QuadAir Drone Reviews – Scam Warnings or Real Camera Drone?

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QuadAir Drone is an aerial quadcopter camera. This high-quality device has advanced features including two different modes of capturing pictures, easy use and more. As per the official website, QuadAir Drone has been manufactured after several tests have been conducted on which features will be best suitable for users.  

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For those of you who are passionate about clicking pictures, particularly about taking pictures that are unique, such a device is a must. The high-end technology used in this quadcopter ensures that it is able to be your partner for a very long time. It doesn’t get damaged very easily. In fact, even if the blades do get ruined you can always install new ones which will be given in the package itself.  

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has experience when it comes to taking wide-angled, aerial photographs, QuadAir Drone will serve you well. This is because it offers brilliant results but with simplicity in use so that even amateurs can get started with it.  

If you want to know more about this device before you can make a purchase, dive into the QuadAir Drone review below. This review will discuss everything that you need to know about the QuadAir Drone from its features to pricing and more.  

quadair drone reviews

QuadAir Drone Review 

There was a time when clicking pictures was limited to taking photographs in black and white. With advancements, cameras progressed to take colorful pictures capturing the true essence of moments. Now, however, technology has come forward to the extent that we have cameras that can fly in the air and capture aerial views.  

This can be quite helpful for those people who are into gymnastics or into sky sports. Imagine yourself enjoying skydiving or a similar sport up in the air and a camera capturing the smile on your face! This is what a flying camera can do. QuadAir Drone is one such camera that you can invest in. While mostly such cameras are designed keeping professionals in mind, this one has been made for both experienced folks and newbies.  

As per quadairdrone.com, it is easy to use, and it will not disappoint you by getting damaged quickly. You will be able to capture stunning shots, with great picture quality, whenever you’re enjoying your time at the beach or up in the air. The camera will be able to capture the scenery not just in the form of pictures but also videos. In fact, you can also make boomerangs with the QuadAir Drone. 

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Defining Specifications of QuadAir Drone 

There are several features of this aerial camera that can be applauded for making it one of the best investments for a photography fanatic. Take a look below to learn some of the unique features of the QuadAir Drone:  

  • Long run time  

QuadAir Drone can continue capturing pictures for you for a long time. With a runtime of 15 to 31 minutes, you will be able to take delightful shots and show off your photography skills. The average runtime of a drone is 30 minutes, so the QuadAir Drone is definitely not offering you anything less.  

  • No navigation issues  

Most camera drones are disappointing in that they are not easy to navigate. This can be due to poor communication between the camera technology and the remote. When a device has navigation issues, you are not able to take the pictures that you have in mind. Unfortunately, such issues do not arise with the QuadAir Drone. You can take interesting pictures just as you want to as this drone is pretty good at taking instructions and following them to the t.  

  • Wide shots 

You don’t have to worry that you’ll be compromising on image quality if you purchase this device. The camera is able to deliver amazing results of each wide shot that you take. You will be able to take clear, high-quality pictures from an elevated point of view with the QuadAir Drone.  

  • Simple to use  

Most drone cameras are very difficult to handle. This means that anyone who is new in the field is scared to invest in the device without having any prior experience in using it. Fortunately, the QuadAir Drone is so simple to use that even people who have never used a camera before can learn how to use this one.  

  • Solid built  

Another great quality of this device is that it has a reliable build which means that it will not show signs of damage anytime soon. However, this doesn’t mean that you can mishandle it and expect it to still survive. Just make sure that you are careful when you use a device such as this one. Handle with care and you will be able to have the QuadAir Drone as your camera partner for a long time.  

  • Research based  

According to the official website, the manufacturers of this device have not just put a few parts together and called it brilliant. In fact, they have spent a lot of time in extensive researching and testing before putting this device out for purchase. QuadAir Drone has been constructed in such a manner so as to ensure that the risk of your money being wasted due to the device going out of control is significantly low. 

  • Controlled working 

Naturally, a quadcopter such as this one has blades that can hit into other objects and get damaged. However, with the QuadAir Drone you don’t have much reason to worry as the direction and the speed of the blades are both controlled so as to prevent clashes with other objects in the way. 

  • Fast speed 

Though this is quite a bulky device, the QuadAir Drone is incredibly speedy. The communication between you and the device can cover a range of four kilometers. Furthermore, the device can fly at approximately 19 meters per second.  

  • Lightweight device  

While this device is a large one with a lot of advanced technology installed, it is still quite lightweight. This enables you to hold it without any inconvenience. The lightweight body of this device also enables it to fly higher easily. 

