PhenQ Weight Loss Supplements: PhenQ Diet Pills and PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Review


PhenQ Diet Pills Review 

Diet pills like PhenQ target many ways with the use of a single supplement, PhenQ is a world-leading weight loss brand that is used by millions of people worldwide. PhenQ takes different approaches to weight loss which triggers the weight loss mechanism. These approaches are bolstering energy levels, improving mood, appetite suppression, and prevention of fat production in the body.  

PhenQ portrays itself as a legal and easy-to-use Phentermine alternative that contains a number of ingredients regulated by the FDA. PhenQ has an outrageous number of fat-burning ingredients which have no side effects; this is not the best part because PhenQ results are super-fast when you combine it with mild exercise and a strict diet plan.  

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Review 

Meal shakes for the weight loss category; PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is the latest addition by WOLFSON BRANDS (UK) LIMITED. Complete Meal Shake is perfectly formulated by adding incredible weight loss ingredients. Like PhenQ, Complete Meal Shake controls the person’s appetite and metabolism speed by providing sufficient nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats along with herbal supplements to reduce body fat.  

Dieters can pair PhenQ Complete Meal Shake with their intermittent fasting or keto-diet which is the most effective diet plan for weight loss. Meal shakes like Complete Meal Shake can be taken at any time of the day to avoid excessive caloric intake. The formula of this meal shake for weight loss contains 24 vitamins and unlimited minerals packed in a single serving for you to curb your hunger and to get recharged.  

Complete Meal Shake is powerful enough to replace one full meal with 100% plant ingredients working with Innoslim to trim down your entire physique. This is a popular weight-loss choice for females who have this issue they cannot control cravings for sweet and salty.  

PhenQ Weight Loss Supplements Pros and Cons 

PhenQ is a weight-loss icon to most men and women who believes in herbal treatments for weight loss. As we mentioned before, herbal medicines for fat burn don’t require a prescription and they have no side effects.  

PhenQ weight loss supplements share these pros and cons list.  


  • Helpful in dieting process, curb the appetite efficiently 
  • Contains clinically approved ingredients 
  • PhenQ Diet Pills and Meal Shake are keto-diet and vegan friendly 
  • Complete Meal Shake contains only 269 calories 
  • Comes with flavors and non-gritty texture 
  • PhenQ weight loss supplements boost energy levels and fat-burn 
  • Involved with scientific studies going every day 
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee 


  • PhenQ Diet Pills and Meal Shake are ONLY available on the official website 
  • First-time diet pills users may catch nausea-like feelings while using PhenQ Diet pills for the first time 

Click Here to Visit Official PhenQ Website 

Diet Pills for Weight Loss 

This is wrong to think if you are taking diet pills, you can skip dietary modification and exercises which in fact are the best tools for losing weight. Diet pills work to some extent but this isn’t like normal diet pills we are talking about. If you think it closely, around 60% of the US population falls under the category of “Obese” who have the same idea to use diet pills only for weight loss without putting some actual effort?  

Weight loss pills that actually work are the reason people are only putting a small amount of effort into their exercise and dietary regimen. The reason some of these diet pills are so powerful and this idea deviates most people from exercising. This shouldn’t be the case as diet pills and exercise should be adjacent to each other.  

Diet pills are available in many types; some of them are over the counter which you can buy without a prescription, while some are prescription drugs, and then comes herbal supplements which put the unique method into action for weight loss.  

Types of Diet Pills 

  1. Prescription Drugs 

In this category, drugs like Phentermine, Ephedra are still being used for weight loss, however, Phentermine combination with topiramate is available by many brand names i.e. Orlistat, Xenical which you can only buy if you have a doctor’s prescription.  

  1. Over the Counter Diet Pills 

While shopping at Walmart, you may have seen the diet pills section where several brands are displayed. These supplements were FDA regulated but after acknowledging most of them have PPA (Phenylpropanolamine) as the active ingredient, these diet pills are not trusted by the experts and the users. PPA in many clinical studies is noticeably involved with the occurrence of stroke which makes diet pills that works available in a very small number.  

