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I always attempt to learn something new about a country’s cultural heritage before visiting there. I’m fascinated by everything about the country, from its history and identity to traditional foods, wild and tame environment, and gorgeous cities. When traveling around the world, language is one of the most important sources of information.

Learning a new language is clearly not a piece of cake, as it takes a lot of time, patience, and, most likely, money. Even if I am fluent in two of them (English and Spanish), as well as my mother tongue, language hurdles can make traveling tough and present unexpected challenges. Even though all I wanted to do was soak up the new surroundings and capture as many pictures as I could without hassle, it’s not simple when you don’t speak their native dialect.

Fortunately, we live in a technological age, and the solution to blurring the barriers between languages is already available. When I first learned about two-way Instant translators, I was ecstatic.

Instant translators are small devices that keep your speech flowing and natural even if you’re conversing with someone who doesn’t speak your native tongue. They’re not only useful on excursions, but they’re also useful for international business conferences and meetings.

These cool translation devices support multiple languages and can translate everything that’s been said in 1.5 seconds. The only (but big) problem is that there are so many of them. It’s difficult for inexperienced users to choose the one that suits them best. This is exactly why I have compiled this Poliglu Translator review.



Imagine you are traveling abroad, it is not always easy to find the place you want to go. In many cases, the people who live there don’t even speak English or any other world language, so you can at least communicate a little.

This small but ingenious device allows two people to speak two different languages and to hold a conversation with ease as well. This Instant Translator is small, beautiful, and practical.

The high-tech Japanese invention Poliglu is the most modern technology that enables simultaneous communication with other people, regardless of the language they speak.

The Poliglu Instant translation device is made simple so that anyone can use it. It makes traveling much more versatile and much more relaxed. It is a huge relief, especially for the elderly, as it is often very difficult for them to learn foreign languages. Now that technology has advanced so much, they don’t need to use Phrasebooks (as they used to do) and can handle digital translators with ease.

Is Poliglu Translator Great For Travelers?

Anyone who has ever found themselves in a restaurant in a foreign country, and then attended a comic explanation of simple requests such as looking for a free table, menu, or a glass of water, will know how to appreciate Poliglu. How many times have you encountered a language barrier when going abroad, or during any communication with foreigners? It has probably happened to you that you tried relentlessly to find a hotel where you booked accommodation, without anyone being able to help you because they did not understand you.

A strange situation that happens when we try to communicate with someone from another country, who knows neither our native tongue nor English, can sometimes be funny, but at the same time a little embarrassing.

Waving our hands and mixing several foreign words in one sentence to explain to the interlocutor what we want can be very confusing for him. But, these situations are slowly coming to an end – with the help of a device that you simply take out of your pocket.

Is It Good For Some Specific Professionals?

Although Poliglu Translator was created mainly for travelers, it began to gain great popularity among people of different professions. It suddenly became a must-have device! What surprised us was that more and more social and emergency workers, as well as volunteers, are choosing Poliglu translators to make their job easier.


We asked people who used Poliglu Translator to explain to us how it works. The results showed that people drastically increased the quality of their work after getting a Poliglu Translator. Or your communication when meeting new business contacts, due to not knowing their native tongue, ended after the handshake.

“Phrasebooks” and “Google Translate” can help with translation, but what if you could understand a stranger a few moments after he says something? The universal translator from “a famous sci-fi series” has become a reality, thanks to projects like Poliglu translating device.

Speaking a foreign language skill is in high demand due to domestic cultural diversity and the number of companies doing business abroad. That skill can help you get a job by increasing your qualifications. If you don’t want your communication when meeting new business contacts ends after the handshake due to not knowing the language, Poliglu Translator can be of great help.

It doesn’t even matter if you are a social worker, in medicine, in international business, teaching, or just traveling abroad – being able to engage and communicate with customers in their mother tongue is a huge advantage.

Why Is This Little Gadget So Special?

Instant communication in another language

Learning a new language takes months or even years of dedicated learning. Poliglu can instantly turn you into a capable speaker!

Great sound quality

It is also comfortable to use in crowded places because the sound is loud enough to be heard clearly.

Fair and reasonable price

Poliglu Translator device is very cheap. An experienced professional translator or interpreter can be expensive and needs to be paid for more than once. Poliglu requires only a one-time payment for a large selection of languages

Supports over 36 languages

Its built-in advanced technology can support two-way language translation. Moreover, a translation of the text is also available.

Comfortable and easy to use

With its lightweight design and small dimensions, the Poliglu is easy to carry in any pocket or bag and is always there when needed.

Hence the name “manual voice translator” that you will want to use every day!.

The language barrier should no longer be your concern, so the answer is definitely YES! And now is the best time to do so, because the Poliglu Translator will soon run out of stock due to their high popularity around the world.

Do you want to be able to settle in a new country for a week or two? Do you need to be able to communicate with new friends or family members in their native tongues? Or are you required to master the language to work full time in a foreign country?

Well, Poliglu can do all those things and much more!

Facts About The Poliglu You Should Know Before Buying It.

