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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The American public is split on the mandating of vaccines for COVID-19 protection. About 75% of Democrats support them. The same number of Republicans are opposed. Independents are slightly opposed, but the numbers are moving toward support in all groups. Maybe the increasing support is because the kids are getting sick and dying when they were supposed to be immune. Or they want to attend superspreader events like football games, wear their silly team garb, and get drunk.

I am in favor of vaccines but I want to take it a bit farther. If anyone does not want their vaccine, let them move to Mississippi, Florida, or Texas, where the governors oppose mandates because they want to protect the right to be stupid. As for me, I want to be enlisted in the vigilante squad that seeks out the unvaccinated and gives them a choice: Get a shot of the vaccine, or a shot of the virus. If they choose the virus, no big loss. Democracy does not work if the voters are that stupid. We learned that in the 2016 presidential election.

Thomas Oatway


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