Smart Ways to Remove Water Spots From Windows

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You might have seen water spots on glass windows that leave behind minerals in the form of white sediment. This sight is common primarily if you reside in areas with hard water. You must have wondered how to solve this particular issue. If you are worried about getting rid of stubborn watermarks on windows, here are the best ways to get rid of them in just a few minutes. 

1. Vinegar 

For removing white marks, white vinegar is most effective, but you can use any other type of vinegar as well.  

  • Mix a solution with water and vinegar.  
  • Pour it in a spray bottle and spray the mixture all over the glass window. In areas with stubborn spots, apply more.  
  • Let the mixture sit on the glass surface for a few minutes.  
  • Now you can wipe off the solution by using a paper towel or newspaper.  

2. Lemon 

Another acidic component that can break alkaline water effectively is lemon. You can use a half-cut lemon and squeeze it on the glass surface. Freshly squeezed lemon would work better on glass spots than the bottled ones. If you are using a half-cut lemon, squeeze it and rub it over the watermarks on the window.  

If you are using a mixture of water and lemon,  

  • Spray the mixture and apply it all over the glass surface.  
  • Let the mixture sit for about 2 minutes.  
  • Now, clean the surface using a soft cloth.  
  • Give a final wipe using a newspaper to get a brilliant glass finish.  

3. Essential Oils 

Lemons and oranges are excellent cleaning products because they contain citric acid. However, this citric content is also present in essential oils like orange oils and lemon oil. Hence, one can use essential ones as well for removing stubborn watermarks on glass.  

Firstly, make a cleaning solution. For that,  

  • Add ten drops of essential oil to water and mix the two.  
  • Now, apply it on the glass surface using a towel or sponge. 
  •  Keep rubbing on the surface until the glass is soaking.  
  • Let it soak in. However, don’t let it dry on the glass surface.  
  • After the mixture has been soaked, wipe the glass surface with a soft cloth or paper towel.  

4. White Toothpaste 

Though surprising, applying toothpaste is considered to be an excellent way of getting rid of water spots. 

  • Firstly, dilute the toothpaste with water. This will make it easier for you to spread the toothpaste throughout the glass surface. 
  •  Now, use an old toothbrush to apply it all over the window.  
  • Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes.  
  • Now use a scrubber to remove the paste. 
  •  Lastly, rinse the glass with enough clean water and let it dry.  

5. Baking Soda And Vinegar 

For the best results, you can make a cleaning solution by combining vinegar and baking soda. Take two parts of vinegar and mix it with one part of baking soda. Mix it in a large container. You will notice the mixtures fizzing like a little volcano!  

You can apply the mixture while it’s still fizzing or wait until the fizzing is over.  

  • Take a towel or sponge to use over the glass window. 
  •  Let it sit for a few minutes.  
  • Take a wet cloth and plenty of water to clean the glass m surface.  
  • Use anything to dry the surface.  
  • Make sure you use something that wouldn’t smear the glass. Lint-free clothes available in the market are specially manufactured for glass cleaning.   

6. Vinegar, Soap, And Lemon Juice 

Another great way of removing watermarks is by mixing soap, vinegar, and lemon juice.  

To make this mixture take a significant amount of vinegar. Now fill the other half with lemon juice and soap equally. Now refer to the steps below: 

  • Mix the three vigorously. 
  • Spray a tiny amount of this mixture on the glass surface generously.  
  • Let it sit for a couple of minutes.  
  • Take a firm bristled brush to scrub the surface.  
  • When you are done scrubbing, try to remove as much water as possible by using a squeegee. Now, take a lint-free cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly.  The watermarks would disappear magically!  

We have this guide on the best ways to remove stubborn watermarks is informative and valuable. There are several other ways that you can try out. However, these are the easiest ones. No matter which method you implement, make sure to let the glass surface dry out entirely afterward. However, if your window has become too old, badly stained, and dysfunctional, consider getting a window glass replacement done. 

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