Before you go ahead and buy your Poliglu Translator, get to know the basic product facts:

Poliglu is not a stand-alone device: you need to install an app on your phone, connect it with Bluetooth, and make sure to keep the screen of your phone on the whole time so you don’t interrupt the connection with the translator. It’s almost the same thing as hand holding a microphone when you want to record and transmit audio from a translation app on your phone

Poliglu Translator works only when you’re online: you need a Wi-Fi connection or 4G in order to translate anything

It takes 2 week during quarantine but you can as well weigh our DHL express option to ship from China, and all returns must be made at your own cost (shipping + additional return fees) to their office

The translation skills of a Poliglu Translator are as good as its internet connection, but the device can also work as a simple Bluetooth speaker.

Poliglu may not connect to your phone if you don’t have a specific O.S. installed. So, if you want it to work well, you should check some reviews first (see if your phone will be able to connect or not) and then consider to buy it

Let’s Review Main Features Of Poliglu Translator Device

As I already mentioned in this review, There are many wonderful features that the Poliglu Translator comes with, and each of them helps to make it stand out from the others that are on the market. There are some great features that come with this translator, but there are some that could use some extra work.

Multiple Languages:

The Poliglu Translator has 40+ different languages programmed into it. This means it works great for a wide range of areas. Now, this is not the highest amount that can be found when buying a translator, but it does have all of the basics that are needed.

Voice Translation:

The Poliglu translation device has a great two-way intercom technology built into it. That means it not only can translate what someone is saying to you, but it can also translate what you are trying to say to them.


With the Poliglu Translator having Bluetooth technology built into it, it can be connected to a smartphone. It can be up to 10 meters away from the smartphone that it is connected to before it starts to have problems.


The great thing about this translator is that it can be paired with both an Android and an IOS device. A lot of other translators only pair with one of them, not both of them.


The Poliglu Translator is easily recharged, and it does not take long to recharge. It can last for about 4 days (long battery life) before it needs to be charged if it is not used very often. If it has to be used often during the day, the battery does drain faster.


The frame and construction of this translation device make it very durable. That means it can go through a lot of abuse without breaking down and needing to be replaced. That also means it can handle the trips between locations, even very bouncy trips.


The size of this device translator is smaller compared to others. This means it is easy to carry while walking around and touring a foreign place. It can be easily slipped into a pocket when not in use, which makes it easy to access when needed.

How Does Poliglu Instant Translator Work?

The device allows two people to talk to each other in two different languages.

According to explanations found on Poliglu official website, the use of their poliglu Instant Translator is extremely easy. You should click on the “A” button and speak, then release the “A” key and the poliglu Instant translation device will automatically translate the spoken word into the selected language, with the foreign interlocutor hearing the translation into their native tongue.

If the “B” button is clicked, then the interlocutor from abroad speaks. When the “B” button is released, the device will automatically translate the spoken word into your native tongue.

The whole process is not that simple or fast as they say. Don’t forget that you first need to download an application on your phone. The app is available on the Apple Store or Android / Google Play Store. What’s more, you will have to use your phone to select languages since Poliglu Instant Translator does not have a screen.

Then the digital translator will have to be connected via Bluetooth to your phone so it can complete any translations. Not to mention, the screen of your phone must be constantly on and enable the connection with the Poliglu, and your location information should be turned on.

It’s not so hard to conclude that such a way of working will drain your phone battery pretty fast. Worst of all, its modus operandi requires you to juggle between your phone and the translation device when you want to start a conversation with a”foreign” person. If your phone goes to sleep, you will need to reconnect the device.

The device, among other things, allows communication in Indonesian, Tagalog (Filipino), Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Finnish, Polish, Vietnamese, Slovak. , Catalan, Hebrew, Malay, Korean, French, Italian, Greek, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, and Croatian.

Poliglu Test And Experiences

Previous language translation devices were only able, after a time, to translate roughly what had been said. However, this device registers your own language in real-time, has set the language to translate it, and presses it with the touch of a button. Immediately, the translation device expels what has been said in the desired language. In this way, a smooth conversation is possible, which until now only complicated translation devices could. At least not in such a quality.

Poliglu Review And Recommendation

Learning a language really costs some people trouble, while others have no problem. If it’s languages like English, French or even Italian, there are a few more. However, if the characters are different from the usual spelling, then it is confusing for most.

The language translator has the ability to translate Chinese, Arabic, etc. which we cannot even read. Therefore, it is a great help if you go on vacation and want to talk to people there. At least in the restaurant, the language barrier can become a real problem. Because often what is in the image is not what we want to ask for. Questions can be saved because you generally don’t understand what the other person is saying. However, this translator completely eliminates this problem. Therefore, it is the ideal complement for any trip.

Experiences And Opinions Of Poliglu

We also look for experience reports during the search. The device is already being used successfully by many people. And they judge it very positively. Most people are very capable of articulating in a foreign country, and most of the people they talk to are more likely to talk to them because they understand each other. Because the device can not only act in one direction but also the other way around.

A good conversation is based on the fact that they understand each other. Most people would like to recommend it because they can handle it much better on vacation.

Do You Need This Language Translator?

