Top 3 Essential Factors See in Running Sunglasses


A quality pair of sunglasses can create a big change while running. Just consider it, you have decent running sunglasses with good fit, full eyes protection from UV rays, durability, all things make you stylish while running race. But the wrong pair can prove annoyance, waste of your money, and even can ditch you when you are running in the mid of the race. So, there are few essential things you must look at in the shades. 

  1. Ultraviolet Protection: 

No doubt ultraviolet rays are the most annoying thing that you have to face while in an outdoor environment. Therefore, this is the major concern that you must consider in running sunglasses. Keep remembering UV rays are not only harmful to damaged skin cells, but they have a big negative effect on the eyes as well. So, runners are particularly at great risk because they have to expose the sun daily. The ultraviolet rays have certain kinds of visible light that can prove harmful even on cloudy days as well. Besides, these rays emit from the sunlight, and they can be reflected when they hit sand, snow, or any bright surfaces. 

UV rays are of two types that have a great risk for everyone and those are UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are a great risk for central vision, and UVB rays are seriously damaging because they can affect the front part of the eyes. According to one study, UV rays can cause macular degeneration and are a big reason for blindness in older people. Apart from this, these rays can cause growing skin cancer of eyelids, corneal sunburn, and pterygium. Therefore, you need prescription eyeglasses with tinted lenses if you have to spend your maximum in an outdoor environment. 

So, shades that can bear UVA and UVB rays can last for a long time and provide good protection to the eyes while running a race. Besides, photochromic lenses shades are a good choice because they have built-in features of UV coating. Therefore, not only they are effective for many people, but they are also inexpensive. So, avoid spending many dollars on a pair of posh sunglasses. But this is not essential if they cannot block UV rays because it is just a waste of money. 

  1. Comfort: 

Comfort is a big factor to consider while choosing sunglasses. Therefore, you should make sure you are investing in a comfortable pair for your face. If the sunglasses are discomfort with ill-fitting, they can be overstated for the runners. So, the main concern is best-fit sunglasses, and you need to pay attention. If your shades are too narrow on your face, they will create great discomfort at the end of the day. Another important thing can pinch or press hard on your pointed areas particularly on your nose and earpiece. Make sure the nose pads and ear temple should be adjustable and don’t pinch these high areas. Snug-fitting of sunglasses prevents them from falling while running hard or bouncing on the ground. Shape is also important and wraparound frames are ideal choice for running because they offer great safety from all sides.  

  1. Polarized Lenses: 

Running sunglasses with polarized lenses are an excellent choice to cut glare which produces from reflected light. Light reflects when it hits bright surfaces like cars, sands, and snow, etc. such type of feature of sunglasses is particularly significant for runners when they come across bright scenes or reflected objects. There is a big difference between polarized and non-polarized lenses. Glare is extremely irritating for eyes and keeps eyes more relaxed and focused while running. And your eyes remain stress-free when you need more focusing during a running race. But for night or trail runners, polarized lenses are not necessary. 

Another point that is also more considerable, and it is lens tint. There are a lot of myths that follow dark lenses as they provide the best protection against UV rays. But it is absolutely wrong because your main focus is to get safety from ultraviolet rays not to only cover your eyes with dark shade. Every tint has its own pros and cons, and you should stick with that tint that is a great barrier to sunlight. Rose color tint offers super contrast when technically you are in a train situation. Therefore, this tint can excellent option for the training terrain. The dark tint helps reduce glare and sun intensity. Therefore, road runners who have to face a lot of heat can consider dark lens tint to resolve these issues. 

Several slick games models are available in the market, and some of them are luxurious. If your pocket allows you for such huge expenses, move ahead and hit the road. But avoid spending many dollars to attain a pair of shades. Simply focus on the above three factors when you are shopping for running shades. And definitely, you will get a quality pair of sunnies as you need. 

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