Zooming across America: Local children’s author releases COVID-safe travel book

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Having been cooped up during the pandemic, families are ready to get out and do some traveling. Local children’s author Carole Cliffe is offering kids a fun way to experience travel across the nation — safely.  

Cliffe, a retired teacher and a lover of travel, has written a colorful, animated book of the United States. Cliffe has traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas with her brown backpack, which she got while on sabbatical in 1991. On several occasions abroad she has taken pictures of her adventures while holding up The Signal newspaper. At one time in her teaching career, she was nicknamed the “field trip queen.”  

Within the book, “Shaping Up a Rhyme One State at a Time,” Cliffe presents facts unique to each state. The information is presented through rhyme and will assist students and parents in remembering facts about the states. The state shapes are animated with legs and arms.   

Cliffe’s patriotic rap at the end of the book sums up her love and respect for the U.S. She has dedicated the book to the hard-working health care workers, law enforcement and the military.  

More information on Cliffe’s book is available at www.characterbuildingconcepts.com. 

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