Blaux Cleanse is a bidet that attaches easily to any toilet and doesn’t require any plumber or special tools. As provided in this Blaux Cleanse Review, Blaux Cleanse Reviews provides you with the needed insight you need to have on Blaux Cleanse. It uses jets of cool, refreshing, cleansing water that will get bottom cleaner and more sanitary than you EVER could with toilet paper. In fact, it’s like giving your butt a mini-shower! 

Blaux Cleanse is an attachment for the toilet that provides the user with the benefit of a simple yet effective bidet. The device attaches to the back of the toilet seat, and it won’t require assistance from a plumber to install.

Everyone aspires to keep one’s body clean and tidy. Bidets are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cleaning one’s body, and they should since they are an excellent device for doing so. Bidets are the best alternative to toilet paper in the bathroom. However, even though Europeans have been using them for a long time, Americans do not use them as frequently. 

Many people believe that washing oneself with water rather than toilet paper is better because it is more hygienic. This review article will help you a lot before you spend money to buy a bidet known as “Blaux Cleanse” for your needs. The Blaux Cleanse is the best product for people who are mainly very serious about keeping their bodies clean.

Blaux Cleanse is one of the most cutting-edge products of 2021 that transforms the way you cleanse on your bottom. Blaux Cleanse Bidet comes at the right time to our aid, particularly with COVID around. To clean up your backside, it makes use of a water stream instead of toilet paper.

For those looking for comprehensive understandings of this highly effective cleansing option, you have come to the ideal place.

What exactly is Blaux Cleanse?

There are no special complicated tools or skills required for this simple do-it-yourself project. To your surprise, you won’t have to deal with old toilet paper for a thorough clean. The Blaux Cleanse Bidet is a powerful bidet that can be easily attached to any toilet. Its water jets remove dirt and grime from your behind, leaving you as clean as a whistle! When you poop, use the rear-facing sprayer; otherwise, use the front-facing sprayer to give your lady parts a good rinse. It’s also incredibly simple to use. Simply Do your business while the toilet is muffled. Transform the handle into a revitalizing water jet to clean on your own. Enjoy having the cleanest body ever!

Going to the bathroom is an incredibly personal experience, and no one wants to leave the room while they still feel unclean. Toilet paper is the preferred method of cleaning for most people, though others choose flushable wipes. However, the use of bidets has grown in popularity over the last few years. Though they started as an upscale and classy necessity for individuals with more significant bank accounts, companies like Blaux decided to launch opportunities that work for everyone.

With the new Blaux Cleanse, users get a soothing spray that cleans them off after using the bathroom. With the pressure and the lack of toilet paper, users get a better sensation of cleanliness than without it. It washes off the user’s behind with a clean stream of water, washing them off every single time. Since users won’t need toilet paper, this device is much less wasteful than toilet paper, supporting a healthier environment.

Toilet paper isn’t a perfect solution to cleaning the body. The dryness is hard enough to work with, and most people leave the bathroom without the feeling of cleanliness they want. By choosing a simple bidet like Blaux Cleanse, users finally feel clean every single time that they go to the bathroom. The water jet is gentle, ensuring that users get the soothing relief they need with particularly uncomfortable visits in the toilet with diarrhea or constipation. The Blaux Cleanse comes with both front-facing and a rear-facing sprayer to customize the experience to what they need for both men and women.

Blaux Cleanse is a device that you can install in your toilet to wash you when needed. It’s essentially like a portable bidet. Despite the simplicity of its design, it’s made with very high-quality material. Its components don’t break easily, so you won’t need to replace them for years after you purchase this merchandise.


It’s also adjustable and very easy to use. There’s absolutely no hassle involved in dealing with this product. Paper just smears the dirt around, but water really cleans it once and for all. Try Blaux Cleanse for a while and you can feel the difference between using a water jet instead of the old-fashioned methods.

Another perk of Blaux Cleanse is how eco-friendly it is. Surely, you will be using more water than before. However, you will completely stop using paper. The device does not waste a lot of needless water, so it greatly reduces waste if you use it correctly. Better yet, it makes you save money because purchasing toilet paper all the time is way more expensive.

The installation is probably the easiest part, even if the user has never installed anything in their bathroom before. With the straightforward directions, users only need a little know-how with a screwdriver.

How Does Blaux Cleanse Help?

The primary appeal of Blaux Cleanse is the environmental impact that it DOESN’T makes. Millions of trees have to be sacrificed to create all of the toilet paper that the industry sells. For any chance of reducing the impact of people on the health of the earth, this carbon footprint has to be minimized. With Blaux Cleanse, consumers will no longer need to invest in toilet paper at all. With less demand, companies across the country slowly create fewer and fewer rolls, reducing the footprint and supporting a healthy environment.

