Folital Review: Does It Work or Fake Results & Complaints?


Part of thinning or balding of hair has been brought out as a problem for aging and older persons. Unfortunately, while this may be true to some extent, the problem of thinning and balding of hair has been experienced by young persons from the 20’s, 30s 40’s and above.  

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From wearing wigs, caps, hair replacements, hair transplants, diets, hair oils, and many other solutions, this problem has still not been resolved by any of these. There has not been any permanent solution because what is in the market are all temporary and short-lived. The good news is that there is a new product in the market known as Folital. Folital will stop thinning and balding within no time. 

About Folital 

Folital is a dietary supplement and is composed of 100% natural and potent ingredients that support and control healthy hair and scalp. This product is a breakthrough for the hair and beauty industry. The product is a combination of 29 plants and vitamin extracts whose aim is to resolve the cause of hair thinning by attacking hair loss from the root cause. This everyday solution helps revive hair follicles from the scalp while strengthening them to cushion them from any more thinning or loss. 


  • Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is found in fortified cereals, beef, nuts, liver, oranges, eggs, etc. This vitamin is very high in antioxidants which prevent the breakage and thinning of hair, reduce stress and damage caused by free and helps prevent thinning and the breakage of hair, and reduces the damage and stress caused by toxins and free radicals. 
  • Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 is commonly found in yogurt, eggs, cheese, chicken breast, salmon, etc. This ingredient promotes hair growth, strengthens the body’s immune systems, keeps the follicles healthy, prevents and stops the attack of hair by harmful toxins, and keeps bacteria from attacking the scalp resulting in destroying the hair follicles. 
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is found in wheat germ, soya beans, peanuts, bananas, and oats. This vitamin strengthens the hair and is responsible for the appearance and texture, restoring the hair color by reducing and controlling the greying effect. 
  • Psyllium husk: The Psyllium Husk is a potent laxative that is found in the Plantago Ovata husk and was first planted in India. This ingredient helps stop and control hair loss and breakage by ensuring that the food nutrients consumed have been digested, absorbed, and distributed efficiently into the hair follicles. 
  • Flaxseed: Flaxseed, also known as Linseed, was first grown in India and the Eastern Mediterranean. This ingredient is very high in Omega 3 fats, vitamin E, and soluble fiber, known to grow stronger and healthy hair very fast. Vitamin E reduces the effects of free radicals and toxins on the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. 
  • Bentonite Clay: Bentonite Clay is mud-like in appearance and is a by-product of volcanic ash. This ingredient is commonly used in face masks and hair treatment due to the high moisturizing effects in the clay. The Bentonite Clay helps prevent damage to the hair, rids the hair of toxins and chemicals, and rids the hair of excessive sebaceous oils from the scalp. 
  • BiotinBiotin or vitamin B7 is found in eggs, legumes, Broccoli, seeds, and nuts, etc. This ingredient utilizes carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats in processed food. Biotin improves hair health, stimulates hair growth, and is also known as the hair steroid. 

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How does Folital work 

Folital supplement works in 5 unique stages as detailed below: 

Stage 1 

This is the stage where the product is consumed, and the nutrients begin to enter the body. Once the mineral, plant extracts, and vitamins are absorbed in the digestive tract, the nutrients start affecting the body. 

Stage 2 

At this stage, Folital begins to purify and cleanse the blood and the body by removing the toxins and metals which prevent healthy hair growth. The toxins and metals are eliminated to create a conducive environment for healthy hair growth, thinning, greying. 

Stage 3 

At this stage, the roots and hair follicles start to produce new and healthy hair, and users will begin to see some visible changes in this process. The bald heads will begin to have even hair growth, and the quality and texture will improve healthily. 

Stage 4 

The 4th stage is when the supplement begins to get rid of all scalp-related challenges like itching, dandruff, redness, and acne. Within a few days, the scalp will be clear with healthy and full hair. 

Stage 5 

The 5th and last stage is the most important as the user will have seen the results of the product as all the hair-related issues will have been achieved. This results in regrowth of lost hair, stronger and robust hair, and a healthy scalp. 

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How to use Folital 

· No diet restrictions. 

· Suitable for use by adults above 18 years of age. 

· Suitable for both men and women. 

· No prescription is needed. 

· Adhere to instructions of use on the bottle. 

· Use the product with a lot of water for maximum absorption. 

· Consult the doctor if you are unwell and do not consume. 

· Pregnant, children, and nursing mothers should avoid the product. 

· Store the product in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. 

· Do not use it if the seal is open, broken, or tampered with. 


Take two tablets each day with a lot of water before meals. Do not skip or miss the daily dose. Consume the supplement for a minimum of 30 days for effectiveness. 

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Benefits of Folital 

  • Boosts hair growth: Folital encourages the growth of new and healthy hair by attacking the cause of unhealthy hair from the follicle’s root. This creates a healthy and fertile environment for hair to thrive. 
  • Manages baldness: This product replaces lost and thinning hair and stops any more hair loss by reviving lost hair due to the potent and strong ingredients. 
  • Ends hair damage:  Upon consumption of Folital, hair begins to get stronger, preventing further hair breakages and thinning. 
  • Enhances blood circulation:  A healthy scalp ensures that blood circulation is smooth. The ingredients help eliminate chemicals and toxins from the system, allowing uniform distribution of the nutrients for healthy hair. 
  • Improves hair texture: The ingredients in Folital have nutrients that help strengthen the hair, improve texture, delay greying, and give the hair volume leaving a full head of hair. 
  • Rejuvenates the bodyFolital supplements have nutrients that are rich in vitamins and herbs. These ingredients have potent nutrients that help rejuvenate the cells in the body so that as the hair gets all the nutrients, the body benefits from them as well. 

Side effects of Folital 

Folital supplements are not known to have any side effects. 

Purchase & Price 

The manufacturers of Folital supplements have packaged the product in 3 packages. The product is only available for purchase on the official website as follows

  • Six bottles: $264 plus free shipping on limited offer 
  • Three bottles: $177 plus free shipping 
  • One bottle: $69 plus a small shipping charge 

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy 

The manufacturer has put in place a hassle-free 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. This refund policy is fully protected. The refund process should be initiated on the official website within that window period, and the refund is affected between 3-5 days. 

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Q: How effective is the supplement, and how soon are the changes felt? 

A: The noticeable results may differ from one user to the other. However, within three months, their hair will start to show some changes. Once a user consumes the supplement, internal changes like the body’s rejuvenation are felt immediately. 

Q: Are there any age restrictions for consuming the product? 

A: There is no age limit for using Folital. Users can be as old as they can get, but this product is only recommended for adults. The 100% blend of the ingredients does not have any effect on the body. If one has any underlying medical conditions, then a doctor’s approval may be necessary. 

Q: Are there any allergies or reactions to the supplement? 

A: The product is free from gluten, dairy, and therefore no allergic reactions are expected. 

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· Intensive research and tests have been carried out. 

· Effective for all hair types. 

· The product is a 100% natural formulation. 

· Free from toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. 

· Works effectively regardless of gender or age. 

· The product is safe to use. 

· No allergies or reactions. 

· Safe and secure purchase methods. 

· Risk-free refund policy. 


· None has been reported. 

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Folital supplement is gentle and yet very lethal. This hair remedy controls hair loss and baldness and increases the self-confidence of users. After many tests and failed products, Folital has come to remedy this long overdue hair issue. Age should not justify hair loss, hair thinning, bald heads, and bad hair days. The solution is right here in Folital. 

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