  1. Herbal Diet Supplements 

One of the best methods to lose weight, diet pills like these main emphasize mimicking the mechanism of drugs like phentermine, but they do this with the help of herbal supplements. Natural ingredients like Caffeine, Glucomannan, Ketone Rapsberry, InnoSlim, and Garcinia Cambogia are considered the best dietary supplements which are FDA-approved ingredients. However, only a few brands are currently making the effective herbal diet pills regulated by the FDA and live up to their claims.  

How does PhenQ Pills work for Weight Loss? 

Caffeine is a popular ingredient that is easily obtained both naturally and artificially. Caffeine puts the body on “Thermogenic” mode which is a way for the body to burn the extra amount of fats by increasing heat or energy outflow. Thermogenesis is very much effective for the breakdown of fatty acids hence calling it the best pill to lose belly fat wouldn’t be wrong.  

Drugs like Ephedra or Phentermine works for reducing appetite by blocking the satiety center in the hypothalamus region of the body. Prescription drugs were used for a long time but they are strictly used by dangerously obese people only. It’s because ephedra and most drugs like this increase the risks of heart attacks, FDA deemed them “Prescription Only Drugs”.  

Just like Ephedra, there is a compound called Synephrine obtained from natural plants which work like Ephedrine. This in combination with certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants could be perfect weight loss.  

Another way diet pills work for weight loss is the enhancement in metabolic speed which quickens the weight loss mechanism.  

PhenQ is currently the leading diet pill which in recent years rose in its fame. Only because its ingredients are clinically tested and users are sharing their benefits on the mainstream social media about PhenQ before and after results.  

PhenQ deals with Diet Pills and Complete Meal Shake which are two different cool ways to lose weight faster.  

How Does PhenQ Pills Actually Suppress Appetite and Helps in Weight Loss? 

Experts suggested some herbal compounds can trigger a fat loss in men and women by means of thermogenesis, appetite suppression, and metabolism boost. PhenQ does an extra number of functions apart of three main ways for weight loss.  

PhenQ contains nopal cactus which is the natural type of amino acid proven to trigger fat loss. It also contains caffeine obtained from natural sources that keeps you mentally stable day and night.  

Appetite is the main concern for dieters and PhenQ prevents this by appetite suppressing agents not just one but many. With Capsimax Powder, Niacin and Chromium, you can find yourself away from junk foods and more lean towards exercise since your energy levels will be significantly higher.  

Let us go step-wise.  

  • Burns Fat to accelerate the energy expenditure by the body. The body gets its energy from the food and since you are not taking more of it, it naturally seeks out this energy from the stored fats. That is when thermogenesis begins to burn fat.  
  • Stops fat production and regulates the blood sugar levels, the fiber content in PhenQ makes sure the food that you ingest doesn’t stay much longer in the gut.  
  • PhenQ suppresses appetite by triggering serotonin stimulation in the body which helps you get over insatiable cravings and move on to some other work, just to divert the attention.  
  • Better energy generation makes the calories burning process even higher. PhenQ contains loads of vitamins and amino acids that keep the muscles free of fatigue and this way you can work out as long as you want.  
  • PhenQ was first marketed as the mood-enhancing supplement for weight loss which takes your crankiness to the end and hinders any more negative behavioral changes due to dieting.  

List of PhenQ Ingredients 

Every component is PhenQ is subjected to clinical studies which prove a number of effects and side effects in the body. Caffeine when used in higher dosage can trigger insomnia and that’s why PhenQ comes with the perfect caffeine dose.  

