Xyngular Reviews 2021: Legit Weight Loss MLM Or A Scam?


In recent times, there has been a deluge of weight loss supplements that claim to induce thermogenesis to help a person drop weight. One of the most recent additions to this list is Xyngular. 

Xyngular is a brand with different products that are sold under labelled weight management kits. Each product is designed to address a common challenge that users face while trying to lose weight. 

So, unlike a single diet pill, what you get is a complete weight management program, with different supplements. 

So far so good. But therein lies one of our quibbles with Xyngular. If you are trying to drop weight, it has to be simple and with one health supplement, that offers multiple health perks, along with weight management. 

Using different Xyngular products is as good as using a bunch of different supplements for losing weight. 

But that’s not all. 

There are other reasons why we feel that the Xyngular system is overpriced for what it brings to the table. Today, we will take a detailed look at all the popular Xyngular weight loss kits, in this Xyngular review. Stay with us. 

What are the different Xyngular products? Xyngular – Quick Facts 

Let’s take a look first at the Xyngular products that you can use individually. Then, we will take a closer look at the different Xyngular weight loss kits, in detail. 

Xyngular Accelerate 

Xyngular Accelerate is a powerful thermogenesis booster with an all-plant blend that claims to amplify the rate at which you burn fat by 3x. Accelerate is a core component in every weight loss program sold by Xyngular. 

Xyngular Cheat 

Xyngular Cheat is an appetite suppressant supplement that helps to increase satiety and reduce your craving for junk meals. 

Cheat is available in a capsule form, while there are other Xyngular products that serve the same purpose, but through a different delivery system. 

Xyngular Flush 

Xyngular Flush is a gut cleanse/detox system that aims to flush out the toxin buildup in your body. When the toxins are flushed out, your digestion improves, and with it, your metabolism. At least that’s the theory. 

Xyngular Lean 

Xyngular Lean is a meal replacement powder that helps you consume fewer calories by curbing your appetite. 

This meal replacement is also available in another version called Lean Meal, which is a standard meal replacement shake with more calories. 

Xyngular Resist 

Xyngular Resist is another appetite suppressant supplement. Only this, is a powdered supplement that can be added to water and consumed as a shake, instead of a capsule. The Xyngular ingredients in this are different too. 

Xyngular Trimstix 

Xyngular Trimstix are like energy bars, for mid-meal snacking without resorting to sugar-crammed, calorie dense foods. Each Stix contains only 10 calories and will keep you satiated for a long time. 

These are the primary Xyngular products that are connected directly to weight management. 

But Xyngular also has a whole bunch of other dietary supplements such as Vitamins, advanced Omega fatty acids, and pre workout drinks (Xyng), that Xyngular claims will address common health concerns, support a healthy immune system, & maintain stable levels of your blood sugar. 

What are the Xyngular Weight Loss Kits? 

Now, let’s take a look at the different weight loss kits that are more popular as compared to these individual Xyngular supplements. 

Xyngular Core 

Xygular Core is a weight loss system that clubs five Xyngular products with meal plans and a virtual bot that makes suggestions on successful weight loss. 

The core weight loss program contains Xyngular Lean, Xyng, Cheat, Flush & Accelerate. 

So, you have two appetite suppressants, one detox dietary supplement & one pre-workout drink to increase energy. 

Xyngular Ignite 

Xyngular Ignite kit is one of their popular weight loss programs that Xyngular claims will help power your weight loss journey, thanks to an 8-day jumpstart. 

The Ignite Xyngular weight loss kit contains 9 Xyngular supplements. Not all of them are weight management products. 

There’s Xyngular Global blend which is a liquid antioxidant supplement with fruit concentrates, Xyngular Axion a multivitamin, Xyng, lean, Accelerate, Cheat, Flush, XR2 a sleep and stress busting supplement & Advanced Omega. 

Xyngular Ultimate 

Xyngular Ultimate is a combination of 15 Xyngular weight loss products. To be honest, not all of them are weight management products. But Xyngular claims that the Xyngular Ultimate kit addresses all 15-reasons why people are unable to succeed at a weight loss plan. 

So, there are dietary supplements that will help with healthy eating with appetite control, help you function with more energy, and amplify metabolism for burning fat. 

In this weight loss supplement kit, you get 15 Xyngular products. 

