The Best BIM Service Providers in 2021


We are in the information technology era when data can be processed faster and more efficiently. In the international engineering & construction industry, the developers started using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Thanks to its ability to improve productivity and enhance the quality of work, it helps save millions of dollars for business organizations every year. It’s the reason why BIM is becoming more and more popular among corporate clients.

BIM technology helps build up spaces that are smarter and more adaptable. However, the correct implementation of this technology is not so easy. This is why professional assistance is incredibly important. At, you can find many companies that help everyone with the implementation procedure. Here are the top 10 BIM service providers worldwide.

1. ViBIM

ViBIM is a well-known international provider of high-quality BIM services. Over the last decade, the company has developed lots of BIM-related projects for large customers in the UK, the USA, China, and Japan. ViBIM helps their customers reach the competitive edge by increasing the value of 3D BIM models. Today, the company serves perfectly for Commercial, Healthcare, Education, Institutional, Government, and some other industries.

The strong sides of ViBIM include on-time delivery, high-quality products, and professional consultancy. There is also a free trial of projects so that you can assess their capabilities.

2. BIMetics

BIMetics is considered to be one of the most innovative contenders. Their projects are marked with modern solutions, which make the old market players rethink their strategy. BIMetics introduced interactive 3D layered models, which encourage the close cooperation between clients and service providers. Thus, contractors, builders, and architects may cooperate with each other on the way to the most effective result. With BIMetics, you can start your project and see how it grows in a matter of several months. These can be construction projects to facilitate project coordination, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic division, cost optimization, and so on.

3. Trimble MEP Division

Trimble MEP Division is an international company that provides complex solutions for the realization of digital workflow projects. They are ready to develop hardware and software recommendations for MEP contractors and engineers. The company covers a wide spectrum of industries, including Building Construction, Transportation, Government, etc. With full access to the largest library of manufacturers’ content, Trimble MEP Division can improve the whole design, construction, and operation process.

4. Karno Energy

Karno Energy is a global building company that uses renewable energy and advanced BIM technology. Their team consists of professional engineers and scientists who are interested in the development of “green energy”. The company aims to help their customers solve complex problems associated with HVAC and plumbing systems. With the use of 3D analysis (Revit, Naviswork, etc) and high-performance solutions, Karno Energy stands out from the crowd.

5. Sanveo

Sanveo Company is focused on advanced technology consulting services like BIM and VDC. They are involved in multiple construction projects for Hospitals, Industrial Buildings, Data Centers, Business Centers, and many more. Sanveo aims to generate high-quality products, deliver excellent services, and provide on-time delivery. The company demonstrates its biggest proficiency in Electrical Engineering, Modeling, and Scanning. They have created efficient operations so that their clients can outsource work with ease and also enjoy a good value for money.

6. Outsourcing BIM

BIM Outsourcing is a famous engineering company that delivers top BIM Level 2 services to UK customers. The company is involved in government, commercial, and infrastructure projects. By using the most cutting-edge technological solutions, they aim to deliver innovative projects. Apart from the visual attractiveness, their projects are also known for their financial benefits. Thus, innovative solutions result in the reduction of time and financial resources.

7. Axis Virtual Construction

Axis is a mid-size BIM service consultant that deals with construction complexities. Whether you are a small business owner or a large contractor, you will be able to claim their assistance. Axis will guide you throughout the development and integration of the construction project. The range of its services includes 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, BIM coordination, and even post-project analysis.

Axis has an individual approach to every customer by using the methods of steel detailing, connection design, documentation consultancy, etc. This way, they provide streamlined workflow and enhanced communication for all business projects they are involved in.

8. TrueCADD

TrueCADD is a multi-disciplinary engineering business project that provides outsourcing CAD and BIM services. Their practical solutions are incredibly useful in aerospace, heavy engineering, and building industries. TrueCADD is known for its clear communication channels and unique quality deliverables. They focus on the customers coming from the USA, Canada, UK, and many other countries.

9. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an IT Consulting Company that develops BIM strategies for corporate clients. Since 2004, they have achieved high proficiency in the development of architectural, structural and MEP BIM modeling solutions, MEP BIM coordination, Revit construction drawings, and other activities. Silicon Valley is considered to be a pioneer in the virtual building technology integration through detailed BIM services.

10. Marsbim

MaRS is a BIM service provider which provides innovative solutions to residential, retail, educational, industrial, and commercial fields. By operating as an extension to the in-house team, they manage to create authentic virtual construction models. To achieve excellence in their work, they engage the best designers, engineers, building contractors, real estate agents, and others in the development process. They have sufficient experience to implement residential, commercial, industrial, and many other projects.

Now that you know where to ask for help, you can change every little detail about your project, get it documented, and processed through formalities. The excellent collaborative capabilities of BIM service providers encourage immense connectivity and strong teamwork between architects, engineers, and contractors. Today, the growth of BIM solutions is going through the roof!

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