PhenQ contains: 

  1. a-Lacys Reset: Many PhenQ Reviews that don’t talk about this ingredient should be lightened up. a-Lacys Reset is a scientifically proven weight loss ingredient that leads to faster metabolism and thermogenesis. This is the key to get your body ready for the fat-burning process as the heat upsurges in each cell of you. Taking advantage of this process is by exercising or jogging is the best way to burn an extra number of calories.  
  1. Capsimax Powder: When combine piperine, capsicum, and niacin, you get the perfect diet pills formula. Capsimax powder is a plant ingredient that shares a spicy taste and is hence proven to induce thermogenesis.  
  1. Chromium Picolinate: Minerals for weight loss are important, especially the ones obtained from meat and vegetables or even whole grains. One of the co-founding minerals is chromium which reaches beyond the scientific studies for supporting balanced sugar levels in the body. When you have the perfect blood-sugar levels chart, the mood will be certainly better without any aggression or crankiness.  
  1. Caffeine: Compound like caffeine are highly regarded for their CNS Stimulant effects which take the focus to the next level. PhenQ is not the diet pill that you should take at night, rather taking PhenQ at the start of your day could maximize your brain potentials. Caffeine is linked to weight loss because it helps in thermogenesis.  
  1. Nopal: If PhenQ has any fiber element, it’s nopal. Nopal is designed to work as an appetite suppressant as well as an amino acid source for weight loss. PhenQ combines the propriety ingredients which are regulated by the FDA.  
  1. L-Carnitine Fumarate: Amino acids found in red meat, green vegetable, and legumes have L-Carnitine in maximum number. The role of L-Carnitine in PhenQ is to trigger the energy boost and reduce tiredness throughout the way.  

PhenQ Pills Before and After Results 

PhenQ reviews online show the incredible changes users are getting from using these diet pills. Thousands of success stories are running on social media with customers claiming PhenQ changed their life without much trouble for weight loss.  You can find different people, men, and women who arguably shredded up to 30-40 kg using PhenQ for a maximum of weeks.  

  • PhenQ Results in 1st Week 

This is where overall thermogenesis begins and before you know it, it’s time to skip heavy meals and only consume a tiny amount. With exercise and a perfect diet, PhenQ could assist 10 pounds of weight reduction.  

  • PhenQ Results in 2nd Week 

PhenQ is the best diet pills to lose belly fat which countless of women find beneficial to trim down the potbelly. The triggering fat-burning process occurs in the 2nd week with PhenQ when you finally notice trimming effects going around your waist.  

  • PhenQ Results after 1 Month 

Slimming PhenQ diet pills can retain the lean muscle mass while targeting the fat tissues only. This is for gym enthusiasts who don’t like to shed their hardly-earned muscles. PhenQ diet pills could lead to 20-30 POUNDS of weight reduction after a month IF the user manages to sustain a diet and exercise plan.  

Where to Find PhenQ to Purchase? 

PhenQ is officially available on the online website, users should also notice the same bottle of PhenQ has been seen at Amazon and GNC which are only duplicates and not the authentic diet pills as PhenQ. Please refer to the official manufacturer site which has PhenQ available for $69.95 only.  

After PhenQ diet pills, it’s time to discuss their meal replacement shake which is currently introduced by PhenQ manufacturer (WOLFSON BRANDS UK LIMITED).  

Does Meal Shakes Help in Weight Loss? 

Meal replacement shakes for weight loss are not the ones that you see. Protein shakes are mostly being used by bodybuilders which aren’t similar to meal shakes at all. Meal shakes offers a whole bunch of nutritional diet that you get from 1-2 times of the meal. These are mixed with either milk or a glass of water as per the user’s preference.  

Best weight loss shakes contains a caloric count of around 300-400 which involves: 

  • Dietary fibers 
  • Proteins 
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals 

How does PhenQ Complete Meal Shakes help in Weight Loss? 

You can count on the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss for: 

  • Avoiding Unhealthy Meals 

Meal shakes are convenient to use which means they can also be contained in a portable bottle. This will prevent cravings for junk or unhealthy processed foods. One of the main causes for gaining weight is you consume multiple junks at multiple times which gets in your dieting way. Meal shakes offer convenience so you can take them whenever the mood for junk strikes. This will not only support your weight loss efforts but helps you lose more weight if only it has the right type of ingredients.  

