Psychic Reading Online: Top 4 Psychics Websites Of 2021


In today’s fast-paced and multi-faceted world, it’s becoming more difficult to make sense of things around us. So, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are resorting to psychic reading alternatives for more clarity and coherence in life and the world in general.  

With online psychics readily available, there’s no doubt that access to psychic readings online is easier than ever. But along with the best psychics, some cheap psychics masquerade around as legitimate mediums.  

So, where are the real psychics who can deliver reliable spiritual readings and psychic predictions? To find out, we enlisted a team of professionals, researchers, and volunteers. After a long process of tests and investigation, we’re sharing with you the results in the following format: 

  • Our top picks for online psychics 
  • How we picked the best psychic reading services 
  • Finding psychics near me (Is it necessary?) 
  • How to find reliable psychic mediums (if you want to do your own research) 
  • Insider Tips on drawing maximum value from your psychic online.  

Our Top Picks for Online Psychics 

So, after a thorough assessment and meticulous tests of online psychics and services, here are the top psychic reading services available today.  

  • Kasamba – psychic network with highly trained psychic readers. A great way to get a love psychic reading at a reasonable price 
  • MysticSense – best option for people who are just starting with psychic readings and want to do it at a low cost 
  • Keen  well-known psychic reading online website with a diverse assortment of specialists giving accurate and trustworthy readings 
  • AskNow – one of the best websites for online psychic reading at affordable cost along with great rates and highly trained professional staff 


Kasamba is almost a household name in the world of online psychics. With almost unmatched experience in psychic reading and renowned accuracy in psychic predictions, it’s surely up there with the best.  


Kasamba has offered psychic readings online for about 20 years now. And the wealth of resources and experiences they’ve accumulated shows even today. The total number of psychics and mediums number in the hundreds. But they’re all real psychics who’ve proven their worth over time.  

Registering on Kasamba is a fairly straightforward process. And they accept everything from credit cards to PayPal when it comes to payment options. So, just pick a psychic and get started! 

The website displays at least four cards at a time, each highlighting a psychic who’s online. The cards include information regarding their specialty, rating, reviews, and rates. If you can’t find your pick here, you can click on any of the categories on the top tab. Here, for each category, you’ll get a list of available psychics online with their information in the same card format.  

Specialty Areas and Features 

Kasamba’s area of specialty covers a diverse range of psychic subjects. Apart from the standard psychic readings, they have great reviews in categories like love & relationships, fortune-telling, and career forecasts.  

However, clients agree that they’re great in all 24 of their categories, each with its own specialist psychics. And thanks to Kasamba’s affordable pricing, you can get a cheap psychic reading on anything from the occult and numerology to palm readings and the paranormal.  

A unique feature of Kasamba is that you get free three minutes with every new advisor you try. And you’ll get a refund for any unsatisfying first sessions. It’s an excellent way to get the best psychic reading on your first try.  


MysticSense is our top pick because it offers trustworthy psychic medium services with an impressive array of online features. Their top focus is to offer tailor-made psychic predictions that fit your context and your need.  


MysticSense has a little under 500 psychics, mediums, and fortune tellers available at different times of the day. The homepage has a list of all Mystic Sense mediums and the best psychics who are currently online. So, you don’t have to go through the whole list to get hold of one immediately.  

Also, the first thing you’re greeted with is a ‘Let’s Begin’ button that allows you to instantly get to their psychics categories. Here, you can specify your psychic based on specific sub-categories. For instance, you can choose by specialty (love, social life, lost object, spirituality, etc.), tools (numerology, meditation, tarot, etc.), or even reading style (direct, thoughtful, compassionate, etc.). Once done, you can immediately start your chat psychic reading or phone psychic reading.  

They also have a helpful section called ‘Articles and Media.’ Here, you’ll find insightful resources ranging from the meaning of dreams to sorting toxic relationships.  

Specialty Areas and features 

Although Mystic Sense is among the best psychic reading services, they are especially adept at specific areas. And these are tarot, astrology, spirituality, and clairvoyance.  

Now, we’re not really saying these are the only areas they excel in. Everyone experiences unique benefits, and yours may be in another category altogether. So, make sure you don’t limit yourself to these categories. 

One standout feature with Mystic Sense is their ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ theme. It comes as part of the free 5-minutes you get for your first psychic session. If you find the experience lacking, you get a full refund. The refund is paid in the form of time with another psychic of your choosing.  


