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When was the last time you did some exercise? How often do you exercise? And how do you monitor your fitness progress? Although many people are understanding the significance of exercise and its role in maintaining a good health status, without a means of tracking fitness progress, we may become less motivated or enthusiastic about our exercise regime.

Fitness trackers such as fit 2 go smart wristwatches are becoming a must-have given the number of persons adopting the lifestyle of physical fitness daily. Exercise is central to our health’s especially for individuals with risk factors of obesity or cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world.

The good news is that cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and many other diseases are preventable. Lifestyle adjustment, exercise, and diet are key components of your journey to maintaining outstanding health irrespective of your age or other risk factors for chronic illness. Fit 2 go smart wristwatch/ fitness tracker is designed with amazing features that allow it to serve as your best buddy on this journey. 

Fit 2 go smart wristwatch has advanced features such as counting your steps, measuring your heart rate, tracking your sleep, and many more cool features. Compared to a similar product, fit 2 go is considered inexpensive. It, therefore, allows you to track your health without breaking your bank account.

Over time, lots of smart wristwatches and fitness trackers have been introduced into the market, however, most are either expensive, difficult to operate, or inefficient in fitness tracking. Fit 2 go was designed to overcome these limitations associated with fitness trackers. It is, therefore, user-friendly, affordable, and efficient at tracking your fitness.

Never will you see a dual-purpose wristwatch efficient at both functions. Fit 2 go aside been a fitness tracker is also a smart watchconnecting your phone to your wrist. Its innovative features make it one of the most liked smart watches out there.

Exercise goals such as losing weight, increasing muscle strength, or maintaining a certain body shape require having an exercise routine and consistently keeping to this routine. Fit 2 go ensures that you keep to this routine and therefore makes you accountable. Without such accountability, it’s difficult to achieve any of the exercise goals

Fit 2 go is a lightweight and portable band, it can stay on your wrist all day without causing any discomfort. This makes it an efficient fitness tracker as it does not need to be taken off on account of feeling discomfort. By tracking your progress, you can decide whether you deserve a pat on the back or if you need to push yourself harder than your current performance.

So, fit 2 go is good at monitoring your fitness progress, but how about a smart watch and sleep tracker? Fit 2 go connects easily with your smartphone and makes it easy to take calls, make calls, receive notifications, messages and reminders. It’s wonderful how well it does these two important functions.

Fit 2 go is a great companion to have when you want to keep fit, keep track with friends and family as well as on your daily life.

Although people might be skeptical about using this smart watch as so many questions will be going through your mind. Such questions may be what are the features of fit 2 go smart watch? Does fit 2 go smart watch have a good review? How does it work? What are the benefits of using the fit2go smart watch? These are some of the questions potential customers are liable to ask to determine whether to buy this smart watch. Just sit back and relax and read through carefully to get all the necessary answers to your questions about the fit2go smart watch.

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What is Fit 2 go, Fitness Tracker?

When we wear fitness trackers, it is usually to get track health and fitness stats of the wearer. technology has advanced to such an extent that monitoring of your heart rate, calories intake, activities, monitors sleep, gives reading on sleeping patterns, provides information on whether you have an even breathing or not and all other kinds of information all in a small portable device.

Fit 2 go fitness tracker is not just a watch you can wear only when you exercise but can rock it with your outfit when heading to work, an occasion, or even going on a date. It is a stylish smart watch that allows you to both be stylish and functional all in one place.

Fit 2 go fitness smart watch has an IP67 rating for water resistance which gives the smart watch durability. This means that you can use them when swimming or submerged in water for up to 1 meter as long as 30 minutes. This gives you no reason to take it off or worry about water destroying it. 

Fit 2 go portable smart watch is an efficient and accountable partner that you can use to enhance your fitness and general health status. Its simplicity is so surprising to customers that they are usually stunned when they first use it. The smart watch is easily connected to the Android or IOS smartphone with a simple touch. 

Properties of fit 2 go 

Some properties make the fit 2 go smart watch popular. We are going to look at some of these properties

  • A memory of up to 7 days of data storage
  • Sensors like heart rate sensors, G-sensors, and blood oxygen monitoring 
  • Long last battery
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish look
  • 1 Bluetooth technology
  • Water resistance
  • 96 hours of use per charge
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Syncs with all devices

Features of the fit 2 go smart watch

There is no doubt that the fit 2 go smart watch is one of the most sorts after smart watches in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and many other places. We are going to examine the several features that make this smart watch so attractive to customers

Water splash resistance 

If you are one of those customers that get caught in the rain often or you find yourself doing the dishes with your watch and you worry about it spoiling? You don’t have to worry about that with the fit 2 go smart watch. 