  • Providing Nutritional Value that Traditional Diets Fails to Provide 

Normal meal shakes in 2021 are designed to deliver as low calories as they could, but they forget about adding the basic and core nutrients. Cutting back calories for weight loss is good but you cannot push it harder than normal. Best meal replacer shakes must come with dietary fibers, protein, and essential vitamins but they also have a number of vitamins that you lack in the traditional diet system i.e. Vitamin D.  

  • Promoting Faster Weight Loss 

Once the calories are restricted, the next step is to encourage the appetite suppression mode. An ideal meal shake won’t let you get hunger although they contain only a few calories. There are scientific explanations claiming that replacing two meals a day with dietary meal shakes can speed up weight loss. In one study, participants who were on a meal replacement diet plan lost 6 pounds in three months. Note this was attempted without exercise.  

  • Offering Protein for Weight Loss 

If a meal shake has no protein contents, chances are it’s not going to work for you as you expected. A high protein diet is known to promote hunger suppression which lets the users consume fewer calories per day. In one study, it was found high-protein diet restricts cravings by increasing the energy levels in the body. There are lots of benefits of a protein diet to weight loss where retention or lean mass and reduction of brown body fats are on the top. It can also be used as a natural belly fat burner. Meal shakes with healthy proteins support the reduction of LDL cholesterol which is regarded as Bad Cholesterol for the body while keeping the sugar levels optimum.  

Studies Claims about Meal Shakes Effectiveness 

Oxford University research group published a systemic review and meta-analysis about meal replacement shakes and weight loss in 2018. In their research, they reviewed 14 studies each of which argues to replace meals with shakes to see how it works out for weight loss.  

In their conclusion, they stated the meal replacement shakes are “superior to usual diet and calorie restriction”.  

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake List of Ingredients 

The rate of satisfaction of users has been monitored by the company that makes PhenQ replacement shakes. Along with the perfectly balanced nutritional value, they added the proprietary ingredient “InnoSlim” which simultaneously works for suppressing appetite and controls fat metabolism.  

Complete Meal Shake contains these: 

  • InnoSlim 

With each serving, you are about to get 250mg of InnoSlim. This is based on two plants combination (Ginseng and Astragalus) both of which are associated with appetite reductions in humans. Scientific explanations about InnoSlim suggest it’s a key fat-burning tool to support AMPK production in the body.  

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha 

Noticed anything similar about this ingredient? KSM-66 is a clinically proven ingredient that leads to increased strength, muscle tone, and stress reduction. Ashwagandha is the root place for KSM-66 which is found in bodybuilding supplements.  

  • Pea Protein 

Meal shakes are designed to do what normal food would do without causing weight gain. This means the body should get an adequate amount of protein to perform daily physical tasks like normal people. Pea Protein in 12 grams of strength supplies various amino acids that are none other than Valine, Leucine, Arginine, and Iso-Leucine. Together they raise the digestion rate by 94% which leads to more protein and amino acid absorption in the body for perfect trim down.  

  • MCT Oil 

Its official MCT and Coconut Oil are the same and PhenQ complete meal shake has it in 13 grams of quantity. MCT Oil is beneficial for boosting energy and fasten the fat-burning process. This is often called brain butter which means the brain needs good cholesterol to perform at high speed, similarly, MCT Oil supplies good fats to the body and delivers faster effects. 

  • Reishi Mushroom 

 Studies suggest reishi mushroom as Adaptogen that is used for multiple ailments. Reishi Mushroom is also considered the immortality mushroom which supplies an adequate amount of adaptogens helpful in reducing fatigue and boosting mood, focus, confidence, cognition, and energy.  

  • Linseed Flour 

Complete Meal Shake contains 11 g of Linseed Flour in every serving which helps control the inflamed bowels and normalize its movements. With healthy bowel, the food particles wouldn’t take so much time to be a part of absorption and emit useful fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. For those who don’t know about Linseed nature, it’s obtained from Flaxseeds.  

