Extreme Cooler Review: Best Personal Mini Portable Air Conditioner (AC) Unit


Global warming has taken the world by storm. Typhoons, floods, earthquakes, wildfires from extremely high temperatures and droughts have become the order of the day. In such unsettling times, it becomes necessary to have a good AC to keep temperatures in check.  

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Yet tough economic times keep pushing people to make tough decisions on their spending, including leaning their electricity bills. Reducing the electric bill might mean shutting down the AC. But since that decision can lead to unfavorable living conditions, Extreme Cooler comes to resolve the issue of affordable cooling solutions. 

What is Extreme Cooler? 

Extreme Cooler is a portable air conditioning system that gives someone the ability to move comfortably with their cooling system. The portable AC comes nicely compact to allow ease of portability to whatever room someone wants to use it in or to whatever location one chooses to take it. It functions fully independently and does not need any external air ducts. It also has an inbuilt battery making it fully mobile. It comes in three distinct color choices of either green, white, or pink that the buyer can choose from. 


The portable AC is a compact cooler that has a rechargeable battery you can use on the move. It gets charged through a USB cable you can plug into any regular USB plug. The battery can serve the AC for some time when it is unplugged from power. But to preserve battery power, one can always have multiple USB ports stacked around their space so as to plug it in whenever they want to power it up. 

The AC has three fan speeds the user can set it on depending on how much cooling they are looking for. The first fan speed gives adequate cooling when it is not too hot. The medium setting works well for when it is pretty hot and has quite a punch to it. The highest setting is really powerful and cools the user off in seconds. 

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How Extreme Cooler Functions 

Extreme Cooler has an ingenious design that gives it a lot of cooling in a compact form. The AC functions by driving out powerful air gotten from the inbuilt fans. These fans utilize very little current yet have great output. This ensures that the user does not worry about a hefty electric bill at the end of the month. The unit comes designed in lightweight material, allowing for easy mobility. Its USB power design gives the user freedom to charge the unit from many of the outlets in the building or use the unit when it is plugged in to save on battery power. 

The manufacturer states that the unit cools the user down 30 seconds after turning it on. That gives almost immediate relief from the heat, just like a powerful inbuilt AC unit. But this mobile unit gives the advantages of mobility and energy-saving over inbuilt, larger units. 

Using Extreme Cooler 

Extreme Cooler has an easy-to-use interface that allows the user fast access to the controls. It has three controls that adjust the fan speed. These fan speeds range from low, medium and high. It is manually adjusted and does not have any complicated computer interface. The user can charge the unit using the available USB cord from any USB outlet. The manufacturer does not state how long the battery can last the unit, but similar units in the market have a duration of up to eight hours on the low setting and two and a half hours on the highest setting. This unit might not fall far from these specifications. But a user can always keep the unit plugged in to save on battery power unless they are not close to a USB outlet. That way, they can get the most out of it with minimal battery drain. 

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This unit has a handy design that allows it to get used constantly. The user can either use it when it is plugged into the charging port or use its battery storage for power. The unit can be used both indoors and on the go as long as it does not get exposed to wet conditions. It serves traveling people in their cars or other means of travel, in houses, offices, parks, and any place where people feel the need to cool down quickly. 

Extreme Cooler Safety Standards 

Extreme Cooler Tech makes products that it believes pass quality standards and are safe for human use. They give their contacts and allow communication between themselves and customers. They also offer a return and refund policy, ensuring they cover their clients in case of any eventuality. 

Extreme Cooler Benefits 

This compact unit has several advantages that make it a treasure to have. Its core advantage is portability. One can easily take it from place to place without having to mount it down or rewiring the house. The user can have it anywhere they choose as long as the environment does not have harsh weather conditions. 

It also has the advantage of using little energy, allowing the user to save on electricity costs. Most air conditioner units that are installed in buildings end up consuming a lot of power and can drain the resources of the users. Extreme Cooler alleviates this great cost on the user by using very little energy. 

Thirdly, the mobile AC gives its user affordability. The unit is fairly priced to allow the user to purchase it easily. It gives value for money and even allows the purchaser to buy more units at a much cheaper rate than if they bought one. That means a user gets to even distribute these mobile ACs in their space, saving on energy even more. 

The unit also comes with ease of operations as it only has a few buttons to access all controls. That means any user can easily access it regardless of their age or exposure. A user only needs to learn how to charge the unit, power it on, and change fan speeds.  


This mobile AC currently has free shipping and a 50 percent discount applied on all units one purchases. It has five pricing models for the buyer to choose from. The first option gives the buyer one AC unit at a cost of $79.95. The second pack gives the buyer two AC units for $139.95 at $69.98 per unit. The third option gives three AC units at $179.95, bringing in one unit at $59.98. The fourth option gives the buyer five units going for $239.95 or $47.99 per unit. 

A purchaser can also opt to get a one year warranty at the cost of $14.97 or opt for lifetime protection of their purchase at $59.85.  

Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds 

The company has an active 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee covers the purchaser to return the product if it is defective and needs to be exchanged. The buyer can also get either a full or partial refund based on the company’s discretion. The client only has to ensure they return the product before the 30 days elapse as that changes the terms and conditions. The client must also ensure they have not used the purchased item and that it retains its original packaging. 

The client is responsible for the shipping cost of returning the product previously purchased. 

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The company responds to the client via email once they receive the returned item. They then evaluate the item and determine whether it falls under refunds, exchanges, or does not qualify for any of those fields. The beauty of this company is its communicativeness with clients. If the client ends up getting a refund of the product, they have returned it will come less the shipping cost the company incurred sending it to them. 

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How much will shipping cost me? 

Shipping this particular product at this time is free from a quantity of one going up.  

How long can a buyer try out the product before returning it for a refund? 

The company has a clause in their terms and conditions that requires all returned items to be unused if they are to get refunds. Any used item voids the refund policy. 

Does this product have a discount a buyer can take advantage of? 

This product currently has a 50 percent discount applicable to it. The company also applies greater discounts the more the items one purchases. Buying five mobile AC units can let you purchase each item at the cost of $47.99, while if you are getting only one AC unit, you get it at $79.95.   

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The high cost of living has caused a lot of people to try and limit their expenses. Yet summer heat leading to heatwaves has gotten people looking for ways to cool off. The struggle has become balancing between cooling off and reducing energy costs. Extreme Cooler has gotten manufactured for the sole purpose of helping people stay cool while keeping their energy expenses low. It allows people to have comfort at an affordable price. 

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