How to Pitch for a Guest Post: 5 Effective Ways


Do you know what guest posting is? Well, guest posting is when you write blogs for some other client. The purpose of guest posting is to create a win-win scenario for both:  

  • It helps readers to get a fresh voice and informative content.  
  • Other bloggers active on the internet get freely available blogs that can improve search rankings.  
  • You get exposure to a broader and more diverse audience base. This might help you to attract further clients in the future. 

However, pitching clients for guest posting isn’t easy at all. You have to do it the right way. Enlisted below are some tips that would help you pitch to clients properly:  

Strike with an attractive introduction  

If you are sending an email to your client, make sure you explain who you are and what you do. State your skills and work so that the client can judge if you are qualified to write blogs for the company.  

If you have met the client anytime before, mention that. Setting a real connection between the client and yourself is essential. Whatever you claim in your introduction, make sure you mean them. Being superficial wouldn’t help. Reach out to companies and clients whose works you can relate to. Don’t try to add genuine flattery in your pitch.  

Clearly, State Why You’re Writing 

Instead of beating around the bush, clearly state why you are writing the email. It reflects your good manners and enables a busy client to read your pitch further with the right mindset.  

Make sure you mention guest post pitch in the subject line of the email. Don’t write,” Hi, hope you are doing well.” Don’t think it’s a clever way to grab your client’s attention. Doing so would only give a poor impression of yourself.  

State facts that you know about your client. Points must be relevant to your purpose. For instance, if you know that the client accepts guest posts, state that. This will let the client know that you follow him and probably have gone through his website.  

Make Them Love Your Article, and Explain Why Their Readers Will, Too 

Confidence is the key. Your client must sense that you are confident about the quality of your work and must feel like giving you a chance.  

When you are pitching via email or social media, include a blog title you would like to write for the client. It would demonstrate that you know what the client is looking for. Now, if anyone pitches with a title that’s more suitable for a short story than a blog, the client would immediately know that the person isn’t equipped to write concise, informative blogs. So, make sure the title is highly appropriate and attention-grabbing. 

Furthermore, you can go on to outline the structure of the blog you have researched. Be careful not to make it highly lengthy. Check the guidelines to know how much information they are expecting from pitchers.  

Share Samples of Your Work and skills  

You should send a few samples of blogs that you have written previously. Add links to websites where your blog has been posted. These links would help your client know that you can write blogs and that you have prior experience. Also, remember to mention that you can meet deadlines, accept edits and work within a healthy community of other bloggers.  

End with a direct question 

Lastly, question the client directly, asking if he liked the topic or what he thought of it. A simple question like ” would you like me to write this blog for you” can be practical. However, while asking, make sure to pick the right words that match your personality. Ending the pitch by asking a question would mean that you are eagerly waiting for his reply.  

 What’s essential in guest posting is showing your authentic self and abilities. Also, demonstrate that you can write for the client’s community. When you are done, sign off in a friendly manner.  

These are the minute details that help clients understand if a person would be easy to work with. If you are looking for long-term goals, taking care of these minute details would really help. Look forward to consulting SEO company Melbourne if you are willing to improve your website or expand your online presence.  

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