Magic Garden Hose Review: Best Expandable Garden Hose As Seen On TV

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One of the marks of a healthy household is the shape of the lawn. Healthy lawns signify the homeowners taking care of their space. It gives a foretaste of the beauty that possibly awaits within the home. From keeping the lawn green to ensuring watering the flowers, there is always a need to have a constant water supply at the lawn. 

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The backyard could have different plant types, while the kitchen garden could call for herbs and spices that still require daily watering. And there is the need for washing the family car that still needs a hose to water it down. Hoses come and constantly go because of their lack of durability. Magic Garden Hose is a product that promises to give its clients a better experience with hoses. 

What is Magic Garden Hose 

Traditional garden hoses have been known for their short lifespans and difficulty in usage. They are also known for their bulkiness and shortened life spans, which have constantly frustrated avid gardeners and homeowners. The manufacturing of Magic Garden Hose happened to take away all these strains from hose users. It brings a unique flex technology into garden hoses that allow the hose to twist and turn without getting any kinks. The hose is made from double latex, giving it its unique flexibility. 

This flexibility also enables it to shrink to a third of its entire length to allow easier storage. It takes the typical frustration of using garden hoses out of the equation and will enable people to enjoy the activities they need the garden hose for.  

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What to Expect 

The Magic Garden Hose comes in four different lengths for different client needs. It can suit both small area users as well as extensive gardens and lawn users. The smallest hose length is 25 feet, while the next size is 50 feet long. The third hose size is 100 feet, while the longest size weighs in at 175 feet. All these hoses shrink down to a third of their size when not in use. That means the 25-foot hose shrinks to 8.3 feet while the 50-foot hose drops down to 16.6 feet. The 100-foot hose settles down to 33.3 feet, while the biggest hose shrinks to 58.3 feet. 

The magic hose comes with ¾ inch brass connectors that securely clamp onto the average tap to give you a firm grip. The hose comes with a rotating hose nozzle that offers seven different patterns a person can use for various functions. 

How Magic Garden Hose Works 

Magic Garden Hose has a well-thought-out design that solves the problems that conventional garden hoses have. It is made from flexible dual layer latex that coils and turns almost snake-like to maintain its non-kink ability consistently. The material keeps it stable, with its waterways always open. This flexibility also makes it easily storable as it shrinks down to a third of its size. Unlike regular hoses that require folding into a large mass before folding, this new brand only needs a user to put it together quickly, and it shrinks down to a manageable size. 

The Magic Garden Hose has brass connectors with one on each end of the hose. On one end, the connector has a seven-pattern rotating nozzle that allows a user the freedom to choose the water pattern they need for the work at hand. Users who require a lot of pressure can choose the jet setting to get a blast that will take off the grit and mud of walkways or clean the car. 

Users who need a gentle drizzle can choose the mist setting for delicate plants that need extra caution when watering them. Gardeners who want to flood a large area of tough plants can use the shower setting. This setting works well for lawn patches or a garden with hardy vegetation that needs drenching. A user has four other water settings to choose from depending on the task at hand. The other brass connector connects to the tap. 

Using the Magic Garden Hose 

The Magic Garden Hose has a straightforward operating system. It has an easy-to-use design because its latex design makes handling the hose easy for any user. The hose is also light, whether it is the 25 foot or the 175-foot hose design. Once a user unpacks it, they can pull it to its full length as it shrinks down to a third of its size when not in use, 

Once unpacked, a user can attach the nozzle to the brass connector on one side of the garden hose. The side that fits the nozzle has a valve closer connected, which helps a user regulate the amount of water that goes through the nozzle. They can then attach the garden hose to a tap. Once this gets done, a user can turn on the water and let it drip as they try out different water designs by turning the nozzle to see which one best suits the client’s current need. 

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Frequency of Use 

The Magic Garden Hose has a long life span that allows users to comfortably use it any time they wish to, regardless of the number of times they have used it before. It does not require any maintenance as it does not kink. The only thing probably desired is to ensure that the hose stays clean by wiping it down every so often. The wiping down is especially critical after having used it in dirty work like in a muddy garden. 


This hose has an advanced design that ensures it does not kink at any time of its use. It is a double latex design that allows a user to use it comfortably without the disadvantage of kinking that comes with standard hoses. The hose comes with switch brass connectors that ensure the hose fits securely onto a tap or to the nozzle. This attribute means it does not accidentally come off the tap when in use. 

To add to the safety of this hose, the double latex it uses has such power that it can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure, the equivalent of the power a fire hose has. It is made tough to withstand tremendous pressure levels without leaking or breaking. 

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Magic Garden Hose Benefits 

The Magic Garden Hose can shrink down to a third of its size, making it a nifty gadget to have in the gardening shed. It means it does not take up much space when storing it. It also stretches out conveniently to a long length. The hose uses secure brass connectors that ensure the hose never comes off the tap when in use. It also uses a double latex design that helps it not kink at any point in its length. This double latex design also ensures it stays intact even with massive water pressure of up to 12 bars. 

Price & Shipping 

The Magic Garden Hose comes in a variety of sizes. A buyer can choose between a 25 foot, a 50 foot, a 100 foot, and a 175-foot hose. All these sizes attract a discount, with the biggest one of 175 attracting up to 60 percent discount when a buyer buys two hoses of 175 feet each. The least discount you get is 20 percent when a buyer purchases one 25 foot hose at $39.99. A buyer will attract a 30 percent discount when they buy two 25 foot hoses at $69.98. 

If buyers choose to buy the 50-foot hose, they will get it at $44.99 each at a 25 percent discount or get two at $79.98, attracting a 33 percent discount. A buyer can also choose to get the 100-foot hose at $49.99 with a 38 percent discount or get two of this same hose at $89.98 with a 44 percent discount. Finally, a buyer can choose to go for the 175-foot hose priced at $69.99 with a 53 percent discount or get two 175 foot hoses at $119.98 with an attractive 60 percent discount. All purchases have free shipping. 


The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with their purchase. Any return made after 90 days has elapsed after purchase forfeits the return policy. Once a buyer has chosen to return the product purchased, they need to contact the company via email to get a postage-paid return label. Once the company has received the returned product, they will notify the sender of receipt and assess if the product has attracted a refund. 

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How long will a client wait to receive their purchase? 

It takes 1-3 days for order processing and up to 10 days for delivery to occur within the US, and up to 20 days for worldwide shipment to arrive. 

Does the product have a warranty? 

The product has an optional two-year warranty offered at $4.95 per month. 


Gardening can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a dreadful chore to perform, depending on the tools one has at hand. The Magic Garden Hose makes gardening and other hose-needing chores fun to do. 

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