The Blaux Cleanse bidet works the same way that any other bidet would – with a rear-facing or front-facing stream to clean off the user after they are done in the bathroom. Furthermore, the water pressure device works on any toilet. Users only have to follow the included instructions to install it. Users won’t change how they use the bathroom, apart from turning the knob on Blaux Cleanse to activate the clean water stream.

How It Works

The Blaux Cleanse is absolutely easy to use. First, you need to install it carefully on your toilet, being sure that it’s aiming at the right place. Unlike most similar products, you will not need to pay a plumber to install it. By following the manual, you can do it in a few minutes and be done. All that you need is a wrench and a screwdriver.

After the installation is complete, you can just sit down on the toilet and do your business. When you’re done, you only need to turn the knob, and the water jet will clean you. You can even decide whether to aim it on your behind or in front, if you’re a lady.

Pros and Cons of Blaux Cleanse


  • You will feel much cleaner than using toilet paper.
  • Fully eco-friendly.
  • Very easy to install, it’ll only take a few minutes.
  • It won’t irritate your skin, even if it’s very sensitive.
  • You will end up spending less money because you won’t use toilet paper anymore.


  • You will spend more water than usual by going to the bathroom.
  • Available only online
  • Limited in stocks.

       Blaux Cleanse Pricing

The easiest way to acquire your Blaux Cleanse is to purchase it at the official website, where you get a moneyback guarantee of 30 days in case you don’t like the product. There, you can buy one with the current discount of 50%. Right now, we don’t know how much time it’s going to last. The current prices are as follows:

1x Blaux Cleanse: $79.99

2x Blaux Cleanse: $147.99

3x Blaux Cleanse: $199.99

4x Blaux Cleanse: $255.99


At the moment, you can buy it using PayPal or a credit card to pay for the goods. All transactions are encrypted, so no worries about your personal information leaking. Be aware that shipping fees may apply in some cases, especially if you don’t live in the United States.

  Why I Recommend Blaux Cleanse?  

What would society be like without toilet paper? It is often overlooked that individuals may not realize how its absence could devastate the need to remain hygienic. It elicits so much convenience and ensures comfort after every trip to the bathroom that there’s no way people would be dissatisfied, right? This is where things start to get thought-provoking. In recent times, questions surrounding the influence that toilet paper may have on the body have surfaced, leaving many wondering whether they have the right type.

Why would type matter here? Our research suggests that the type depicts the level of toxicity directly impacting our very bodies. Aside from that, the bits that are likely to get stuck are far from comforting. In an attempt to resolve the issues described above, the Blaux team has yet made a spectacular return after their success with portable air conditioners. This time they have been making waves for the “Blaux Cleanse.” The following assessment provides insight into Blaux Cleanse’s effectiveness and whether it serves as an alternative to toilet paper. To kick-start this review, let’s jump to its intended purpose.

More information on Blaux Cleanse

Blaux Cleanse is an attachable water spray (i.e., similar to a bidet) that washes the behind with a stream of clean, refreshing water. This is deemed an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. The first question that might arise in a woman’s mind is whether the Blaux Cleanse can clean the front area. 

It turns out that this system entails rear-facing and front-facing sprayers that aim at both regions. A lot of time has been invested in research and development to guarantee well-being for most consumers. In keeping with everything discussed thus far, it naturally makes sense to examine Blaux Cleanse’s features.

        Features of Blaux Cleanse

By a simple flip of a switch, the Blaux Cleanse Bidet gets to work. What sets it apart from the competition is given below:

Eco-Friendly:With Blaux Cleanse Bidet, one’s total toilet paper consumption will be significantly reduced (by as much as 70 percent ). In addition, using a bidet requires very little additional cleaning product on the part of the customer (such as cells, bathroom roll, and so on).

Material:Using only the best materials, Blaux Cleanse ensures a high level of craftsmanship and performance. As a result, it’s guaranteed to keep working when you need it the most!

Power Adjustment:The Blaux Cleanse’s water jets can be adjusted to your preference for forward and backward encountering water. Decide whether you want to lower your stress level for better circulation or raise your stress level when you need it most!

Faster Clean :In a nutshell, it takes a short time to clean because of Blaux Cleanse’s fast-acting formula. Rub with dry bathroom tissue, and you’ll see the difference! You also don’t have to spend a significant amount on expensive baby wipes!

Types of Bidet :As modern technology evolved, a wide variety of bidets were introduced to the market. Let’s talk about the different kinds of bidets that are available right now. Knowing which bidet best suits your needs will be highly beneficial to you. Take a look at the various types of bidets on the market right now.

Warm-water bidet:It is possible to connect these bidets’ warm water supply pipes to an electric warm water outlet. After that, the bidet includes technology that turns hot water into a comfortable temperature for the user. For example, many people prefer to wash their bodies in warm water instead of cold. These people must always use the warm-water bidet.