You can easily use this watch to do anything as it provides water resistance. You can use it without worrying about spoiling it while it’s raining or having to remove it to do the dishes at home. The excellent inbuilt water resistance property makes it possible to use this watch almost in any season.

Inbuilt Battery

You must factor in the durability of the smart watch you want to buy. It is paramount for you to determine how long the battery life of your smart watch can stay and plan to get it charged. The fit 2 go smart watch has a reliable battery that can last an average of 18 hours without charging. It also accepts USB charging which makes it easier to charge on a go. So, you can use this smart watch wherever you are even without power. 

Use as a Mobile device 

It has become very difficult for our generation to do without their smartphones with them. The world is a small village now that most works now can be done over the internet and everyone wants to stay connected. The fit 2 go smart watch makes a connection with other phones possible. Specifically, smartphones. The fit 2 go, fitness tracker, allows you to stay connected to your smartphones. This feature will help you receive calls, messages and send and make calls even when you are not close to your smartphone. Thus, having this smart watch will make it possible that you to stay connected with your loved ones and business wherever you are. Even during your exercise section. So you won’t miss anything at all.

Fitness tracker 

When we want to lose weight, it would enice to know how many calories we have burnt or whether the sweating was not even. 

The fit 2 go fitness tracker provides us with an excellent fitness tracker for all the activities our bodies undergo. It monitors and tracks the progress of your fitness activities. You can use the information the fitness tracker provides to help plan your exercise routine, to know which exercise will get you the desired body and fitness level you want to get to. It sure beats having to guess what works and doesn’t work for you.

The fit goes 2 fitness tracker will monitor you no matter the activity you are engaged in as long as wear it. Whether cycling, running, jumping, playing football, basketball, or any physical activity. It was built to monitor and track all your activities and provide you with relevant information to help you get to your fitness goal.

Decision making 

When the fitness tracker provides information about your fitness activities, it shows you also what is working and what is not. It helps you decide whether to change the current fitness plan you are working on or to keep doing what you are doing.

Sleep improvement

Sleep is a vital part of our health that most people ignore. Having a good can improve the decisions that you make in the day. It improves your overall health condition. The fit 2 go smart watch has a feature that helps it monitor your sleep patterns and routine. It monitors your breathing levels, whether you are snoring, and other important information about your sleeping pattern. This will enable the user to know when he/she is not sleeping well and what to do to improve their sleep pattern and improve their health.

Measures Calories

Most people that want to lose weight usually want to know the number of calories there are burning when their exercise and when their take too many calories. They don’t have to worry anymore as the fit 2 go smart watch also measures calories burnt and consumed at any given time. This information will influence the kind of exercise you can get into and the type of food you can take. 

Serves as a reminders 

We all have some prompters and reminders that tell us when we need to get to an activity. The fit 2 go smart watch serves as a reminder that you need to hit the gym or when you have an important meeting or event schedule. It’s a perfect assistant to help you keep organized and know when you are overdoing an activity or late for another activity.  

Additionally, it has the smartphone’s features and will not let you miss any activity. 


The fit2go smart watch is a cost-effective purchase. It saves you a lot of time and money. It saves you the money you would have used to sign up for a membership to an exercise group or hire a coach. The fit2go smart watch can be used by anyone and saves you money on some health-related issues that you would have paid for in the future when you purchase this smart watch. As the smart watch monitors your heart rate and general body activities to help you get a handle on your health early. This saves you cost and time.

Easy to use

The fit2go smart watch is very easy to use and doesn’t require too much technicality when you are using it. Almost anyone can easily navigate this smart watch. 

Monitor heartbeat

According to the review of the fit 2 go smart watch, you can monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and general body activities. Being able to have to monitor your general body activity will go a long way in you making better health decisions and maintaining your general body health.

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Is Fit 2 go, fitness Tracker, any Good?

we all are looking for technologies that will make our daily life easier and healthy. The fit 2 go is perfect for monitoring your health and fitness level. The fit 2 go smart watch saves you a lot of money and time. for instance, when you have this smart watch you will be able to monitor your health and fitness level and know when you have developed a problem to see a physician immediately. It will also help you make a better decision concerning your health to avoid developing complicated issues in the future that would cost more to treat. In these cases, prevention is better than cure. 

