Boosting Internal Communication in Your Start-Up

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Boosting internal communication in your start-up is essential if you want to create a successful and efficient business that carries on growing and developing over time. Improving your internal communication does not have to be as difficult as you might think, and here is a range of ways that you can start boosting internal communication within your Santa Clarita start-up.  

  • Invest in Tech Tools 

Both large businesses and those that are local to Santa Clarita can invest in tech tools to help their internal communication. These tools can include the intranet, as well as employee and instant communication software. Not only this, but you can boost your internal communication by using the cloud to share documents between your employees and by sending collective emails filled with news and developments rather than hosting hours and hours of meetings per week. By using tech tools, you will be able to modernize your communications and ensure that none of them are ignored or fail to reach their recipients. 

  • Look at Your Office Space 

You also need to look at your office space and its layout if you want to boost your internal communications. Although offices are built to be collaborative spaces, often, they actively discourage communication between employees. For instance, if each of your employees is fenced off in cubicles or with glass partitions, they may be reluctant to disturb another colleague. Not only this, but if your office door is always shut, you cannot expect your employees to feel happy with asking you questions whenever a challenge presents itself. To solve this, you should try to opt for an open office space that houses collaborative and relaxing areas with lots of comfortable seating, as well as spaces that cultivate independent working. 

  • Create Free Time 

Although you might believe that it is counterproductive to encourage your employees to perform their duties more effectively by offering them more free time, creating free time for your employees can give them the chance to speak to each other and become more of a team. By creating a workplace where free time is valued, you will be able to ensure that discussions are constantly generated between your employees and that ideas are sparked through conversation.  

  • Improve Company Culture 

Simpplr has created a blog post on internal communication, and one of the biggest conclusions that it draws is that internal communication can help engage your employees. To do this, you must improve your company’s culture, making sure that your employees are happy and that they feel comfortable with collaborating with their colleagues and sharing their ideas. For instance, you should host meetings that allow people to share their thoughts and opinions, and you should make sure that everyone who wants to gets a chance to speak in these.  

  • Plan One-to-Ones 

However, you mustn’t stay out of proceedings when you are trying to boost internal communication within your start-up. Instead, you should plan numerous one-on-ones with your staff regularly. This can give your employees a chance to update you in terms of anything that they are struggling with or any problems they have. You should also check that this is a two-way conversation where they can discuss their ideas and anything that needs to be improved within your business, while you can help them to plan the steps that they need to take if they want to reach their goals.  

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