Manuka Miracle Reviews – UpWellness Scam or Honey Skin Cream Works?


Manuka Miracle is a skin revitalizing and rejuvenating product that uses natural ingredients. The central ingredient of this formula is honey that comes from New Zealand and Australia. Other ingredients of the formula are also completely natural, without any being synthetically developed.  

There are also no binders or fillers in Manuka Miracle. You’re supposed to apply the Manuka Miracle balm on your hands, feet and your face for relieving dryness and revealing softer skin. It immediately gets absorbed into the skin to get rid of itchiness, redness, swelling as it repairs your skin from the inside.  

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The product is being dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for all its amazing effects on your skin. It also has anti-microbial properties, and it gets rid of toxins that have made a home in your skin. If you have been looking for a product for making your skin smoother and softer, Manuka Miracle by Dr Joshua Levitt  is definitely a promising one worth a try.  

To know more about this miracle honey, dive into the review below. This Manuka Miracle review will talk about the ingredients, working, use and other aspects of Manuka Miracle. Dive right in.  

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Manuka Miracle Review  

If you have the slightest interest in skincare, you would be aware how honey is respected for its many amazing skin-benefiting properties. The yellow golden substance that bees produce is filled with enzymes, plant matter as well as bacteria. All these together are great for your skin as they repair your skin, exfoliate it as well as make it softer. 

Honey can speed up the healing process of your skin’s cells. It can get rid of dryness and also has anti-acne properties. Studies also show that honey can be great for getting rid of eczema and psoriasis. It is topically applied onto the skin to get rid of dark spots as well and to brighten the skin. If you have scars on your skin from burns or cuts, even those can be healed with the help of honey. 

Even though it is uncommon to experience an allergic reaction to raw honey, which is typically diluted with water, if you’re allergic to pollen, bee venom or celery, then you need to be careful about your use. Furthermore, raw honey in its natural form is also very difficult to find which is why you need to look for the best honey-based creams and other products out there. 

Now there are several masks, serums and other facial products that are centered around honey. One product that you can rely on, as it packs manuka honey is Manuka Miracle. What’s manuka honey and what makes a difference, you ask? Basically, manuka honey is derived from the manuka bushes in New Zealand and Australia. 

This type of honey is even more beneficial due to its antioxidant-rich composition and anti-inflammatory properties. Manuka Miracle combines manuka honey with other natural ingredients that can benefit your skin in several ways. This honey balm is not only for your facial skin but also for the skin of other parts of your body. For instance, you can use it on your feet and your hands.  

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Manuka Miracle – What Makes It So Good?  

Manuka Miracle is a honey balm with herbal extracts that has strong antimicrobial properties. This product rejuvenates your skin and reduces dryness to reveal a radiant glow. It protects your skin from the toxins that it is exposed to every day. It gets rid of harmful particles on your skin that can damage it in the short or the long run.  

This physician-formulated product is 100% natural. It boosts the production of cells that repair tissue. In this manner, it is able to reduce the effects of infections and ease pain and swelling that is caused due to them. The special thing about manuka honey is that it also encourages the production of hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal, both of which are strong antibacterial agents. 

Due to these, Manuka Miracle is able to protect your skin against infections and repairs your skin, erasing all signs of damage. Manuka honey is also scientifically proven to be quite effective for improving the texture of your skin. Since this particular balm comes from an expert known as Dr. Joshua Levitt and from a company that you can trust, UpWellness, you can definitely give it a try without any doubts. 

What Does Manuka Miracle Do?  

Let’s now take a quick look at what you can expect Manuka Miracle to do for you. Here goes: 

  • Hydrates your skin 

Honey has natural hydrating properties. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft. It gets rid of any spots on your skin that are dry as well as soothes cracking and flaky skin. Furthermore, by hydrating your skin, any minor irritation that you’re experiencing is also eliminated. 

