Changelly Review: How Does It Work or Is It Legit?


Crypto trading has taken a life of its own. It has taken the world by storm and is not going anywhere any time soon. But there are several factors to consider when investing money into a trade. One is the volatility of the trade.  

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Cryptocurrency has its volatility, and one has to invest only what they are capable of losing. There is also the aspect of security where this online venture attracts many hackers who try to syphon funds or coins off the online platforms. These and other factors mean that an investor should only invest through an exchange platform that is secure, easy to use, and with liquidity. Changelly promises to give that to its investors

What is Changelly? 

There are currently over 600 cryptocurrencies available globally, with major players like Bitcoin and Ethereum going for thousands of dollars per coin. The amount of profit one can make per trade will attract any investor into the venture. For one to access cryptocurrencies, they will need to join a crypto exchange platform. The platform will avail one or hundreds of currencies that an investor can buy. The platform also creates a space where the investor can sell the currency they have.  

A crypto exchange platform works similarly to a forex exchange business, but instead of having different fiat currencies to exchange, there are different cryptocurrencies to work with. Some platforms only have one cryptocurrency to work with, while others have multiple currencies to allow investors to buy and sell crypto. Changelly falls in the second category. It is a platform that allows crypto investors to come with the cryptocurrency they want to exchange. Other currencies are available for the exchange where a trader can buy, sell, swap, or trade what they have. Starting in 2015, this platform is set to make cryptocurrency reach the masses until it has mass adoption. 

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What to Expect 

Changelly is an online platform accessed through the company’s official website. It offers an intuitive space that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency on a secure platform. An investor can accomplish all these activities quickly as Changelly has partnered with over 80 different companies that give the platform a flawless system.  

These partners include Exodus, Trezor, and Binance. Exodus works to create a system that fast tracks the transactions enabling the clients to enjoy swift transaction times. It can do this with its over 90 blockchain assets and round-the-clock support on its system. Trezor is a secure crypto exchange wallet that allows users to transact quickly. It is always offline, giving it a cold wallet status. This makes it highly secure, allowing traders to keep their crypto safe away from the online world. Binance is yet another platform that provides a secure and fast crypto trading environment that is very popular for very low transaction fees plus swift new coin listings. 

Changelly Functions 

Changelly has a simple user interface that allows traders to exchange their cryptocurrencies swiftly. They first get to insert the cryptos they want to exchange. The platform gives the trader the buying rate for the currency they want to exchange their own currency with. The platform also adds on 0.25 percent, which is the fee the company charges for the service. If the trader is comfortable with the exchange rate and the service fee, they can move on to the next step. 

The next step involves signing up or signing in to a person’s account. The process only requires the trader to use their email address so as to save their trading history. It does not ask for any other information from the trader. Once the trader has logged into the platform, they gain access to the address of the person they are buying the other currency from. This address is where they send the money they are buying the new currency from. Once the money has been sent to the address, the new cryptocurrency is deposited into the user’s wallet. 

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Using Changelly 

Changelly supports over 200 cryptocurrencies on its platform. Different crypto pairs are normally exchanged and easily available for traders if they need to trade those available pairings. In case a trader does not find the coin they were looking for, they can always contact support for further guidance. Beyond this, traders have access to the latest stats in the crypto trading world.  

They get to learn the current cryptocurrency market price based on the past 24 hours of trade. The volume traded, the minimum and maximum prices, as well as the quote currency. Traders also get to know Crypto’s market capitalization, the total value of all crypto assets in circulation over a 24-hour duration. They get to learn Bitcoin’s dominance rate over the other cryptocurrencies. They can keep up with all this from the real-time updated data that happens every eight seconds by Coin360, the company that updates all these information seconds after release. 

Frequency of Use 

This platform is available for trade as often as someone wants to buy, sell, or exchange cryptocurrency. On setting up the account with an email address, traders have the freedom of logging in and out whenever needed.  

Complementing Products 

The company also has several other products that complement the Changelly platform. Changelly Pro is a sister platform that has more features than basic Changelly. It offers over 50 other markets that bring competitive trading prices to the table. It also offers some of the lowest withdrawal costs in the market and a wallet that allows multi-currency storage.  

Another product that works well that’s on offer is the Changelly mobile app. This app gives a trader access to all trading functions and access to over 160 cryptocurrencies. The beauty of this app is that a trader can access it on the go to trade from anywhere where there is an internet connection. 

A trader can also join the affiliate program and earn from it by spreading the word about crypto and getting other people to join the site. The affiliate program is a transparent platform that allows traders to know how they are doing and how much they have earned.   

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Safety Features 

Changelly understands the risks involved in dealing with trading assets. It has invested in guarding its website and the traders’ accounts from getting hacked. It protects its traders’ accounts using two-step authentication and following an HTTPS protocol. Beyond these features, the company also ensures instant crypto exchange. It does not keep traders’ deposits in its coffers, ensuring there is no risk of losing assets from its site. That is how the company has gotten over two million satisfied clients from its inception. 

Changelly Benefits 

This company has several benefits that make it a go-to platform for crypto traders. It offers a secure platform with minimal risk to its users. It has two-step authentication and HTTPS protocol to guard its environment so that no hacking or phishing can get past its security. The company has partnered with over 80 companies that offer value addition to the services it offers. These companies bring other exchange platforms with other traders and more coins for exchange. Some of those companies also offer real-time updates on the site of the changes taking place in the crypto world.  

The company offers some of the lowest withdrawal charges in the market, allowing users to take home their profits without feeling shortchanged by the service. Its fees are transparent as it doesn’t have any hidden fees. Another advantage it brings is swift transaction times of 5-30 minutes max. Finally, the company has a round-the-clock support system so that you can never get stuck. 

Changelly Cost 

Changelly is a free platform that does not charge its clients to join. It allows traders to use its environment and charges them a transaction fee from the exchange or sale that occurs. The platform charges a measly sum of 0.25 percent for every transaction made. 


The company offers a transaction platform where it charges per trading opportunity. It does not sell the platform to you. That means it does not take any money from traders apart from what they pay for using it as an exchange platform. Therefore, it cannot issue refunds as it has not sold anything to a client. 

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How secure is the platform? 

The platform follows a two-step authentication process and HTTPS protocol. It also vets all its partners so as to connect with companies of worth. It has a highly secure platform. 

How fast can a trader transact? 

Most trades are completed within 5-30 minutes. 

How many traders are on the platform? 

More than two million users have so far used the platform since its inception. 

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Crypto trading continues to grow in leaps and bounds. It has found its place in the world trading assets. Those interested in the crypto trade need a secure platform to transact. They can buy, sell, and exchange comfortably on a platform like Changelly.  

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