Nothing spoils your fun and appetite like bugs swarming around or living in your home. From mosquitoes to cockroaches and ants, insects can make your life miserable throughout the seasons. You are also not spared during winter, as this is when most crawling insects take refuge in your home. A single sighting can easily make you lose sleep. You can try using bug sprays, but these are unhealthy and leave a foul odor in the room. The effectiveness is also not guaranteed as they stop working when the scent disappears.

You need a long-lasting and healthier solution that will help keep all insects away and give you a bug-free home, and this is where Fuze Bug comes in; according to the official website, over 32,000 customers claim the Fuze Bug has kept them bite free.

Fuze Bag is an amazing insect repellent lamp that instantly kills mosquitoes and other bugs that come in close contact with its light. According to the official website, Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is effective for all types of flying, crawling, and wriggling insects. The non-UV lamp is also easy on the skin, and there are no risks of using this insect repellant in a house with young children or pets. Also, ignoring the insects means subjecting your health to a number of risks caused by all insect-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, West Nile disease, Lyme disease, etc.

On the other hand, humans are homeothermic (warm-blooded) means they can’t control their body temperature and need to cover themselves in winter and use air coolants in summer to survive. So, this means that insects are highly dependent upon a natural environment for their life and growth but is it a reason to be a victim of insect bites? Of course not; you don’t have to be their meal any day, which is why insect repellent products are widely used all around the world.

As the first line of protection, you should avoid getting bitten by an insect, but that requires sitting inside all summer which is not practically possible. Also, the insects are not limited to outdoors only, and many times they are even inside your house, giving you more reasons to find a permanent solution for them.

The market is full of products such as insect-killing sprays, coils, mats, and creams. But the problem with all of these products is that they involve strong chemicals inside that may cause irritation or allergic reaction in many cases. If you have young children or pets in the house, using these products is not safe because you can’t supervise them all the time, and ingestion of these mosquito killers has severe health damages.

Because of this uncertainty of protection, the use of chemicals-based insect repellent is limited, and people are more inclined towards non-chemical solutions. One of these options is the brand new Fuze Bug, a lamp that uses light to kill insects. Fuze Bug mosquito killer is a hit already with a family of over 32,000 happy customers, and there is no decline in its demand. Not just for indoors, this lamp is also perfect for outdoor use, in your backyard or in the wild, during an adventurous trip.

Fuze Bug can help protect you and your family from bugs and the diseases they carry. With Fuze Bug, you can say goodbye to itching, mosquito repellent lotion, and sprays, even malaria, the zika virus, and other serious diseases spread by mosquitoes.

If you like camping or just enjoying the patio, you know the main challenge is keeping bugs away. No more spending nights swatting mosquitoes and looking for bugs in your food. Now, you can enjoy a good night of relaxation that is free from annoying bugs.

What is a Fuze Bug?

Fuze Bug is a personal insect zapper that eliminates bugs while repelling those that approach your area. You can think of it as the best bug zapper out there. It attracts insects to its UV-free light that can also be solar-charged, and once the insect gets close, it is zapped using the 1000V high voltage and eliminated for good.

FuzeBug is a small, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing device that looks like a decorative lamp at first glance. It can be placed in the corner of the room, kitchen counter, or hung with your pillars or anything that could support it. According to getfuzebug.com, it uses non-UV light to kill all insects. When you are using the Fuze Bug lamp, it emits a lucrative light that excites all insects. When they come close to this light, the lamp kills them using its 1000v coil inside.

Going through the Fuze Bug reviews posted on the official website state that it is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Due to its usefulness and ease, the family of happy customers is increasing every month, and still it is among the high in demand products used to kill insects.

Fuze Bug zapper is a US-made product with a fully functional website and all necessary details posted online. If you are worried about trying a new product, exploring its website or reading reviews about it is a good way to evaluate it before spending your money.

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Most health experts would suggest you avoid the insect interaction in the first place through various strategies, for example covering your body, staying indoors, and using an insect killer. But there is no way that you can avoid your time out, use an insect killer device that provides maximum protection. And what’s more protective than the Fuze Bug repellent lamp that instantly shows you the insects that it kills. You may rarely find insects killed by the lotion that you are using or the spray that you are doing. Hence, a machine-based device is far better than chemical alternatives.

