hinder the production of DHT  (Dihydrotestosterone). 
DHT is a huge factor in causing hair loss and Provillus with all it’s added beneficial ingredients gives hair regrowth that extra boost, and there is a special formulation just for Women. 


is an easier product to use than Rogaine because of its easy spray on solution that you just apply to the affected area of the scalp and that’s all there is to it. 
The Rogaine solution is a bit messier, and you have to apply the foam into the hair. It can leave the hair looking a bit gooey also. 
 Provillus works much better in our busy lifestyle because it’s a quick spray on and then you are done. I would highly recommend Provillus over Rogaine for this reason alone, and there’s the fact that it also has a formulation that caters towards women. 

Provillus Before And After 

 Here are a few Provillus before and after pictures from users: 

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As they grow older, men have to cope with the first signs of baldness and try to live with it without panicking. The same is true for women, albeit in a smaller percentage, women can also suffer from baldness and are forced to deal with this problem on a daily basis. 
It is a rather annoying and stressful situation that can greatly affect a person’s self -esteem, which often makes us lose confidence in ourselves, since our physical appearance changes without giving us any chance to intervene in a concrete way. 

Many products try to find a solution, but very few of them deal with the problem down to the last detail. Provillus is one of the the best ones since it is FDA approved and contains Minoxidil 5%. (Men’s formula) 

How does Provillus work? 

As we age, our bodies stop producing the essential hormones that promote proper hair well-being and also development. With an absence of healthy degrees of testosterone, melatonin, as well as certain ceramides, our hair begins to thin and also falls out. 

Provillus is loaded with a list of proven effective ingredients, has the only special ingredient accepted by the FDA and also clinically developed to address male pattern baldness in any phase of hair loss. That ingredient is minoxidil. 
 Minoxidil helps to open the veins when applied as a topical solution. When it’s used directly to balding areas, it could help increase blood flow as well as maintain a full, healthy life of the scalp. Minoxidil is a potassium network opener, which allows much more oxygen as well as nutrients to the roots. 

The composition of Provillus is quite interesting since it is able to deactivate the action of the metabolite DHT, present within the hormone testosterone. In this way we try to benefit the scalp by stimulating hair growth and regenerating the tissues subject to baldness. Inside the product is a mixture of zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B6 able to restore vigor to your hair and allow a gradual and natural regrowth. In addition, the use of biotin helps your body to source more keratin, the protein responsible for the formation and good constitution of the hair. 
These components are essential to restore strength to your scalp and ensure that the follicles are able to resist the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, a harmful combination of DHT and cortisol. Once the follicles have been subjected to the defensive barrier created by Provillus, the growth process can finally take place and deliver the desired results. The presence of minoxidil is significant, a chemical compound that together with other natural substances ensures the scalp area to regenerate, thus creating an environment conducive to the growth of much stronger and healthier hair. 

We remind you that Provillus is a dietary supplement and, as such, must be consumed according to the indications of the manufacturer, a team of specialists from ‘medical, pharmaceutical, sports and food. For adults it is therefore recommended to ingest two capsules a day with meals, accompanied by a glass of water. 

If you increase the recommended dose, however, you may experience illnesses, allergic reactions and pain of various kinds. Every body has its own natural absorption process and exaggerating with any supplement can in the long run have undesirable effects.  

In fact, it is not the quantity of the supplement that allows a faster hair regrowth, but the more a particular attention to the indications of the product, tested over and over again to solve and stem the problems related to the phenomenon of baldness. 


Provillus for makes use of the list of ingredients listed below: 

Biotin plays a very important role in the development of healthy hair, skin and nails. Provillus provides your body with this natural hormone to rejuvenate your scalp and also renew your entire head of hair. 
Did you know 87% of women with hair loss have a magnesium shortage? Magnesium works with calcium to promote healthy hair growth. In just a couple of weeks you can see what magnesium levels 
and balanced could do for your hair. 
Amino Acids 
Amino acids play an essential role in the body’s ability to cope with the indications of aging. Minimized wrinkles, improved moisture, preventing gray hair, as well as stunting more hair loss. 
Vitamin B6 
Vitamin B6 is undoubtedly important for proper hair health as well as hair growth. This distinct nutrient turbo-charges the metabolic process of healthy proteins, consisting of those located in newly formed hair follicles. 
With Provillus advanced blend from the list of original and effective ingredients, the body can, in fact, begin to replenish these hormones, sending the necessary vitamins and nutrients directly into the scalp, as well as the newly formed hair follicles. Provillus works by reactivating the natural growth of your hair at the origin. Whether you want much more quantity for your thinning  hair, or seeking to grow completely new hair follicles  from female pattern baldness, Provillus is the most effective solution for treating your hair loss situation . 

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Here are the main benefits of Provillus: 
·        Regenerating hair naturally 
·        clinically confirmed results 
·        Powerful, reliable ingredients 
·        reverse hair loss as well as thinning of the hair 

Side Effects   

Provillus is FDA approved, and is deemed to be safe. When used as directed the use of Provillus should not produce any ill side effects. There is the possibility of side effects if the product is misused, which could result in dry and itching skin. 

What causes baldness? 
Baldness, or in medical terms androgenetic alopecia, is a natural phenomenon that occurs in both men and women, and that is a source of considerable concern and problems both physically and psychologically. 
 For men, hair loss is usually associated with the loss of part of their virility, which allows the man to relate to other people in a firm and secure way, and to assert their personality and authority within society and the public sphere. For women, however, it is the aesthetic factor that is completely put in crisis, because a thick and healthy hair has always been seen as a symbol of charm and beauty. 
In male individuals, the main causes of baldness are to be found in the genetic kit, as it is the incorrect functioning of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase to complicate the situation, preventing the synthesis of an androgynous hormone commonly called DHT. This process leads to an irregular growth of hair whose consistency gradually becomes weaker, thinner, tending to break rapidly. 
The patch, very often circular, that forms in the head as a result of the progressive loss of hair is seen negatively by all affected individuals, since this could compromise their physical appearance and consequently their image and social status, not to mention the problems that may arise when dealing with new people. 
Even for the female gender, the problem derives from hereditary complications: hormonal imbalances linked for example to hypo-hypo-hyroidism or delicate and particular syndromes such as the poli cystic ovary, the systemic lupus erythematosus or iron deficiency anaemia.the appearance of the first baldness can occur during or shortly after adolescence, when the body is completing its natural process of development. 
 The heredity of this disorder means that your children are also subject to this problem, although it would be advisable to carry out a full check-up of the hair before the age of eighteen years. 
As the triggering factors of genetic origin, baldness cannot be cured absolutely and definitively. However, it can be treated with the help of  specific products that have properties and characteristics of both cosmetics and drugs commonly on sale. In this sense, Provillus provides the opportunity to identify and manage this inefficiency of the body without having to resort to hair transplantation, an operation that for many people can be too expensive. 

There are enough positive Provillus Reviews and Testimonials, along with clinical studies done on the ingredients, to say that if taken as directed, that Provillus does work. And taken correctly it can work with no side effects. And finally, for the price, it does seem like it’s worth giving it a try.  

To Buy Provillus Men’s Formula or Provillus Women’s Formula, just click the link below to visit the official website: 

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