These are Xyngular global blend, Axion, Accelerate, Cheat, Flush, Lean Vanilla, Lean Chocolate, Spryng a preworkout drink, Trimstix, Xyng, XR2, Probiotix a probiotic supplement & Advanced Omega. 

Trim Down Trio 

The final Xyngular system is Trim Down Trio. As implied by the name, this is a kit that’s addressed solely at weight loss. It contains just 3 Xyngular products. These are Accelerate, Lean & Trimstix. 

The Science Behind Xyngular 

As you can see, Xyngular has not spared any expenses when it comes to marketing their products. There’s a lot of hype along with some tall claims about losing weight. 

For instance, if you check the Xyngular official website, one of the claims is that ‘Someone was able to lose 235 pounds on Xyngular Ultimate’. 

But do the ingredients really offer those kind of health benefits? That’s what we also wanted to find out while doing this Xyngular Review. Here’s what we found, on the basis of each Xyngular supplement. 

Xyngular Accelerate - Is it an effective thermogenic fat burner? 

Accelerate is clearly the star of the Xyngular line-up. The only weight loss supplement that finds a spot in all of the weight loss programs. But all that we could find in this supplement were ingredients that lack research. 

  • There’s Lady’s Mantle which is useful for its antioxidant properties, but is definitely not a thermogenic. 
  • There’s Olive Leaf which contains oleuropein, which can potentially stop the body from accumulating fat cells if you are eating a high fat diet. Again, not a thermogenic. 
  • Cumin seed which has powerful digestive properties. 
  • Wild Mint extracts, which are beneficial for everything but weight loss. 
  • Lastly, there’s PurePropol™, a patented form of Glucomannan. Glucomannan is very effective as an appetite suppressant. But it’s not a thermogenic. 

In short, we see no way in which Accelerate can ramp up your metabolism to help you lose 3x the fat. Most other fat busters that we’ve reviewed have much stronger formulas. 

Xyngular Cheat – Is it an effective Appetite Suppressant? 

Xyngular Cheat contains KONNYAKU ROOT, which is a soluble fiber, exactly like Glucomannan. In fact, both these ingredients serve the same purpose, but are sold under different brand names, with claims to address different problems users face while trying to lose weight. 

Is that shady marketing? We’ll leave it to you. 

Xyngular Lean – Is it a beneficial Meal replacement shake? 

Meal replacements are a very useful option for users who don’t find sufficient time to cook meals, and want to lose weight eating healthy food without the effort. 

But Lean contains just three ingredients. 

These are soy protein concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate & Bromelain, along with a bunch of micronutrients. 

It is 50 calories a shake, which is great if you are trying to lose weight. But its clearly inadequate if you are looking to replace a healthy meal. 

Why Xyngular is not recommended? 

Apart from the exaggerated claims and fancy marketing, there are some other reasons why we don’t recommend Xyngular to our readers. 

Xyngular has just three weight loss products 

These are Accelerate, Lean & Cheat. The rest are multivitamins like Global blend, omega fatty acids and some protein blend sold under fancy labelling. These are then stacked together and sold as an overpriced weight loss kit. 

Exaggerated Claims 

They claim that the Ultimate Kit solves all 15-reasons why diets fail. In exactly what way will global blend help you lose weight for instance, or even add to the effectiveness of other products? 


You can get better quality multivitamins and Omega supplements for cheaper. There’s no reason to buy these expensive weight loss kits to get those. 

For instance, Global Blend, is a decent enough antioxidant. It contains Acai Berry extracts and Green Tea Leaf Extract as the primary ingredients. Green Tea Leaf Extract in particular is a super food. 

But is it worth $50 for a 2-week supply? We don’t think so. 

It’s an MLM Company 

No Xyngular review mentions that they are an MLM, or Multi Level Marketing company, where each user is paid to promote their products to others. 

So every person who’s promoting Xyngular products, such as Xyngular global blend, has a monetary compensation to motivate them. 

One Dimensional Weight Loss supplements 

Their primary USP is appetite control. Be it accelerate or cheat, they base their claims on soluble fiber concentrates, which is very effective for curbing hunger. But offer little in terms of health benefits other than that. For a successful weight loss plan, you need more than blunting hunger, don’t you? 

Xyngular FAQ 

If our Xyngular review was not conclusive enough, then here’s an FAQ that answers some of the common questions that people have asked us about Xyngular. 

How much weight can you lose on xyngular? 

