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Java Burn is a dietary supplement that is designed for you to lose weight. Containing six (6) different ingredients, Java Burn is commonly mixed with coffee to achieve spectacular results. However interesting this may sound, we will still need to take a look at this supplement at hand to gauge whether this product is a fluke or not. To do that, we will subject it to a fully detailed review that will scrutinize both its insides and outsides to see if it is the best supplement for us or not. Let us begin. 

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What is Java Burn? 

Java Burn is a supplement that deals with the hot topic of weight loss. With six (6) all-natural ingredients on its list, it is said to contain enough punch to stimulate your body into burning all its excessive amounts of fat. Of course, that statement is expected, as is with other weight loss supplements, but what’s interesting about Java Burn is that it needs coffee to work in the first place. In particular, it needs caffeine to do its job. It’s safe to say that this supplement won’t work without caffeine, but that’s the hard truth. However, the good thing is that it can work with tea, which is also caffeine-based. 

Java Burn’s potency is unheard of from the latest press release that they stated over their promotional video. As per John Barban, the product’s creator, Java Burn can make your metabolic and fat-burning processes at least five times faster than usual. This statistic is backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies from across the globe. With that in mind, Java Burn can outcompete its rivals in the weight loss supplement industry. Pretty neat, right? 

Java Burn is packed in pouches that contain 30 sticks each. Each stick is made for one day’s supply of the supplement. Java Burn is presented in powdered form, which makes it easy for it to be ingested into our bodies. Of course, being mixed with a drink such as coffee makes the Java Burn supplement highly bioavailable in nature. By being bioavailable, we meant that our bodies could absorb this supplement with ease. This, in turn, gives it the perk of working almost instantly even though you aren’t required to do any kind of specialized kinds of diet and exercise while using this supplement at hand. 

Java Burn is unique compared to other weight loss supplements such as BioFit or Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic. You don’t need to measure each scoop to achieve the best results. You also don’t need to struggle to swallow a large number of capsules just to lose weight. Instead, you just need to rip open a stick of Java Burn and let it dissolve in your daily cup of morning coffee. That’s it. No hassle, no problem! 

With that said, Java Burn truly has some potential to burn up some extra calories without breaking a sweat. However, how does it make this work? Let’s find out in the following chapters – first by knowing what the components of the said supplement are in a nutshell. 

What’s inside Java Burn? 

Java Burn consists of six (6) unique components. These are all-natural in their properties and are safe for consumption, so long as you don’t modify them with synthetics in your lab. Java Burn is not different from any other weight loss supplement in this regard. However, it is noteworthy that the creator of this supplement, John Barban, focused on a primary objective called “nutritional synergy.” This potentially meant that he wanted all these ingredients to work with caffeine since he recently found out caffeine can “flick open the switch” of our metabolism. Therefore, he looked for the right ingredients to go with caffeine to make quick, short work of the problem at hand. 

Without further ado, let’s investigate the six ingredients that Barban found to be highly exceptional when mixed with the coffee to form this “nutritional synergy” that he had been mentioning to us for a while now. 

Java Burn ingredients are: 

  • Chlorogenic Acid 
  • Green Tea Extract 
  • Chromium Picolinate 
  • L-carnitine 
  • L-theanine 
  • Immune-boosting vitamins (Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12) 

Chlorogenic Acid 

randomized controlled trial recently done in 2018 has concluded that chlorogenic acid can help a person reduce their overall excess body fat content. In addition, it can even reduce a person’s cholesterol levels by a notch, reducing their blood pressure in the process. More importantly, it has been found that chlorogenic acid contains antioxidative properties, which help eliminate oxidative stress and micro toxins from our system. This perk, in turn, can encourage your body to start its metabolic process, which might be the eventual reason why it’s effective in targeting your excess body fat in the first place. Chlorogenic acid is primarily found in green coffee beans.  