  • Foldable drone 

You might be wondering how you can carry such a large device with yourself when you are traveling. Since the makers of this device had the same concern in mind, they made the drone foldable. This means that the propellers of the device can be folded inward so that it can be carried easily, and the protruding parts can be protected from damage while transport.  

  • High quality pictures 

You can take high resolution pictures with QuadAir Drone. Most drones give poor quality images as they compromise on the image quality to offer the product at a better price. QuadAir Drone can record videos in HD at 60 frames per second. It can take high resolution pictures of 1080 pixels. 

  • Wi-Fi connectivity  

Once you are done capturing your pictures, you will definitely want to transfer them to either your phone or your laptop. Thankfully, this device supports Wi-Fi connectivity which means that you can easily transfer pictures over the Internet. 

  • LED night light  

If you are capturing pictures in the dark, don’t fear that your device will get lost. This is because the QuadAir Drone has an LED night light installed so that you can keep track of where it is and capture your pictures or videos with more convenience.  

  • Gravity sensor 

The QuadAir Drone is also an amazing purchase because of the gravity sensors that are installed in the device. This enables the quadcopter to detect the ground and other objects in its path, allowing it to automatically change its route. This prevents collision and reduces the chances of either the device or its surroundings getting damaged. 

  • Slow-mo mode  

Because these amazing features are not enough, you can also watch what you click in slow motion. Thanks to the slow-mo mode of this device, you can replay the highlights of your clicks and make great creative videos. 

  • Pre-programmed cameras  

Last but not the least, QuadAir Drone also comes with two different pre-programmed camera modes. You can click pictures also using the boomerang and asteroid K features. Therefore, this device is more than for just taking still images and long videos. 

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How To Use The QuadAir Drone? 

As discussed, the QuadAir Drone offers simple functionality so that experienced folks as well as newbies can use this device without having to worry about getting confused with the controls. You can learn how to use this device by following the instructions given in the manual that will come along with your purchase. Basically, you can navigate this device using either its smartphone application or with a motion sensor.  

This means that there are two different modes of controlling the QuadAir Drone. You can start using this device as you take it out of the box. There is no need to assemble any parts since it comes fully assembled and ready for operation. A remote control comes along with your purchase. The manual discusses how this remote can be used exactly for flying the device and for capturing images as well. 

You can also download the device’s smartphone application so as to be able to control this device through your smartphone. This makes it easier for people who do not like carrying different gadgets along with themselves all the time. They could just take their phone and this quadcopter and leave the remote behind at home. That being aside, another thing you should try to do is to keep your device in good shape by cleaning it with a cloth.  

It is recommended that you use the QuadAir Drone with caution so as to prevent its blades from getting damaged. However, in case your blades do get damaged, you can replace them easily. The packet of this device comes with extra blades. You can learn how to replace the drone’s blades by reading the instructions given in the manual. It is essential that you first read the instructions and then repair the device so that the blades are installed firmly enough so as to not spring out or get hit again easily. 

Should You Buy The QuadAir Drone?  

QuadAir Drone has been designed keeping users in mind. Whether you have only started out in the field of photography or are someone experienced with using and handling cameras, the QuadAir Drone will be a worthwhile purchase. The design of this device is great, the functionality is commendable, and the picture quality is also amazing. So, you can see that as a quadcopter camera it is a full package! 

Customers who have purchased and used this device are satisfied with it and are praising it. You can read reviews of those who have already purchased this product on the QuadAir Drone website. These reviews are proof that the device is a lasting one that does its job pretty well. It has helped a lot of folks capture memorable moments in beautiful ways from beautiful angles.  

Other than this, the reliability of this device can also be learned from the fact that it has been featured on various renowned media outlets including Vismedia, Aerodrone, Innovation & Tech Today, and Skytango. Furthermore, the website also claims that the QuadAir Drone is the highest rated drone camera on the Internet.  

Though it has many brilliant features, the cost of this device is also not too heavy on your pocket as it is quite affordable. Interestingly, there is also a money back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. This means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within a month by contacting the customer support team.  

Not only does this show that the company behind the QuadAir Drone is sure that it will satisfy you, but it also indicates that complete customer satisfaction is valued. If you want to place your order, don’t delay as currently a huge discount is being offered as well. You can get up to 60% off right now. What’s more, you can also enjoy free US shipping. Read QuadAir customer reviews and user testimonials on the official website here.  