Home to many famous psychics and mediums, Asknow deserves the ‘premier’ title it has on the website’s banner. They have some of the most competitive prices among psychic reading services anywhere.  


Asknow continues to be among the best destinations for cheap psychics who provide value for money. Don’t let their budget-friendly tags fool you. They deliver some of the most reliable and trustworthy services around.  

They also have some of the best introductory offers among psychic websites. You can get up to 20 or 30 minutes at the lowest prices and still get 5-minute free elite offers.  

One thing that’s missing from their website is a comprehensive directory of psychics online like the other services here. They do have a ‘Psychics Spotlight’ section that lists out their advisors. But it’s nowhere near as informative as the cards on Kasamba.  

However, they have a detailed screening process for all their advisors. So, whether it’s the cheap psychics or the more famous psychics, you know you’re getting the real deal.  

Specialty Areas and Features 

It’s difficult to narrow down on Asknow’s expert areas because they seem to do well across the board. But some standout subjects may be in general psychic predictions, money & finance, spiritual readings, horoscopes, and pet psychics.  

As far as website features go, their online chats are simply the best. Getting a chat psychic reading is easy and instant. And all their advisors are chat psychics, thanks to user-friendly chat boxes and controls. They charge the same rate for chat psychic readings as they do for phone psychics. But regardless of which online psychic you choose, the first five minutes of your consultation are entirely free.  

The ‘Articles’ section provide helpful information on topics like sound therapy, aura-cleansing, palmistry, lucky numbers, etc.  


Keen offers one of the easiest ways to find and navigate through real psychics who offer abilities like spiritual readings, enhanced perception, and psychic predictions.  

Keen is the last item on our top picks for best psychic reading, but it’s surely not the least. Let’s find out why.  


Along with Kasamba, Keen is among the oldest and most established psychic networks available today. Keen’s website also scores top marks for navigation, ease of use, and having a user-friendly interface.  

In their two decades of service, they have more than 35 million psychic and spiritual readings under their belt. So, if you’ve ever searched for ‘psychics near me,’ there’s a high chance a psychic from Keen was on the list.  

Some of their psychics have completed 50,000-70,000 readings with over 10,000 reviews that have four stars or above (out of 5).  

Specialty Areas and Features 

Their specialties will range around psychic readings, life questions, spiritual readings, Feng Shui, and chakra cleansing. However, with a free 3-minute offer for new users, you should try out as many categories as you fancy.  

Our favorite part of the website is the ‘Find Your Best Psychic Advisor’ section. It’s a search bar that you can filter via categories and pricing. For instance, you can choose Love & Relationships and then put a price range of $3.99 – $7.99/minute. Once you hit enter, you’ll get all the advisors and psychics whose rates and expertise falls in this category.  

But the actual best part is that you can specify whether you’d prefer phone psychics or more discreet chat psychics. And it’s a popular feature because most people prefer a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading. With this feature, you can opt for your preference as soon as you reach the website.  

How we picked the best psychic reading services 

Alright, so we’ve cleared up why opting for online psychic services makes more sense in many situations. There are many reasons why online psychics give you more range, depth, and alternatives than traditional visits. But these few should suffice for now.  

The bottom line is that you have a much wider array of options for psychic predictions and spiritual readings when you know which websites and services to go for.  

Choosing the best psychic reading websites took a whole lot of research, testing, and independent verification. To give you a sense of what we were looking for, here are some of the parameters we used to separate the ones who provided the best psychic readings online.  

Quality of Online Psychics 

The first quality we looked for in any service is, of course, the psychics. Whenever you go for a psychic online experience, it’s hard to know what to expect. So, it’s reassuring when a website’s psychics are courteous and attentive even before they make predictions and observations.  

Whether it’s a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading, you want equal reliability in any format. For chat psychics, we wanted to see if their communication skills were clear and thorough. For phone psychics, using the right tone of voice, conversing clearly, and using time correctly were some of the highlights.  

Manners and courtesy aside, it’s their ability to make accurate psychic predictions, spiritual readings, and psychic medium abilities that set apart the best services from the rest.  

User and Customer Reviews of psychic readings 

Next, we looked at the feedback and impressions that users had when using these psychic services. Anyone can try their hand at psychic reading, but not all succeed. You want to avail the services of the best psychics who have proved their worth with previous customers.  