Built-in bidet: Bidets that are part of your toilet basin or commodes are referred to as integrated bidets. One kind of built-in bidet is the Blaux Cleanse. After pressing the flush button, these bidets begin to work. These bidets do nothing more than starting a water flow to a specific area of your body.

Free-standing bidet:These bidets are placed next to the toilet. It resembles a massive sink, and it’s filled with water when it’s not in use. A jet may also be included in some free-standing bidets for added convenience.

Hand-held bidet:Hand-held bidets are extremely common in restrooms. To put it simply, think of it as an additional faucet that’s connected to the toilet or your shower. These bidets also feature a control center for the water flow. It’s effortless to use because you move close to the area of your body you want to clean.

              Blaux Company Profile

Blaux is influenced by everyday people who want even more benefit and simplicity in their homes and lives. Blaux Company Profile Focuses on home and wellness products that quickly transform the dull into vibrant. There is a collection of innovative tools you can use at home or on the go that the company has curated. Blaux’s goal is to make life easier while still being effective with our simple yet efficient line of products. Blaux wants to be your go-to brand name for all your house and health and wellness needs by using only the highest quality products and avoiding harsh chemicals.

 Frequently Asked Questions   (FAQs) on Blaux Cleanse

How to attach it to the toilet commode? Does it require a plumber to install it?

The answer is no. To get started, all you have to do is turn a screw.

Does the Blaux Cleanse take a lot of effort to use?

No. Just go to the bathroom as usual. Besides that, even if someone does not want to use your Blaux Cleanse, they can use toilet paper instead!

When using Blaux Cleanse, does it make a lot of noise?

Definitely not! The Blaux Cleanse is virtually murmur-free bidet even when under optimal stress.

In what type of bathrooms can I use Blaux Cleanse? Can it connect with any toilet?

 If you have a conventional toilet, Blaux Cleanse will quickly connect to it. This includes 99.9% of the market’s bathrooms.

If this is my first time using a bidet, will it be difficult?

Blaux Cleanse, on the other hand, is designed to be gentle while still providing superior cleaning power over ordinary toilet tissue alone.

Where to buy Blaux Cleanse

When it comes to toilet operations, Blaux Cleanse is an excellent option because it’s safe, affordable, healthy, and well-balanced. Send your email address and request the Blaux Cleanse from the main website. The following are detailed plans and associated costs:

1X Blaux Cleanse: $79.99

2X Blaux Cleanse: $147.99

3X Blaux Cleanse: $199.99

4X Blaux Cleanse: $255.99


You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item for a full refund if you are dissatisfied with it. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all additional purchases from Blaux Cleanse. Simply return the item(s) in its original, unopened packaging for a full refund or a replacement.

             LAST VERDICT

Ultimately, Blaux Cleanse bidet, instead of toilet tissue, cleans better and is more hygienic. It also reduces waste while being environmentally friendly. Blaux Cleanse Bidet reduces the amount of bathroom tissue you use by cleaning on your own, generally with a gentle stream of fresh water. Bidets, such as the Blaux Cleanse Bidet, helps to eliminate even more harmful germs, which reduces the possibility of spreading microorganisms from your hands to other people and your surroundings. Taking a warm bath can also help prevent the formation of piles by easing pressure on the rectum and promoting blood flow to the area.

 If you compare the amount of energy you save by using this product versus others, you’ll see that it’s an excellent value. People worldwide praise the Blaux Cleanse for arriving at a time when sanitation was a major concern for everyone. This device sped up the process of keeping us clean in some way.

While supplies last, get your hands on a Blaux Cleanse from the official website! Place your order now to avoid being kept waiting! Once the current stock is depleted, it could be months before new systems can be purchased.

Blaux Cleanse provides users with an opportunity to improve their cleanliness and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time. 

The bidet offers clean water to wash away any residue left from stool or urine after using the toilet, giving a quiet but strong stream of water each time. Instead of being surprisingly activated while still sitting, users have complete control over when the water goes off and from which direction. Plus, the quiet stream won’t disturb anyone in the house at night or during daytime hours, keeping this time as private as possible

Blaux Cleanse is a revolutionary product. After you use it for the first time, you won’t believe that you spent years and years using toilet paper and thinking that it was a decent choice. With this brand new offering, you can set the pressure of the water however you want and get more control over the cleaning process.

Another factor that you should consider before you buy it is the price. It actually looks very decent for such a useful device. If you take care of it well, it may last for a long time. So, paying $79.99 or even less for it is not a bad idea.

However, the 50% discount won’t last forever. If you’re keen on trying out the new Blaux Cleanse, the time is now. You can give it back if you want and get a refund, but not get the discount after it’s over.

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