QuadAir Drone Price 

Originally the QuadAir Drone was available for $149. However currently you can save $50 and get the product for just $99. Two amazing deals are available as well:   

  • Pro pilot pack: you can get 5 QuadAir Drones for just $59.40 each.  
  • Aviator pack: you can buy 3 of these drones for just $65.67 each.  

Regardless of which package you choose you can get free shipping. To purchase your device, you should go to the official website of QuadAir Drone so that you can get the original product. Just add your preferred package to the cart, fill in the form with your details and make your payment through your debit or credit card.  

Payments can also be made through PayPal. You can also purchase the extended protection program. Accordingly, for an additional amount of $29.95 you will have the privilege of getting a replacement of the QuadAir Drone for FREE in case you break it or lose it. This protection plan lasts for a whole year after your purchase.  

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QuadAir Drone Reviews – Final Verdict  

QuadAir Drone seems like a great investment for camera lovers. This device can produce impressive wide and clear aerial shots of high quality. You can also capture videos and experience better photography with the asteroid K, boomerang, and slow-mo options. QuadAir Drone has a praise-worthy built quality, and despite being lightweight, it is a durable device.  

The drone camera can continue running for a full 30 minutes and comes with gravity sensors so that it doesn’t clash with other objects in its path. Replaceable blades and a remote control come along with your purchase. Moreover, in case you have any concerns, you can refer to the instructions manual that accompanies. If you still have questions, you can contact the customer support team. QuadAir Drone can be used either with its remote control or by downloading its application on your smartphone. 

quadair drone

Quadair Reviews From Customers – FAQs  

  • How long does the charging of the QuadAir Drone take?  

The QuadAir Drone device takes at least 60 to 70 minutes to charge to its maximum. Once changed fully, it can run for up to 30 minutes. 

  • What quality videos can the QuadAir Drone shoot?  

You can shoot 4k HD videos with the QuadAir Drone.  

  • How much width does the camera cover?  

You can get a 360-degree view with this camera which can cover a wide angle of 120 degrees while shooting videos or capturing pictures.  

  • How many speed modes does this device have?  

QuadAir Drone comes with three different speed modes. It is recommended that you start with the slowest one to learn how to control the device. 

  • What type of battery powers the QuadAir Drone? 

The QuadAir Drone comes with a LIPO1 x 3.7 v 500 mAH battery. It’s remote control requires 3 x 1.5AA batteries which you will have to purchase separately.  

  • How can you download the QuadAir Drone smartphone app?  

You can download the QuadAir Drone smartphone app for easy control and more features by following some simple steps. Just scan the QR code given in the manual with your phone. This will lead you to the authorized app which you can download and install.  

  • Where is the company behind this device based? 

The company behind this device is called QuadAir. It also has other models of this camera available. QuadAir is based in the US.  

  • Can professional photographers use this device? 

Yes, professional photographers will also be delighted to notice how amazing the picture quality and how convenient the use of the QuadAir Drone is. 

  • How can you contact the customer support team? 

To contact the customer support team to ask any questions or queries, you can call at (888) 493-6096. You can also email at: [email protected]

  • Is free shipping available with all three packages? 

You can avail free shipping if you order one of the two bigger deals of three or five units of this drone. If you purchase a single unit of the QuadAir Drone, you will have to be shipping and handling charges of $7.95. 

  • Which package of the QuadAir Drone should you buy?  

If you’re an amateur who is just learning how to handle drone cameras, purchase just one unit of this device. However, if you were buying for your entire team or for friends, you should go for one of the bigger deals of QuadAir Drone as those are more pocket friendly. 

  • How long will the discount last?  

The discount that is running right now may not be available soon enough. The company hasn’t mentioned how long this discount will continue running. 

  • Which countries can this device be delivered to?  

The QuadAir Drone can be delivered to different parts of the world including New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more. 

  • Is payment through cash on delivery available? 

Unfortunately, you cannot make your payment through COD. You will have to pay in prior to receiving your product online, through your debit or credit card or debit card or by using the reliable service of PayPal.  

  • What are the steps of the refund process? 

You can start the refund process by contacting the customer support team. Once your request is approved, you will be directed to return the product at a given address. Following this, your refund will be processed, and your amount will be returned to your bank shortly. 

  • Are there any hidden fees?  

No, there are no hidden fees on the purchase of this device. Since there is no subscription plan either, you have no reason to worry about canceling any automatic programs. 

  • Is QuadAir Drone available elsewhere for purchase?  

Perhaps QuadAir Drone is available at other online or physical avenues. However, to be sure that you receive the original product, it is best to purchase QuadAir from its original website using this link

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