  • Hemp Protein 

Hemp Protein is the main source of antioxidants in Complete Meal Shake but it’s not the only one. Supplying vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and omega-3 fatty acid is crucial and that’s why a complete meal shake contains multiple ingredients for faster weight loss. Hemp Protein regulated sugar levels and serves to control hunger pangs at night.  

  • Brown Rice Protein 

Meal shakes for weight loss can be used now by vegans and the reason for this is a vegan protein in PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. Obtained from brown rice, the protein works with hemp and pea protein to add power to the muscles before utilizing it at the gym.  

  • Vitamins and Minerals 

No other meal shake in 2021 contains this many vitamins and minerals. With the huge list of minerals and vitamins, you can see what PhenQ Complete Meal Shake offers to its users.  

The list includes potassium chloride 

  • Magnesium phosphate,  
  • Calcium carbonate 
  • Di-calcium phosphate anhydrous,  
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 
  • Ferrous fumarate,  
  • DL-alpha tocopherol acetate powder preparation,  
  • Zinc aspartate 
  • Nicotinic acid  
  • Potassium iodide 
  • Retinol acetate 
  • Manganese citrate  
  • Calcium D-pantothenate 
  • Di-biotin preparation 
  • Copper sulfate 
  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) 
  • Vita-algae D vegan vitamin D3  
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 
  • Thiamin hydrochloride 
  • Riboflavin 
  • Chromium picolinate  
  • Folic acid 
  • Sodium selenite anhydrous 

Benefits of Complete Meal Shake by PhenQ 

Before you know about how to get PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, you should see what benefits it offers.  

  • Complete Meal Replacement 

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is made so users can skip a whole one-time meal without hesitation. A single serving will load you up with proteins and essential nutrients that are also adaptogens and good fatty acids. This is unlike anything weight loss supplements have ever seen because PhenQ Complete Meal Shake made an exceptional formula and its preparation cost them a lot for sure. 

  • Body Weight Reduction 

With continuous servings, Complete Meal Shake intends to shed the excess amount of fat. Each serving of PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake contains 269 calories but they do have a nutritionally rich formula that overcompensates this much lower caloric count, hence reducing body fat percentage drastically. PhenQ meal shake ingredients are multiple checked by clinical experts and as a weight management tool, the regulation of AMPK production does overcome energy depletion.  

  • Exceptional Hunger Control 

Complete Meal Shake satisfies the taste-buds as well as the hunger feelings which is ideal to achieve weight loss results. When your hunger cravings are satisfied, it’s easier to concentrate on the weight loss efforts. With Complete Meal Shake healthy fats and protein, you will feel lively for longer and the fibers will retain water content in the stomach which promotes satiety and stop you from taking extra calories.  

  • Super-Sized Muscle Strength 

With 16g of vegan protein in the meal replacement shake, PhenQ meal shake looks like vegan replacement shakes that you can make at home easily. For someone who wants to go for optimizing muscle strength during the weight loss journey, stronger doses of plant extracts such as KSM-66 are added to boost the muscle power up to 100%.  

  • Spectacular Energy Levels 

Natural energy generation is the ultimate tool to alleviate weight loss fatigue. This occurs when your body is not getting a sufficient amount of fats, mainly food fats. MCT Oil in PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is diversely functional to improve energy and cognition.  

  • Best Meal Shake for Busy People 

We all are going through rough patches of life where controlling our own’s schedule is sometimes tougher. With a busy lifestyle, Complete Meal Shake offers a time-saving approach for weight loss. Before any meal, PhenQ Meal Shake is taken which will not only save your time while making but the whole meal goes in one serving. With so time-efficient and affordable meal shake available for $2 per serving, it’s now easier to skip junks and let yourself have controlled caloric meals.  