We feel that much of Xyngular’s effectiveness at promoting weight loss is dependent on the soluble fiber in the products. 

So, any weight that you will be able to lose will depend on how many calories you consume in a day, and how much you expend. 

That’s the good old, calories in vs. calories out. 

Is xyngular FDA approved? 

No, it’s not. None of the Xyngular products are FDA approved for weight loss. 

What are the side effects of Xyngular? Is xyngular harmful? 

No, Xyngular is not harmful for sure. It’s a trusted company with a decent rating on the better business bureau. In fact, it is one of the top 5000 companies in the US. 

What does Xyngular do? 

We feel that Xyngular does little to accelerate fat loss, or help you lose weight at a fast pace, like it claims. 

Instead, it contains dietary supplements that’s better positioned as an overall wellness one. There are antioxidants, multivitamins, Omega 3s. 

These offer some great benefits such as reducing sugar cravings, increase energy, blood pressure stabilization and a healthy immune system. 

How to Take Xyngular? 

That depends on which product or package you are using the Ultimate, you will be using 15 products at different times of the day. 

Global blend in the AM, then lean at breakfast, the diet pill called Accelerate twice a day, Advanced Omega post lunch and so on. 

What is Xyngular global blend? 

Global blend is a liquid antioxidant blend that contains vitamins and minerals, along with a slew of other nutrients. It’s often sold as part of Xyngular’s famous weight management kits. 

Health Benefits of Xyngular?  

Based on our analysis, Xyngular is a beneficial supplement with some health benefits for sure. But losing weight is not a primary benefit, as advertised. 

The antioxidants can protect against oxidative stress, the soluble fiber can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and improve digestive health, the vitamins and minerals can plug gaps if you are deficient. 

Xyngular Reviews: What real users say?  

Xyngular reviews are mixed. There’s no denying that people have lost weight on it. But that cannot be attributed to Xyngular ingredients alone. 

When you block hunger and curb calories, you are bound to lose weight. 

There are a lot of people who feel that the entire system is shady. Reddit is full of negative comments like this. 

Where to Buy Xyngular?  

To buy Xyngular, you have two options. You either join them as a distributor by paying $14.99, and avail of special discounted prices. 

Or you head to the Xyngular official website and order the products at a more expensive purchase price. 

Xyngular Review – Our Final Thoughts 

After carefully analyzing the entire Xyngular catalog, the ingredients, the science behind it and the pricing, we feel that Xyngular’s weight loss programs are hyped and not worth it. 

If you are looking to lose weight effectively, there are much better choices out there. 

Alternative weight loss supplements to consider 

We have reviewed health supplements in the weight loss industry for over a decade. This experience allows us to spot an effective supplement a mile away. 

At the same time, we can also spot overpriced and hyped company claims blindfolded. 

In the recent past, there have been just two products that have managed to stand out from amongst the hundreds that are launched every day. 

These products are PhenQ & Leanbean

One is a powerful thermogenic fat burner, while the other is the safest and most effective appetite blocker, that does not rely on fancy marketing gimmicks. 

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these. 

#1 – PhenQ – Unleash the Power of Thermogenesis 

Xyngular claims that Accelerate is a powerful thermogenesis boosting fat loss supplement, which it clearly isn’t. If you are looking to bump up your basal metabolic rate, then there’s no better choice than PhenQ

PhenQ is an all-natural thermogenesis boosting supplement that can help your body burn fat 24/7. 

Think of it like a pill that activates a process within your body, like a switch, that constantly reminds it to tap into your fat reserves, and burn them for fuel. 

There are various reasons, including aging, lifestyle and even dietary causes due to which our metabolism slows down. 

In some cases, it comes to a crawling pace, making it impossible to burn fat. 

To add to this, we keep stuffing junk and calories, which don’t help either. 

PhenQ allows the body to burn fat and keep it off, by revving up the metabolism to its former glory. 

What are the benefits of PhenQ? 

PhenQ makes weight loss effortless, like it should be in the first place. Why do people fail to meet their weight loss goals despite using dietary supplements? 

It’s because the supplements are not designed to make things easy. 

They are just ideal to be used as adjuvants, adding to the effectiveness of the steps you are taking in the first place. 

So, if you do HIIT cardio, the supplements will make the cardio more effective. 

If you are trying to limit calories, the supplements will help by letting you curb your hunger. 