  • Protects your skin 

Manuka Miracle is a natural formula that protects all the layers of your skin. On being rubbed onto your skin, it doesn’t feel thick. This means that it encourages your skin to breathe whilst ensuring that it is also calming down your skin and protecting it from external factors.  

  • Heals your skin 

The next benefit that you can drive from this manuka honey is that it heals your skin on a deep level. Manuka Miracle is able to speed up not the healing processes of your skin. It repairs your skin completely so that you are able to get rid of scars and marks.  

  • Has an antimicrobial effect 

Manuka Miracle is rich with ingredients that have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, the honey balm is able to reduce the impact of toxins on your skin. It reduces the risk of infection and decreases breakouts as well as redness and swelling. 

  • Revitalizes your skin 

Manuka Miracle naturally calms down the parts of your skin that are irritated. It leaves you with smooth skin that is radiant. Therefore, as your skin is rejuvenated, you are able to experience a youthful glow and a better tone and texture.  

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Manuka Miracle Ingredients 

While manuka honey is the primary ingredient of this formula, other natural ingredients have also been added. Learn about the ingredients that form Manuka Miracle below:  

  • Calendula officinalis 

These are pretty flowers that have an oil inside of them which has strong inflammatory properties. This herbal ingredient has antimicrobial properties and is often used for reducing rashes and redness. It can also help in getting rid of swelling plus viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. 

  • Symphytum officinale  

Commonly called comfrey, this is another herb, the leaves and roots of which have a super powerful compound known as allantoin. Allantoin promotes the health of your skin. It encourages your skin to get better on regular use.  

  • Sunflower seed oil 

Sunflower seed oil is a rich source of different vitamins such as vitamin A, C, D, and E. Vitamin E is a super powerful antioxidant. Sunflower seed oil also contains beta carotene which reduces the risk of premature aging. This oil can reduce fine lines and protect your skin against UV rays.  

  • Olive oil 

You can also find olive oil in the Manuka Miracle formula. This ingredient is another rich source of antioxidants that prevent premature skin aging. It can moisturize your skin naturally and block the effects of harmful UV rays. It also helps in the regeneration of damaged skin cells. 

  • Beeswax 

Beeswax has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has antiviral properties and is a strong antioxidant. The inclusion of beeswax in this formula is necessary because it can reduce the irritation and redness that come with infections and inflammatory conditions of the skin. 

UpWellness Manuka Miracle – Features 

Below is a quick walk through the defining features of Manuka Miracle:  

  • This is a completely natural product that works gently to rejuvenate your skin. 
  • It is unlike any typical anti-aging or skin revitalizing cream or lotion since it relies mainly on honey with just a few additional ingredients on top of manuka honey.  
  • Manuka Miracle is super easy to use as you don’t have to take out more than 30 seconds of your day to benefit from it. 
  • Honey has been shown by research to have therapeutic benefits. So, there is scientific evidence backing the formula of this product. 
  • This honey is also of a high quality which is why you can completely rely on it. There is no addition of any harmful ingredients. 
  • The best part is that there is no risk of any negative side effects on the use of Manuka Miracle either. 
  • Lastly, Manuka Miracle has been designed for anyone and everyone. 

Using Manuka Miracle 

Making use of the Manuka Miracle honey balm is super easy. This product is topically applied on your skin. It is then absorbed into your skin properly so that it is able to have a soothing effect and moisturizes your skin deeply. You just have to follow a few simple steps when using Manuka Miracle:  

  • Take out a generous bit of the balm from the jar and gently apply it on your skin.  
  • Remember that applying topical products is best done in upward circular motions.  
  • Gradually, the balm will get completely absorbed into your skin. 
  • Within 30 seconds, it will start working to show maximum effects. 

People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of the Manuka Miracle. The high-quality balm doesn’t come with any negative side effects. You have no reason to worry that it is not going to suit you since honey is mostly gentle and effective for everyone. There are also no ingredients in the formula that can cause any unpleasant reactions. 