Green Tea Extract 

While green tea extract can calm the soul, it can do quite the opposite when we’re talking about the inside. In particular, green tea extract can help our bodies burn more excess fats by stimulating thermogenesis, igniting the excess fats stored within our bodies. This study confirmed that EGCG, or the green tea leaf extract, can warm up the body through thermogenesis. This has decreased their feelings of shivering in cold weather. However, this also implied one more thing – that this increase of thermogenesis within the body can lead to necessary fat and glucose burning in the long run. Therefore, EGCG is also applicable for people with diabetic tendencies. 

Chromium Picolinate 

Chromium picolinate is a beautiful mineral to have. It has a lot of cardiovascular benefits. One such use is that it can stabilize your “resting heart rate,” which can relatively calm you down and stabilize your blood pressure. Furthermore, chromium picolinate can help you metabolize all those excess glucose and fats inside your body. While the study clearly stated no significant changes regarding the matter, it has been widely accepted that this mineral can help you burn more calories from carbohydrates than usual, making it a valuable ally against diabetes and obesity in general. 


One of the best metabolic-boosting ingredients in the market right now, l-carnitine can do many positive things regarding weight-loss regimens and such. Did you know that l-carnitine can lower your BMI and overall weight, according to this meta-analysis conducted last 2019? The effects were so significant that l-carnitine might as well be the star component in all of the ingredients listed here right now. See the study for yourself! 


Probably the most out of place Java Burn component in this review, l-theanine is primarily known to boost your thinking prowess while also sharpening your memory, giving you better reflexes, and perceiving situations better to come up with more appropriate responses in a nutshell. In addition, however, the term nutritional synergy now comes into play. Caffeine and l-theanine work the best when taken alongside each other. When taken with each other, L-theanine and coffee increases an individual’s mood and cognition in an almost surefire way. So what does this all have to do with weight loss? Well, the answer is simple – a better mood and better self-confidence lead to better metabolism and fat-burning capabilities in the long run.  

Immune-boosting vitamins (Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12) 

Lastly, Java Burn contains immune-boosting vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. These vitamins are here to reduce the inflammation in our immune system and strengthen our nervous system as a whole. Boosting your immune system is an alternative way to keep your metabolism as smooth sailing as possible. 

What’s the Science Behind Java Burn? 

Related scientific studies regarding Java Burn have shown that caffeine can give you excellent overall health benefits. In general, caffeine not just wakes you up but also gives you the capability to do a lot of things. However, the creators of Java Burn also noticed that this supplement could open a tiny window of opportunity to kickstart your metabolism. In other words, caffeine-based drinks can initiate thermogenesis or the heating up of your tissue to burn fat. 

However, it is only one thing to initiate. There must also be sustained action. This is where the six components of Java Burn come into play. They are the primary sustainers of this metabolic action. From the evidence we have collected above, it’s clear that they produce the intended results. This is where the whole “nutritional synergy” works with this supplement. It is why it is so vital to synergize this supplement with any caffeine-based drink. Without caffeine, it won’t just work, and what better way is there to get caffeine other than a cup of coffee? Yes, tea contains caffeine, but that has far fewer caffeine content than coffee. 

Now that we know how Java Burn does its job, we can move on to the hypothesized results. According to how the ingredients of Java Burn were set up, we can see that it can increase your metabolic rate by up to five times greater than before you started using this supplement. Furthermore, the number of calories you will burn daily will also increase by five times. These statistics alone prove that Java Burn can give you a fast and efficient metabolism – the two things lacking the most from our bodies that are causing the overweight problems that we have right now. 

In a nutshell, what Java Burn does is that it eliminates your metabolic problems by using caffeine as a slingshot to put all the ingredients we mentioned above in full fat-burning action. As a result, it can give you a 500% boost in metabolism and calorie-burning capability, often resulting in a tangible weight loss result of seven (7) pounds per week. 

How fast does Java Burn work? 