It may take two to four days to develop these symptoms. If you are bitten by a poisonous insect, the effects will show instantly or within a few hours. But in case you are infected with a bacteria or virus that these insects carry and transmit to a host, it would take some time to develop symptoms. If you are sure about being a victim of an unusual insect, get medical help right away without wasting any time. Any negligence in this regard can cause severe complications that may end in death.

How does Fuze Bug work?

Fuze Bug can be charged using an included micro USB charger that allows users to charge it and operate using solar power. Fuze Bug retains its power for up to 24 hours. All you need to do is turn it on, and it begins attracting the bugs. The bugs are attracted to the top of the light, where they are zapped and eliminated.

To fully utilize the Fuze Bug, place it in areas with a high number of insects. Within minutes, bugs in that area will be eliminated; FuzeBug will work in any type of weather, rain, cold and hot temperatures to enjoy a bug-free area.

How Fuze Bug Kills insects

Research shows that insects are attracted to UV or purple light, and they use it to find their way. This is the light used in Fuze Bug. As insects are looking for their food or the next place to cause havoc, they get attracted to the light, interfering with their navigation system. This is why you find insects swarming around your lights after you switch them on. Fuze bug uses UV light to attract the insects. As the insects go near the lights, they are attracted to the coil that instantly zaps them, getting rid of them forever.

Based on the information available on the official website, the Fuze Bug mosquito device uses a power cable to charge its battery; once it is fully charged, it can be used to kill insects in all places and environments. There are no fumes, irritants, or fragrances coming out from it; thus, it is suitable for people with sensitivity and allergy issues too. Instead of using chemicals, this device is designed to use light to attract insects, and the charged coil inside kills them within the blink of an eye.

Any slightest contact with Fuze Bug’s light can kill these insects, but this light is 100% safe for humans. It doesn’t cause any irritation or give a shock to a person, but it is best if you don’t touch it or do experiments on it. Comparing it with all other options available, it is a reasonably priced, effective, and risk-free option that is extremely practical and useful.

It clears the area of 375 square feet around it, which is much more coverage than any other insect repellent lamp offers. This coverage is even bigger than its size, which may surprise a user at first but watching it working with your own eyes can clear these doubts. Besides, it requires no maintenance, you only have to clean the tray underneath for the insect bodies, and it is all set to work.

Even this basic maintenance is not mandatory as it doesn’t affect the working of the lamp but taking care of a product adds years to its life, making it last more. And anything like Fuze Bug is not something that you will stop using after some time. The insect invasion in summer is vital, every year and you would need something to get rid of it, every year too. Hence, it is a one-time investment that would protect you for years.

Some users share their ideas of using it as a lamp. The light coming out of this lamp is very calm and easy on the eyes. Moreover, the device has an option to adjust the LED brightness from slow to high. Although it is a portable device, if you wish to place it at one corner only and not move it any time soon, design the corner with some aesthetic pieces and other lights, and the Fuze Bug will be a part of your interior forever.

Creative Ideas to Use Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper.

If it is your first experience with any such device, having questions in your mind regarding its usage are normal. All thanks to the Fuze Bug reviews from customers, there is so much information about its usage where no one would even know that you are using an insect repellent lamp.

FuzeBug is a must-have if you live around bushes or close to a water source or forest. There are no limitations on how creative you can be while using FuzeBug. The information provided by its official website gives an idea that it is probably an outdoor device only. However, it can be used anywhere you like. Ideally designed for an outdoor setup and people who spend most of their time in the wild for work or anything, this device is essential for protecting your health. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use this lamp inside the house or it doesn’t go well with your décor.

Many customers have shared how they have been using the Fuze bug device like a lamp in their house decorations, and no one ever noticed it. It has a simple design that is not something that you expect from an ‘insect killer machine.’ Its size is perfect for every corner, room, or area of the house. The light that it emits is a shade of purple that is soothing and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Place the Fuze Bug lamp next to your souvenirs on the console or place it on your kitchen counter facing the window. If you are having people over, use it as a decorative light alongside your pool, terrace, living room, patio, or backyard. It works well everywhere. If you are into trekking, camping, or other adventurous trips, take your insect repellant with you to be safe.

Benefits of using Fuze Bug

It is rechargeable: Once you purchase Fuze Bug, you get a micro USB charger for charging the device. This enables you to charge it anywhere you go. The long-lasting battery life can give you a whole day free of insects, even if you are outdoors.