We narrowed down on those sites that offer robust, reliable, and real reviews left by clients. The process also involved cross-verifying these reviews wherever possible. This means we check other forums, networks, and platforms where real users discuss these services. We’ll admit it’s difficult to get an objective database of all the reviews and comments. But a thorough investigation gives us a good idea of where each service stands.  

So, you know that these are real people leaving their feedback and not just a review left by some bots. The most famous psychics could cost a fortune, but it’s the real client experience that tells the true story.  

Pricing and Affordability 

This one is a tricky parameter to measure when it comes to online psychics. As with any other service, you want quality and reliability in your predictions without breaking the bank.  

You may get a cheap psychic reading that doesn’t really reveal what you want to know. Alternatively, there are famous psychics who charge over the roof without the same quality in their readings. That’s not to say that cheap psychics with affordable rates are unreliable or that higher-charging mediums are better. Surprising predictions can come from both cheap psychic readings and expensive ones.  

So, walking this fine line between affordability and reliable psychic predictions was a core priority in our tests.  

Range of Psychic Online Services 

Whether it’s phone psychics, chat psychics, or any other format, you want a psychic medium that can specifically cater to your needs.  

Psychic abilities can range from future fortune and love life to dream interpretation and tarot readings. And you don’t want to hop from one psychic reading website to another as you seek answers for different parts of your life. Finding them all in one place is not only convenient, it’s more efficient too.  

So, we tried to find services that offered this wide spectrum of psychic abilities all in one website. No single service can possibly provide every single category of psychic abilities. But we narrowed down the ones that offered the most variety without compromising on reliability.  

Website and Ease of Use 

Even if you have the best psychics around, the true difference comes when you can easily browse, find, and interact with them in a wholesome manner. And a vital part of this is the website and its structure. A proper psychic medium website should come with an interface that’s pleasing and easy to browse.  

Are the psychics easy to peruse and find? Are the rates and pricing easily visible? Are the various specialties neatly organized? Do they offer different modes of communication (chat psychics, phone psychics, etc.)? These are a few examples of how we assessed each service based on their web presence.  

There are a lot more other background checks, comparisons, and investigation methods we used to uncover the best psychic readings online. But these are some of the main parameters where the best psychic reading services scored high.  

Finding psychics near me (Is it necessary?) 

So, the first thing we wanted to clear up was the trouble of finding psychics who are in close proximity. Traditionally, you would have to visit psychics and mediums in their brick-and-mortar shops to get a spiritual reading or revelation. For instance, if I wanted psychic predictions on a specific matter, I would start by visiting psychics near me or based within the city/town. So, if the best psychics lived and operated elsewhere, you’d try to get a phone psychic reading, but the chances would be slim.  

Today, thanks to the ever-growing internet, you can get anything from cheap psychics to the most famous psychics in the comfort of your home. Some people still have suspicions over online psychics. So, to put those skepticisms to rest, here are several ways online psychics may be more reliable.  

Better Test of Real Psychics 

A very common trait you find in fake psychics is deductive reasoning. While it’s a very impressive mental ability, it’s not psychic predictions. They can draw intelligent conclusions from the way you look, speak, act, and present yourself. And to the new customer, it looks like pure clairvoyance.  

So, if you think about it, most of these clues and cues are absent in online interactions. A true psychic would still be able to make relevant predictions and insights even without physically meeting you.  A phone psychic reading is subtle, but a chat psychic reading maybe even more elusive for mediums. If they can prove themselves with these obstacles, they may be much more helpful than other blind-guessers.  

All Psychics Available 

Ok, so maybe not every psychic in the world works online. But the majority of them do. And any psychic medium worth their word will be looking for a wider audience by offering phone psychics or chat psychics via the internet. Whether it’s a cheap psychic reading or an expensive, highly-coveted psychic, they’re all there. 

So, you get easy access to the widest range of real psychics, regardless of whether you’ve heard of them before or not.  


Another obvious advantage is the unmatched convenience for you, the customer. Getting access to genuine psychic predictions in the comfort of your home has never been easier. Just grab your device and start browsing the sites we’ve mentioned below.  

Of course, with the volume of psychic online sites increasing, there are also frauds and swindlers around. But with the right insights (Eg. The ones you’ll find here), you can get hold of the best psychics.  