But PhenQ will allow you to burn fat regardless of whether your diet is on-point or whether you are busting your ass in the gym. 

That’s what thermogenic fat burners do. 

1. Fat Loss Without Dietary Restrictions 

PhenQ is designed to help even the most sedentary individual to lose weight. 

It fires up your metabolism and tells your body to start tapping into all the layers of fat that it had stored for future use as fuel. 

In normal circumstances, you will have to drain your glycogen reserves for this process to begin. 

In other words, restrict carbs for days before your body will begin to use fat for fuel. But with PhenQ, this process happens regardless of what you eat and how much. 

You don’t have to force yourself into restrictive eating habits or fad diet plans. You don’t need to have a proper diet plan. 

You can eat what you want to. 

2. 24/7 Fat Burn 

What makes thermogenic supplements so popular is that they can ignite the fat burning furnace, as it is often called, in our bodies and keep it switched on regardless of what you are doing. 

There are other ways in which you can activate the furnace. 

For instance HIIT. 

But after about 48-hours of HIIT, the furnace switches off. But with PhenQ, it stays on, for as long as you are using the supplement. 

Also, thermogenesis is amongst the most effective fat burning physiological processes because it is so fast. If you wanted to torch body fat in a short time span, this is your ticket. 

3. 190000 Bottles Sold 

For us, the biggest testimony to PhenQ’s effectiveness is the fact that more than 190000 bottles of the supplement have been sold already. 

If it was not really as effective as it was touted to be, then it wouldn’t even come close to achieving those numbers, in an industry as fickle as this. 

What are the ingredients in PhenQ? 

PhenQ is an all natural fat buster, with a well-rounded, evidence & research based ingredient list. 

  1. Capsimax - A blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. Piperine is a thermogenesis inducing natural compound sourced from Black Pepper. 
  1. Chromium Picolinate - There are many proven health benefits of chromium. At the forefront of which, is its ability to expedite carbohydrate metabolism and curb sugar cravings. 
  1. Caffeine - Caffeine amplifies the thermogenesis created by Capsimax. Also, helps blunt hunger and gives you that buzz, that lasts for hours. 
  1. Nopal - A soluble fiber sourced from Cacti. This ingredient alone is comparable with the USP of all Xyngular supplements. It flushes your system clean, and delays the emptying of your intestines, making you feel fuller for much longer. 
  1. L-Carnitine - Powerful amino acid that’s now proven to amplify lipid metabolism

Why PhenQ is better than Xyngular? 

Since you came here to reconfirm the doubt that was already playing in your mind, here’s a direct comparison which tells you why PhenQ is a much better choice than Xyngular. 

  • PhenQ is one product. A single weight management supplement that’s proven to torch fat, from some of the most stubborn and difficult places. 

In comparison, Xyngular offers weight management packages with up to 15 products. You can figure out which one is easier to use, can’t you? 

  • PhenQ is effective. The ingredient list shows us that it ticks all the boxes. Xyngular on the other hand approaches weight loss from one-dimension only, which is hunger management. 
  • PhenQ is a one-time billed product. There’s no recurring bills or subscriptions. You don’t have to sell it to others to avail of a discounted price. 
  • PhenQ offers a 60-day money back guarantee, which is a rarity in the current scenario. A 60-day money back guarantee means that you can try the product for free without any risks. 

Our Thoughts about PhenQ 

If you are looking for a supplement that can help you drop the pounds in no time, don’t even mess around with meal replacements and multi vitamins. 

Get home a strong thermogenesis boosting supplement like PhenQ. 

It’s backed by science, comes with a guarantee and is cheaper than Xyngular too. Can it get any better? 

C:\Users\Soft\Desktop\best price.jpg

#2 – Leanbean – Lose Weight Easily with Appetite Management 

The big draw of Xyngular is the fact that it can help curb appetite, and thereby allow a person to adhere to a precise number of calories in a day. 

This is achieved by either a soluble fiber like KONNYAKU ROOT, or through a high dose protein blend, such as Lean. 

Here’s Leanbean for you. A proven health supplement that can help you maintain a strict calorie intake and stick to your diet plan. 

Unlike Xyngular, the primary ingredient in Leanbean is backed with more studies. 

There are studies that show that it cannot only help you feel fuller, thus reducing your urge to eat, but it can also help improve your lipid profile and possibly, even sugar levels. Just like PhenQ, Leanbean is a proven supplement with years of successful history behind it. 

