How New Yorkers Are Returning to Their Pre-Lockdown Bodies


It’s a bit of an understatement to say that the recent global events, more specifically the pandemic and the entailing lockdown, have brought upon a slew of changes. One of the biggest effects that this disastrous event had on individuals is their physical appearance and more specifically extra pockets of fat hiding away in areas where they previously were absent from.  

Let’s preface everything we’re about to speak about by saying that there is nothing wrong with having a little extra fat in a few areas of the body. Fat is a very important component of your body. This is where you store all your energy so having absolutely no fat in your body would be very problematic as you would imagine. However, the question here isn’t to rid your body of fat entirely, but to have greater control over it and the ability to chisel the figure to look exactly how you picture it. 

Individuals living in big cities, especially NYC, have felt the effects of the lockdown on their own skin. Many New Yorkers these days complain about the excess body fat they’ve developed during their time in quarantine and are not pleased with how they look in the mirror. This is completely understandable since everyone has a specific self-image in mind and when that gets distorted, it can seriously hinder your sense of confidence. New Yorkers are lucky to have three of the most advanced fat reduction treatments performed by leading professionals in many of their local medical aesthetic centers. This includes Manhattan’s Skinly Aesthetics and its lead practitioner, Dr. Schwarzburg, whose informative insight helped us understand why New Yorkers are choosing the following procedures to sculpt, chisel, and tone their bodies after the lockdown.  

Freezing Away Fat 

On one hand, there is CoolSculpting, which reduces fat in various areas of the body by utilizing freezing temperatures. Coolsculpting (also known as cryolipolysis), is a very unique treatment and has made quite a name for itself in recent years because of its safety and efficacy.  

New Yorkers are no strangers to cold temperatures, so many of them are willing to go through a fat freezing procedure knowing that great results await them in the coming months. CoolSculpting involves special cryolipolysis applicators being placed on various areas of the body. These applicators have a metal pad under them which generate -11 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures that are capable of stimulating the fat cells in entering apoptosis. 

Apoptosis is also referred to as “cell suicide” and while this may seem as a somewhat blunt label, it is quite indicative of what actually occurs during the procedure. When the fat cells are stimulated by the freezing cold of the applicators, they go into a special process in which they shrivel up and die out one by one. As each fat cell dies, it detaches from the rest of the lump of fat, slowly making that area of the body leaner. Since this process mostly relies on the natural abilities of your body, it will take anywhere from 4 to 6 months for you to see a visible improvement in your physique. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment, you can find out more information by calling some of the most popular CoolSculpting clinics in NYC.   

Then There’s Burning Away Excess Fat 

Many of the fat reduction procedures you find on the market are going to involve the physical removal of fat to make a specific area of the body slimmer. One such treatment is Kybella. It’s a set of injections, typically performed on the underside area of the chin to burn away the fat in that area which causes the dreaded double chin appearance.  

Kybella is a synthetic derivative of bile acid that your body naturally produces – namely the deoxycholic acid. This acid specializes in breaking down the fat you consume in your food, so naturally, it would also make for a potent chemical against fat in other areas of the body. With just a few injections, the drug can significantly reduce the fat stored under the chin, and restore the profile and jawline. 

For many people, the double chin is a huge problem as it is very easy to see and quite conspicuous in photos. And since the chin and its underside are rarely utilized in any arduous physical movements, they are very hard to sculpt through natural means or exercise. While you can find several exercise programs that do target the double chin, it is not as convenient or as fast in comparison to Kybella, which specifically targets the fat in the double chin and burns it away.  

Kybella injections are minimally invasive as they cause little to no damage to the skin itself as other, more invasive procedures tend to do. The only negative sensation you are going to feel is the burning which is to be expected considering the nature of the medicine itself. After that, you will have to bear through some aching and redness and before you know it, after 3 to 4 sessions, the fat under the chin has significantly been reduced, leaving behind a smooth neck, jawline, and chin. You can click here to get more information whether you are a candidate for Kybella treatment.  

Toning and Sculpting With a Single Procedure 

Some of the most famous treatments on the market reign supreme thanks to their versatility and the way they are able to produce a wide range of results. EmSculpt is a perfect example of this phenomenon, as it not only tones your muscles, but also helps you burn through a bit of fat in the process. 

EmSculpt makes use of a special technology called MMS (magnetic muscle stimulation) which causes the muscles in various parts of the body to contract at a very fast speed. Imagine doing a week’s amount of exercise in just 30 minutes. This treatment is primarily used to tone the muscles and make them look more defined. 

But as with natural exercising, toning muscles can also help you burn away some amount of fat and sculpt the body. Do keep in mind that while EmSculpt is not meant to be used as a body contouring treatment, it can produce some amount of results and will reduce fat to some extent. With its ability to both reduce fat and tone and strengthen muscles, emSculpt is another favorite among many New Yorkers.   

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