Weather resistance: Fuze Bug can withstand extreme weather conditions and will continue functioning no matter the temperature.

Free Lantern: Once you purchase Fuze Bug, you not only get a bug repellant and zapper, but you also get a free lantern with Ultra-bright LED light. It can light up your space and is ideal for camping and outdoor activities. You can also adjust the 100% UV radiation-free light brightness and adjust to your preference.

Easy to clean: Fuze bug has low maintenance and is easy to clean. The product comes with a brush to be used to clear debris from the coil. After cleaning the coil, you only need to empty the waste from the bottom shell, and you are good to go.

Portable: This is one of the main benefits as you can bring it wherever you are. It does not take a lot of space, weighs just 7ozs, and is easy to pack and unpack.

Saves money on insect repellant purchases

Who needs a Fuze Bug?

If you live in a place that is prone to flying insects, you need a Fuze Bug. This is highly beneficial if you live in warm or tropical areas where mosquitoes are rampant. It can be used by anyone and is safe even for children. The device covers a range of 375 square foot areas.

Fuze Bug is also ideal for those who like camping and spend most of their time outdoors. Instead of spending your money buying repellents that sometimes do not work, you can use this device. You also get an adjustable light that can be used as a lantern as a bonus.

You can also use Fuze Bug if you are having outdoor gatherings. Bugs can easily affect the mood of guests and make them not enjoy the gathering as you anticipated. The device will help you protect your guests from getting bitten and disturbed, and this will have them focus on enjoying the party.

If you or someone living with you has respiratory problems, you cannot use bug sprays as it might affect them. Instead, you can use the Fuze Bug without worrying that it will affect them.

User Guide For Fuze Bug Repellent Lamp

Fuze Bug comes in protective packing and box as a single unit device. You don’t have to attach its parts or assemble it to get its final form. It is just like purchasing any other electronic machine that you bring from the market, plug it into an electric socket and start using it.

First of all, check the device and see the location of all the buttons and charging port. There is a Fuze Bug instruction manual in every box; if you don’t understand the buttons and functions, read the manual to find out. Use the USB charger to connect it to a power switch and give it some time to charge. The appearance of red light indicates that it is charging, and when it changes to green, it means Fuze Bug is fully charged and ready for use. Give full time to charge its battery; it may start working when it is partially charged, but it won’t last long in this case, and your safety would be compromised.

If you plan to use a Fuze Bug mosquito device to clear a room, place it inside the room and switch it on. Give it at least two hours to clear the entire room, which is enough for it to take action. After that, you can either switch it off and enjoy your time or continue using it if you expect more insects are coming.

Purchasing Fuze Bug

You can purchase Fuze Bug from the official website. At the time of writing, they are offering five different quantities for 50% off. Here are the prices per Fuze Bug in each quantity purchased:

Buy 1 for $39.99

Buy 2 for $37.99 each

Buy 3 for $35.99 each

Buy 4 for $33.99 each

Buy 5 for $31.99 each

In addition, Fuze Bug offers a 3-year Extended Warranty for only $21.60. If for any reason this product doesn’t suit your needs, the company provides a 30-day refund. For further information customer service can be contacted by the following:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 (866) 466-2390

Address: FuzeBug Attn: FuzeBug Return 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083


            Fuze Bug Reviews, Last Verdict

Fuze Bug is the newest bug killer in the market, with over 32,000 happy consumers, and gives you value for money. It has a long battery life, and you can carry it wherever you go. It is eco-friendly, safe, easy to use, and affordable. It can be used by everyone, even those who have respiratory problems, without it affecting them. If you are looking for a bug eliminator, you can never go wrong with the Fuze Bug.

Fuze Bug is a simple but practical device that lowers the chances of insect bites and insect-borne diseases common during summer. This is an insect killer and lamp that uses light to attract the bugs, trap them, and burn them with a powerful coil inside. There are no chemicals inside that may cause allergic reactions in any user. Additionally, this device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Based on the Fuze Bug reviews online and from the details mentioned on its official website, it appears to be a good value for your money. The company is providing a full money-back guarantee for all orders, through which you can get your money back if this product fails to impress you. Due to high demand, FuzeBug is selling fast, and there is only limited stock available.  

Get your FuzeBug mosquito repellent at discounted price now.

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