How cloud computing is changing the face of modern business


In recent years, a significant number of firms have started moving their internally-hosted digital services to third-party cloud service providers. Indeed, cloud computing is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire tech industry – but just what is cloud computing, and how could it transform the way your firm operates? 

If you’re confused by the concept of cloud computing or are considering moving your IT provision to a cloud service provider, read on to learn how this new tech could streamline both how and where you work. 

Cloud computing – the basics 

In essence, the term ‘cloud computing’ describes any on-demand computing service that is performed remotely and (typically) delivered to the user via the internet. The technology has completely revolutionized the scale and scope of IT provision for companies of all sizes by removing the burden of purchasing and maintaining expensive servers and technology.  

Why move to cloud services? 

There are several reasons why firms (big and small) are moving their IT services to third-party cloud service providers, including: 

A truly mobile workforce able to work anywhere on any device: As cloud services are delivered remotely, your staff will be able to draw on the extensive processing power of larger machines, regardless of the device they happen to be using at the time. In addition, staff only need to ensure they have an internet connection to use these services – which, given almost everyone has a smartphone these days, means that access is possible more or less anywhere. This remote working model essentially frees staff up from the old confines of being tethered to a desktop with a fixed connection and instead has the potential to make your staff truly mobile. Of course, in preparation, you may need to upgrade your computer hardware from desktops to laptops – but laptop prices have plummeted recently. Check online to find the best business laptop deal prices and information. 

Reduced cost: It costs significant money to set up an internal network – plus, with the speed technology advances these days, businesses that host their IT locally are constantly trying to play catch-up to keep abreast with new developments. By outsourcing to a cloud company, you’ll pass this onus onto your provider. After all, it’s in a cloud company’s best interest to invest in the latest and greatest tech, as this is often their biggest selling point.  

Make your business agile and proactive: Cloud services can help your company to be truly dynamic, proactive, and agile. No firm stands still, and it’s very likely your IT requirements vary from year to year – if not month to month. If you partner with a cloud company, upgrading or downgrading your digital provision is as simple and quick as sending a short email to your helpdesk.  

Support and backupsCybercrime is now cited as being the single greatest threat facing companies today. With data now estimated to be the world’s most valuable commodity (worth even more than traditional heavyweights like gold or oil), the data your firm relies on to operate provides considerable temptation to today’s online criminals. However, by moving your digital operations to the cloud, you’ll have the peace of mind of best-in-class security and protection – plus the fallback of regular, scheduled backups should the worst happen and you suffer a malicious attack.   

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