  • Pleasing Taste 

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is available in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor which are both great in taste. Normal weight loss diet shakes are not able to satisfy the taste buds which is why a lot of people feel nauseated after drinking them. The issue is resolved by PhenQ Company as it closely monitors what dieters want from diet replacement shakes. Speaking of non-gritty diet shakes, PhenQ is smoother in form and has no gritty texture that is stuck at the back of your tongue and upper palate.  

Do PhenQ Weight Loss Supplements have Money Back Guarantee? 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee is provided on PhenQ Diet Pills which buyers can avail of from the official website only. This is to keep the goodwill with the customers like most reputable companies do to avoid scams and customer betrayals.  

67-Day Money-Back Guarantee offer is being granted on the purchase of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. This is to ensure all the customers safely use the product under no pressure of losing their money afterward.  

The recent diet pills reviews around the web have given us a thought to provoke customers for money-back guarantee offers while purchasing diet pills. Such offers keep the trust intact in case if you haven’t been punctual with your diet and found no results.  

Review Summary for PhenQ Weight Loss Supplements 

Unhealthy diet is a part of our lives and we cannot skip it no matter what we try. Emotional eating, distress eating are the common enemies of most people who want to go on dieting. With so many other biological factors that prevent you from losing weight, OTC Diet Pills, Prescription Drugs, and Herbal Supplements like PhenQ work best to smoothen the weight loss journey.  

PhenQ Diet Pills is the first and mostly-sold herbal diet pills online those rumors to act like Phentermine without side effects. The need for capsule intake is not a new thing but doctors have been giving Phentermine to over-weight patients since the 1950s.  

Moving on to the revolutionary way to diet, PhenQ Complete Meal Replacement Shakes are the new thing in the spotlight these days which successfully captivated thousands of celebrities and athletes for a wholesome and amazing body transformation. The Question is which PhenQ weight loss supplement is good for you? 

PhenQ Weight Loss Supplements FAQ’s 

Q: Will PhenQ work for me? 

PhenQ combines the efficient, natural, and clinically tested formula which aims to burn fat faster. The idea to follow multiple steps for weight loss i.e appetite suppression, thermogenesis, and mood enhancement are taken into consideration to work on people who have a sedentary lifestyle.  

Q: How long will one bottle of PhenQ Diet Pills last? 

Every PhenQ diet pill comes in a package where 60 tabs are available. From a one-month dosage plan, PhenQ daily dosage is 2 capsules per day before lunch or breakfast. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and to make the price easy, buying PhenQ multiple bottles at once will provide an additional discount on every bottle that you purchase.  

Q: how many PhenQ pills should I order to get the best results? 

According to studies on weight loss, it requires 66 days for people to break bad eating habits. Under this thought, we recommend using phenQ pills for a maximum of 60-90 days for the best weight loss results.  

Q: How long can I take PhenQ? 

Using PhenQ as long as you want is harm-free because of the natural ingredients being a big part of the phenQ formula. It also depends on how much you weigh and what is your dieting goal will define the time frame you can take PhenQ for.  

Q: Is PhenQ Meal Shake keto-friendly? 

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is carefully designed so it matches the keto lifestyle. It doesn’t exceed the total carbs value but only supplies 5 grams of healthy carbs and only 3 grams of sugar. This is just to assure none of the users gets caught by mental crash or dizziness due to low sugar levels.  

Q: How soon can I expect positive results using Complete Meal Shake? 

Regular use of PhenQ meal shake for over 2 months leads to apparent results. While it depends on your former eating habits and certain environmental factors, a complete meal shake demands you to clean the slate and move on with a new diet plan. Only then, it is effective for weight loss.  

Q: Does PhenQ Meal Shake have caffeine? 

Complete Meal Shake has no caffeine content but they rather used alternative ingredients to improve mental alertness and cognition without causing sleep disturbances and insomnia. 

Q: How do I use PhenQ meal shake? 

In a glass of 8-16 ounces of water, add 1-2 scoops of Complete Meal Shake. Users can also use drinks of their choice preferably dairy-free or unsweetened milk. The shake is taken before the workout or taken at the time of meal that you want to skip.  

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