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Halloween is only a month away! And like other years you must have started sorting the trick to look scariest! Key of this spooky festival, which all of us are pretty aware of, is being intricated with proper costumes and make up. And in this regard if you can’t wait to do something bizarre with both your halloween costumes and personification of ‘a spooky character’, this article is absolutely perfect to revitalize your grey cells. From a Victorian vampire costume to xenomorphic face and body gaiter, you can amus ample references along with draping styles. So, hold your breath for a while and check out the list of coolest yet hair-raising Halloween costumes to absolutely try for 2021 Halloween. Also, get SPIRIT HALLOWEEN DEAL: SAVE 25% on any single item. 

12 coolest yet spine-chilling Halloween costumes 

1.| Costume of The Nun 

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Remember the demonic sister is always watching you! So to resemble a costume like her, you need a white gown of Nun style and a long black overlong cloak which covers tip to head! The x-factor of this costume is putting lots of black and white makeup and bright colored contact lenses! Once you drape like her and mimic her personality; the expression you will receive from your family is just petrifying ! 

2. The devil gown| From Maleficent 

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Everyone knows her and so does her character. And this Halloween to copy her style, you’ve to drape everything in black; a black glossy gown, black boots and a black crown with two horns. You can also try darn brown as well. And oh, never skip to coat your lips with blood red lipstick!  

3. A person with many faces| face decal 

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Spooky costumes do not mean to be scary all the time, it resembles more quirky at times. This idea is one such example. It’s a face decal with many eyes and lips; damn confusing to detect where exactly real eyes and lips sit. You can glance at Dainyoon to scroll similar sets. 

4. Costumes Of Annabella| The Conjuring 

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You must not lampoon with this doll! Afterall you know what she is! Hence, to totter your friends being weak on knees, you may drape like her. So, grab a silk old style frock, make double splitted braids and patt a doll style face makeup on your face. 

5. Vampire costume 

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Ready to muse Count Victor Draculla to moor on the earth once again on this Halloween? Simply, drape like him. Don a classic Victorian style black suit and long length blazer with a white shirt and black bow. And ofcourse carry a metal capped blck stick in one hand while black hat on head! To enhance the scary effect you can put on some dark eye makeup!  

6. Beetlejuice costume 

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To look the character of Beetlejuice you must be accompanied by a pair of black and white striped blazers and suits. Must overpaint your face with gaudy makeup, flashy red lipstick and dye your hair with vibrant colors namely green , blue etc. Hidden science of BeetleJuice makeup makes a knot with a bedizen appearance rather than being frightening. So, go on with this style if you’re a bit faint hearted to carry real spooky costumes. 

7. Hocus Pocus witch costumes 

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If you’ve an intention to drape like the witches of the Hocus Pocus film who all got resurrected after 300 years with a deep grudge to take revenge, being ready with a Victorian style costume or gown is what you mainly need. The later inclusion would be a brown wig and black knee boots. 

8. Medusa women costume 

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Have you given a thought to be costumed like Medusa or the monstrous Gorgon of Greek mythology? If you don’t then do try it for this Halloween.  It’s a truly quirky idea to spritz inexorably eerie feelings among your friends. Caution!  The  costumes of the witch with venomous snakes on the head instead of hair are not for weak souls!. 

9. Costumes of She-Ra 

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Superheroes are always admirable as coolest Halloween costumes. Perhaps, lighting up a positive spirit in the midst of dark vibes and spirits could be a reason. However, you’ve to drape all white to make an apparent similarity with this Disney super woman.Wearing a white frock along with golden hand and leg armour with a golden crown in head are the main costumes of this character.  

10. Costumes of Edward Scissorhands 

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Some of you must have reckoned the morose and cute demon Edward from the respective film who had arms of scissors instead of hands. This Halloween you can try his costume as well. You’ve to don a special black leather made costume and with a huge whitish makeup to portray his character. This one is a little chaotic to carry but it’s okay if you’re penchant to startle at the party. 

11. Xenomorph costume 

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How to look like a real zombie or scary allein? Being costumed with xenomorphic ones would be the reliable answers. Although, this one is hectic both to drape and carry forth but it’s outcome is absolute thrilling and rouge once you’re on with it. The entire costume comes in various parts, you can try various online shopping sites to buy the one or set you wish. 

12. Scary Clown| Joker costume 

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To share a costume similarity with a scary clown you’ve to be accompanied by a proper draping set, gaiters and wigs. You may navigate inside the costume webpages of Spirit Halloween which showcases plenty of varieties and select the one you like. 

With these 12 Halloween costumes let’s anticipate what you’ve been impressed by! However, you can customize your own style as well and feature the scary character you like! Afterall basic principle of this day is either to trick or treat! So, drape the way you want, fright others the way you love!  

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