Thomas Oatway | Darwinism at Work?

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Letters to the Editor
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We are learning of medical groups who are peddling a livestock deworming drug for treatment of COVID-19. Farm product stores are finding it hard to keep this drug (ivermectin) in stock. Before that a drug intended for treating malaria had been peddled by quack doctors, Fox News, and the prior resident of the White House. While there is a lot of money to be made in marketing these drugs to the least intelligent of the human species, there is a consequence of not getting vaccinated and getting very sick.

There is a lawyer for 17 of the Jan. 6 insurgent defendants who has refused to get his vaccination. He is in the ICU, and his clients will need to find new representation. Hopefully he has not given them any medical advice along with his legal assistance.

Three conservative radio talk show hosts who loudly refused vaccination have died of COVID-19. There could be 100,000 more deaths from COVID-19 by Dec. 1, according to a model used by many medical professionals in the business of health safety. 

It seems that Darwin is having his theories proved by those who are doggedly determined to expose themselves to COVID-19 and tempt fate. Unfortunately, there are many innocent people who will also be infected, including those under 12 years old who cannot yet get their shots. It is my opinion that it is time to mandate vaccinations in order to use public forums, fly in airplanes, enjoy recreation venues and participate in the workforce. 

Just like the polio and smallpox vaccines, we should enforce mandates to protect the public from this scourge. If getting a shot is such an invasion of their personal freedom, give them a one-way ticket to Afghanistan where they can find out what personal freedom really is (NOT).

Thomas Oatway


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