As I already mentioned during this review, anyone who likes to travel or talk to foreign people can use it, even in countries whose mother tongue they do not understand. Without help from an instant language translator, you usually go on very thin ice, because you can’t expect that English or another general language you speak is spoken everywhere.

But if you use Poliglu or some other language translator, this is no longer a problem for you. The good thing is that Poliglu Instant Translator has no problem translating male and female voices. It makes no difference here. So, it is a good recommendation for anyone who likes to go on vacation and would like to venture into a country where they really don’t understand what is being said.

Where Can You Buy Poliglu?

It’s always preferable to buy stuff directly from the manufacturer. poliglu has only one color. the translation devices on their own home page in different colors. A big advantage when ordering on the home page is also that the manufacturer mainly makes cheap offers and therefore you can visit the site more often and wait for the right offer for you. That way you can also save some money before buying the device.

Currently, poliglu has only one color. a 50% Discount Per Unit and a 30-day money-back guarantee. What’s more, the more devices you order immediately, the more discount you get on your order. For example, if you buy two speech computers directly, you even get one for free.

And if you buy three devices immediately, you even get two for free! In addition, you’ll receive free shipping on every order and a 30-days money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. In addition, you will receive a 3-year warranty on your order for a small extra charge if you tick this box before submitting your order.

Price And Order Details Review

If you order now, there is a LIMITED TIME OFFER: Instant Translator is available at the price of $89.00 instead of $178.00 which is a 50% discount Per Unit. If you ask me, it’s a serious discount if you need an instant translation device.

Another advantage of this one of the best translator devices is that it’s easy to complete the order. You can do it in four simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the button

Step 2: Select the quantity.

QuantityTotal Price

$530.00 $265.00


Buy 3 Translators, GET 2 FREE ($53.00/each)

$354.00 $177.00

Buy 2 Translators, GET 1 FREE ($59.00/each)

$178.00 $89.00

1 Translator ($89.00/each)

$276.00 $138.00

2 Translators ($69.00/each)

$440.00 $220.00

4 Translators ($55.00/each)

Step 3: Enter your personal information

( first name, last name, email address, phone number).


Make sure to provide accurate details for the fast delivery of the product.

Step 4: Enter your delivery address.

Choose your country, town/city, street, and house number, state/province, zip/postal code.

Enter all correct details for the fast delivery of the device.

Step 5: In this step, you need to enter your billing info.

You can select the payment method, card number, expiry, and CVV.

There are also several ways to pay for devices. You can purchase Poliglu Instant Translator with Card (VISA or Mastercard), PayPal, and Klarna (Pay later after 14 days or Interest-free installments).

There is virtually no risk in deciding to buy. The package will reach the recipient within a few business days of the order.

This completes your order. Your order once raised shall be delivered within seven days with free shipping.


Frequently asked questions


It’s very easy!

1, Turn on your Poliglu device by pressing the power button and holding it for 2 seconds.

2, Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi or mobile network.

3, Make sure your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on.

4, Download the Poliglu app to your phone

5, Scan the QR code which you can find on the paper user manual or the back of the box.

6, Press “Download”.

Open the app. Press “ALLOW” on all the following notifications.

7, Press “Scan” on your phone screen.

Select “ Poliglu Translator” to pair your smartphone with the translator.

8, That’s it!

Once your Poliglu Instant Translator is paired with your smartphone, you will NOT need to repeat the following instructions again. If you need more detailed information, please follow these steps indicated in the user manual: Download the user manual


Make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

Make sure your Poliglu device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth (look at the “how to connect” question for more details).

Language settings:

1, Press the ME symbol on your phone screen to select your native language.

2, Press a microphone (🎤) symbol on your phone to select the language of the person you converse with.

Get conversation translated:

3, Press and hold the ME button on your Poliglu device. Speak in your native language into the device. When you are finished, release the ME button. The device will give a person you are talking to a voice translation of your sentence.

Press and hold a microphone (🎤) button on your Poliglu device. Let the person you are talking to speak into the device. When they are finished, release the microphone (🎤) button. The device will translate their sentence into your native language.

Get your written messages translated by tapping a keyboard (⌨) symbol on your phone screen.

Let’s Summarize This Poliglu Translator Review

In case you are traveling overseas, the probability of being misunderstood is reasonably high. However, you don’t need to be worried. As I already mentioned in this review, Poliglu Instant Voice Translator can be very beneficial to ask for directions and recommendations. Press the button and speak, you will get the voice translation instantly.

If you stay longer in another country, you may want to spend some time learning their mother tongue yourself. The Ling app is a perfect tool for that kind of adventure. You can use the Poliglu translator device when bargaining the price and go shopping with ease. It can help you a lot to achieve the best business results.

Click on the link below to purchase this Poliglu Translator Device

Contact Us

Tel.: +1 (469) 654-4213

In case you are traveling overseas, the probability of being misunderstood is reasonably high. However, you don’t need to be worried. As I already mentioned in this review, Poliglu Instant Voice Translator can be very beneficial to ask for directions and recommendations. Press the button and speak, you will get the voice translation instantly.


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