With the designs of the fit 2 go you can wear them anywhere you go. And it has an easy design for you to understand how to operate it. With its long battery life, you will hardly have to take it off. Here are more features that make the fit2go smart watchspecial

Personal activity intelligence 

The fit 2 go has a feature that monitors sleep and stress levels. It uses this information to advise you on how to adjust your activities such as rest and relaxing time. it also has a heart rate calculator that can help monitor your blood pressure and help you adjust your exercise routine. 

Wallpaper designs 

The smart watch has more than enough themes and wallpaper to choose from. It allows you have a variety of designs for your watch.

11 professional sport Mode

The fit 2 go smart watch comes with 11 professional sport modes that include a Rowing machine, indoor cycling, yoga, etc. These Sport modes will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Bigger Amoled Color Screen

With its 1.1-inch AMOLED color screen display, you can see better and navigate better on the screen. It is far better than the other modal.

Remote Control

You can pair the band with your smartphones for taking selfies and pictures where it serves as a remote control.

Pros of fit 2 go 

  • Strong and reliable battery

The inbuilt battery in the fit 2 go smart watch is strong and reliable and you would not have to remove the switch often. It takes a lot of time before it will need to be charged. It is a USB-charge smart watch.

  • It is therapeutic

The fit 2 go smart watch monitors heart rate and stress level. It can be used for therapeutic purposes. Such as when you practice yoga to calm your stress level.

  • Provides necessary health information

The vital Information this smart watch provides about health is paramount to you living longer. This informations will help you make decisions to change your lifestyle to a healthy one.

  • Messages and call notifications

Most people are so stressed about missing out on important meetings and losing productivity. With the Fit 2 go smart watch, you will not ever worry about missing meetings and appointments again. As the smart watch can easily set notifications for your meetings

  •  Water splash resistant

The fit 2 go allows you to wear your watch to swim or get under the rain. So, you have no reason to take it off or worry about water damaging your smart watch because it is water-resistant.

  • It is affordable

The smart watch is very affordable in online stores. 

  • It is cost-effective

The fit 2 go smart watch saves you a lot of time and cost. When you purchase the smart watch, you have saved thousands of dollars of health bills that will accumulate in the future for you by monitoring your health activities using the smart watch. You can save costs for the future this way.

Cons of fit 2 go

  • Can only be ordered online

The fit 2 go smart watch is ordered online for now. This reduces its availability.

  • Hardly available in a physical retail store

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Frequently Asked Questions on fit 2 go review

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers on the fit 2 go review. 

How should Fit 2 go be charged?

You must have a USB power adapter of at least 5 volts to be able to charge it. Remove the smart watch from your wrist and turn it to the side with the USB arrow pointing downwards. You can twist the fit 2 go and pull it off. After locating the 2 USB-A contact points in the device, then you can go ahead to connect the device to the USB power adaptor. You can check whether it is charging by listening to a vibration.

So, is Fit 2 GO a smart watch or fitness tracker?

It is both a smart watch and a fitness tracker that can provide adequate information on health and fitness on all skin types and tattooed ones.

What steps do you need to take to pair fit 2 go with a smartphone?

The DayBand app must be downloaded first on your smartphone. This app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. The QR found on the user manual is scanned. Then you go enter your personal information select either “Add New Device “ for IOS or ”Bind Bracelet” for Android. You must make sure your fit 2 go is close and charged.

Is there a way to reset fit 2 go?

Yes, when you go to the DayBand app setting you will see the options to reset. This removes all historical data that was stored on the app.

Will fit 2 go work if it is not in close range with my smartphone?

Yes, fit 2 go smart watch was made to store data for up to 7 days on its own without the smartphone.

How much does fit 2 go smart watch cost?

One of the edges the fit 2 go smart watch has over other smartphones is that its price per unit usually drops with additional purchase. It is usually safer to order this device from their official website. Which you can visit their website here.

The 1 fit 2 go unit is sold for $39.95 while the 3 fit 2 go unit is sold at $101.99 saving you $118.73.

Is fit 2 go protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it is protected by the 30-days money-back guarantee.

Fit 2 go customer review

From across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom the fit 2 go has a positive review with customers. With customer voicing their surprise and love for the smart watch and how well it works. 

 conclusion of fit 2 go reviews

According to the review team, the fit 2 go smart watch has helped people to take more charge of their life and wellbeing. Regardless of whether you wish to lose weight or watch your heartbeat or even a fancy watch to wear to that next date, the fit 2 go smart watch is a well-informed choice.

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