How to find Reliable Psychic Mediums (If you want to do your own research) 

We understand that some of our readers and enthusiasts are naturally inquisitive. So, in addition to these services, you may want to check out other psychic reading sites. With that in mind, we want to provide some basic tools that will allow you to look for the best quality yet cheap psychic reading services.  

If you do try psychic services on your own, here are some things to add to your approach.  

The right frame of mind 

This one’s easily the most vital part of any psychic prediction or similar experience. It’s important to remember that a psychic reading is not magic. Depending on the advisor’s ability, you may experience or learn different things.  

So, it’s best to approach the situation with an open mind and a healthy dose of rationality. With a logical approach, you can navigate the tricky waters between fake gimmicks and real psychic mediums.   

No Psychic is One-size-fits-all 

Another crucial bit to consider is that you may not find everything you need in a single psychic reading service or individual. Online psychics and advisors often come with a variety of gifts that are each useful in specific circumstances. Knowing how to leverage these abilities will help you make better life choices and anticipate your future.  

So, as you come across a psychic service that’s good in one area yet lacking in another, make a note of it. With enough services under your radar, you can bounce between different sites to get the most from each one.  

Psychic services with different forms of communication 

Depending on your mood or inclination, you may want to talk over the phone or merely chat virtually. So, find services that offer both chat psychics and phone psychics. The best psychics will invariably offer you both options according to your comfort.  

Most people today prefer a chat psychic reading thanks to its privacy and considerable anonymity. But having a phone psychics option alongside may prove to be valuable later on.  

Introductory offers and deals 

With growing competition in psychic readings online, services will often offer deals for new or existing users. The most common offer for a new visitor is to get a few minutes of free consultation to try things out.  

These free minutes are mostly via chat because a phone psychic reading will be more time-consuming. Regardless, these offers let you save money and time as you begin your journey.  

Individual ratings and price 

The best psychic reading platforms will display all the relevant information about their real psychics. Being aware of their rates and feedback from other clients is a good starting point for assessing any psychic online. For instance, a phone psychic reading may have different rates from chat psychics, even if it’s the same advisor.  

Be wary of cheap psychics who behave elusively on the phone or seem aloof on chat. A cheap psychic reading may seem like an advantage at first, but you may end up with misdirection or misinterpretations. That said, a cheap psychic reading can also simply be an affordable session that still delivers results.  

Categories and Knowledge Resources 

Finally, you’ll have to check how informative and organized a psychic reading service appears to be. Psychic readings online can often be confusing for many users. So, a real psychics website will help its users navigate easily and learn more in the process.  

This implies two things.  

One is that their psychic services and advisors must be categorized or organized into easily understandable formats. For instance, all the sites mentioned here have a love or relationship category. A sub-group may also be a psychics technique such as astrology, aura-cleansing, dream interpretation, etc.  

The second thing is to have a constantly updated archive of articles or audio-visual content that can educate visitors. This way, users also learn more about what to expect and how to go about the experience.  

So, these are some of the elements you’ll have to remember as you perform your own research on psychic reading websites and services. But we’re pretty sure you’ll also end up with the same picks listed here. So, save yourself the trouble and jump strait to these websites that deliver psychic readings online.  

Insider Tips on Drawing Maximum Value from your Psychic   

To make this guide complete, we’ve listed some final psychic tips that can help you increase the satisfaction and returns from any psychic service.  

  • Don’t consider everything literally. Psychic predictions or spiritual readings may sometimes be cryptic, mysterious, and even beyond comprehension. Take your time to process and digest the information as you go along.  
  • Maximize your free minutes. Use the free offer minutes to interact as much as you can with as many advisers as possible. You never know what gold mine of revelations you may stumble upon.  
  • Go for psychic services that allow you to pay via a variety of platforms and routes. A robust payment gateway may sometimes imply an original and well-established online psychic reading service.  
  • Talk to a friend or family. Pick someone you trust and let them keep tabs on you and your progress. This way, if any red flags arise, you have a second opinion to consider on all occasions.  
  • Keep checking for newer and better networks. And we’ve got you covered with this last tip. Any new developments in the psychic industry, or if better alternatives arrive, we’ll be the first ones to let you know! So, check back, save, bookmark, the page, etc., and get psychic-related updates every time.  

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