It is also extremely rare to experience any allergies to any components of this formula. In fact, even those who have sensitive skin can use Manuka Miracle without any worries. This manuka honey also doesn’t interact with any other skincare products that you could be using. You can even use this honey on any external cuts or sores that you have.   

However, do not apply it on any deep wounds. Those require medical attention. As for how soon you can expect to see results on the use of this product, that depends on the condition of your skin. However, most people report that they have noticed a reduction in any skin irritation within just a few days of use.  

You’re recommended to use Manuka Miracle on a daily basis, as often as you like. If you have been diagnosed with a serious skin condition, this product may or may not help you. Your physician can tell you this best. However, Manuka Miracle is likely to be of benefit for most skin types and conditions. 

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Manuka Miracle Reliability  

As per the official website, there are several qualities of this product which show it as a reliable purchase. For instance:  

  • Manuka Miracle has earned five out of five stars.  
  • This product has also been featured on HLN, HSN and The Weather Channel.  
  • It has earned positive customer reviews from several customers. You can read these reviews on its official page. 
  • Manuka Miracle has more than 25,000 happy customers.  
  • The product comes from a trustable company and a renowned doctor. 

If you want smooth and perfect looking skin like that of a baby, you can also try out UpWellness Manuka Miracle. The qualities of this product shared above make it clear that it is a reliable purchase. It is unlikely to cause any negative reactions, but it surely can get rid of any skin imperfections that you’re dealing with. The best part is that Manuka Miracle does its job naturally without introducing any chemicals to your skin.  

UpWellness – About The Company Behind Manuka Miracle 

Manuka Miracle comes from a company known as upper Wellness. This manufacturer has many other products on the label. Some of these are probiotics, while other products are natural supplements. The goal of UpWellness is to create science-based products that use only natural ingredients. The person behind this particular supplement was Dr. Joshua Levitt.  

He believes in creating products that are therapeutic and yet based on modern science. His approach is holistic as he runs a holistic clinic in New England. He also works at the Yale School of Medicine. Along with being a physician, Dr. Joshua is also a beekeeper. 

Where to Buy Manuka Miracle and What’s The Price? 

If you want to buy Manuka Miracle by UpWellness, know that it is available in three different packages. You can buy one jar of this natural honey for just $49.95. Shipping charges of $6.95 are applicable. There are two more deals:  

  • The first deal brings three jars for a reduced price of $39.95 each.  
  • In the second deal, you get six jars for a price of just $29.95 each. 

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Both these bigger deals come with free US shipping. You also have the option to subscribe to receive this product on a monthly basis and save even more money. To place your order, you can go to the official website. Once you’ve purchased this product, it’s not like you can’t return it if it doesn’t suit you.  

If you experience no relief from skin irritation on the use of this product, you can return it within 60 days. All you have to do is request for a refund by getting in touch with the customer support team which will inform you of the return address as well. To contact the company behind this product, you can email at [email protected] or you can phone here: 800-876-2196.  

You can choose whichever deal you want to. Normally people choose the bigger deals as those help you save more money. However, if you would like to first try this product and then purchase a bigger deal, that is up to you. To make your payment after adding your preferred package to the cart, you can use your debit or credit card. Payments through PayPal are also supported. 

Manuka Miracle Reviews – Wrap Up Thoughts  

Manuka Miracle from Up Wellness is a honey-based balm that uses special manuka honey. It also contains other herbal ingredients such as sunflower oil and olive oil. This is a strong anti-microbial formula that also has anti-inflammatory properties and is a rich source of antioxidants. The amazing topical product is able to soothe your skin and curb dryness.  

Manuka Miracle gives you smooth, glowing, and soft skin by moisturizing it deeply and speeding up the natural repair processes of your skin. You can use Manuka Miracle on your face as well as on your hands and feet. This product also seems to be reliable because it comes from a trustable company, it has a solid money back guarantee backing it, and customers are also very satisfied with it. If you would like to know more or to buy Manuka Miracle, you can visit its official website using this link

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