What are the benefits of Leanbean? 

Leanbean was originally designed as a one-dimensional weight management tool for users who find it difficult to adhere to a diet plan or a calorie-restricted meal plan. But the formula has been updated recently making it more wholesome. 

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? You have been conditioned to consume certain types of food your entire life and its not easy to put a full stop to it suddenly. But Leanbean will make it easy for you. 

1. Curbs Hunger Effectively 

Leanbean’s big draw is still hunger management. It is the safest and most effective way to reduce your calorific intake, without experiencing a drop in energy levels. 

In fact, there are vitamins and herbal extracts that will give you more energy than you had, even when you are eating much less than you did. 

Many Xyngular customers have commented on how the supplement has not been as effective as they expected it to be, to block hunger. 

In comparison, Leanbean’s customers mention that they have been able to block hunger for up to 6 hours after a single dose. 

2. Burns Fat Regardless of your diet 

The most recent Leanbean formula is a beast. It includes a thermogenesis blend, almost as good as PhenQ. There’s green coffee, garcinia cambogia, Piperine, Acai Berry, Turmeric, Zinc, Chloride, & B-Vitamins. 

This makes the formula doubly effective at helping you lose more weight than any Xyngular diet plan. 

3. Keeps your energy levels high 

It is critical that your energy levels dont dip during a weight loss journey. Low energy levels are one of the primary cause of people quitting their weight loss journeys midway. 

The B-Vitamins & Choline in Leanbean, ensure that you have ample energy for your exercise, as well as for other routine chores at home and at workplace. 

What are the ingredients in Leanbean? 

As we said, the new Leanbean formula has more beneficial ingredients than any supplement from Xyngular. What’s more important, is that every ingredient is backed by science to help you with your weight loss plan. 

They also offer a variety of secondary benefits, such as maintaining blood pressure, improving blood sugar levels and so on. 

  • Glucomannan – 3000 mg - Safest and proven soluble fiber that curbs appetite for hours. Also helps regulate your blood pressure and prevents blood sugar levels from dropping too low. 
  • Choline - Powerful compound that helps optimize your metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism due to poor eating habits, Choline will reduce the severity. 
  • Chromium Picolinate - Helps maintain normal blood sugar. Can also be beneficial if you have high blood pressure. 
  • B6 & B12 - B-Vitamins help to keep up your energy levels, and maintain optimum muscle function, amongst other things. 
  • Chloride - An underrated electrolyte that helps with the absorption of other vital minerals. Low calorie diets can cause electrolyte imbalance, even if you pop all the pills in the world. Leanbean ticks this box too. 
  • Zinc - Reduces inflammation, helps with protein synthesis & helps metabolize carbohydrates. 
  • Green Coffee - Green Coffee Bean Extract is a game changer in natural weight management. It is crammed with antioxidants and will assist with body composition. In other words, fat redistribution. 
  • Turmeric - Powerful antioxidant with potent anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia - Potent, natural source of HCA, which amplifies lipid metabolism and burns fat even when you are not exercising. 
  • Piperine - The thermogenesis boosting ingredient from Pepper. 

Why Leanbean is better than Xyngular to lose weight? 

Leanbean is a more wholesome weight management formula, as compared to Xyngular. Just like PhenQ, it is a single product, rather than a whole bunch of different things. 

But that’s not the sole reason why we recommend it over Xyngular. Here are some more. 

  • Much Better Formula - Leanbean is a more superior formula as compared to Xyngular. Why, the ingredients are almost on par with all the top 3 products from Xyngular combined. There’s energy management, lipid management, blood sugar stabilizers, thermogenic fat burners, appetite blockers and general health ingredients, all in one. 
  • Better Reviews and Ratings - Leanbean has much better customer ratings as compared to Xyngular. It is a female-centric weight management supplement, and quite possibly the only one with such a long track record. 
  • Better Price - Leanbean is a one-time purchase, just like Xyngular is. There’s no recurring billing or a subscription plan to avail of. Just buy and use when required. 
  • Long Term results - Leanbean’s results are more long term, as compared to Xyngular. 

Our final thoughts about Leanbean 

With a proven formula, a 60-day money back guarantee and tons of positive customer reviews, Leanbean is poles ahead of Xyngular. Dont waste your money or play Russian roulette with your health. 

Try Leanbean today for safe and effective weight control. 

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