This is a pretty good question. To answer that, Java Burn works almost instantly from the moment you take the supplement on the first day. No, it does not make you lose weight right from the start, but it first enhances your mood and sleeping patterns before doing its hard work. This is because Java Burn needs time to adjust before it can do its job inside your body. Specifically speaking, the l-theanine and caffeine will work with each other first before feeling the fat-burning effects of the rest of the team. You’ll probably start seeing some results in terms of weight loss on the fifth to the seventh day. By that time, you could have already started shedding a few pounds per day.  

Eventually, the perceived amount of weight loss that you’ll finally be getting from this supplement will amount to seven pounds per week. We see that happening on the second to the third week of Java Burn use. Overall, it is recommended that you use Java Burn for at least six months to implant the fat-burning properties of the ingredients in this supplement into your body. This part is almost crucial, as using Java Burn for any shorter amount of time can give you a “cliffhanger” feeling of sorts. Java Burn, therefore, works great when taken with commitment. Only then will you harness its full potential as a supplement as a whole. 

Who created Java Burn? 

We always talked about John Barban, but I realized I hadn’t talked about him until now. John Barban is a fitness specialist, well-trained in the arts and sciences of metabolic processes and weight loss. He has been teaching countless people how to lose weight the most efficient way. One thing to point out here is that Java Burn is his most successful supplement yet. He has already created a supplement that gives you better sleep, but he didn’t stop there. Being a pioneer of fitness programs and countless training programs, he has made it a point to create supplements that can help the masses. 

On top of that, Barban is also a well-respected educator in various universities regarding metabolism. So, yes, I may speak too highly of John Barban, but these are his exact credentials in this particular field. I mean to point out that he is highly credible in this specific field, and while you might not know him before, at least you know him now based on his expertise. 

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How does Java Burn work? 

Java Burn works by employing a simple road map to grant you the sexy and lean body that you’ve always been dreaming of right from the start. To summarize this road map, I will be listing down all the possible processes below so that you can gauge where you already are with this supplement at hand. 

Java Burn works by: 

  1. Giving you the ease of comfort, clarity of mind, and better mood in general 
  1. Shedding a few pounds at a time 
  1. Eventually shedding seven pounds per week of weight 
  1. Transforming your body from a plump to a lean body type 
  1. Granting you freedom from overweight issues and obesity 

Giving you the ease of comfort, clarity of mind, and better mood in general 

In the first few days, you will feel a sense of relief while using this supplement at hand. After that, it isn’t much, but you’ll notice that you’ll have a better sleep, a clearer state of mind, and a happier, stabler mood in general. It’s something that improves the quality of life for individuals who use Java Burn from the start. This is done so that your body can “struggle less” when starting up its metabolic processes right from the beginning. These perks effectively lessen stress, therefore eliminating a well-known hindrance to weight loss. 

Shedding a few pounds at a time 

In the first few weeks, the supplement may seem to shed off only small amounts of weight at a time. However, shedding a few pounds of weight in the first few weeks is fine. It is a sign that your body is adjusting to the said supplement at hand. With such evidence of Java Burn slowly coursing its way across your body, you can feel a tiny bit of energy surge here and there. What’s unique about Java Burn is that it won’t give you energy crashes along the way, simply because it continuously burns fat as it establishes itself inside your body. 

Eventually shedding seven pounds per week of weight 

As time goes by, most probably on the third or fourth week of use, you should have already achieved an average of seven pounds lost each week. It’s normal to lose this much weight when taking Java Burn as it unlocks the full potential of your body’s metabolic processes. With that much weight loss, it’s easy to see how Java Burn can give you a better, leaner body in the long run.  

Transforming your body from a plump to a lean body type 

With that said, all those weight losses should give you the body that you deserve. Usually, people who use Java Burn see their body figures come into proper shape. Your belly fat diminishes in size, and it becomes clear how this supplement can give you more self-esteem and confidence in the long run. Soon, your friends will start noticing your transformation, even going as far as asking you what your secret is all about. 

Granting you freedom from overweight issues and obesity 

This is the primary goal of Java Burn. By unlocking the true potential of your metabolic rate, you gain privilege from all the fat and obesity issues that have plagued you right from the start. Metabolism is the reason why no matter how hard you try, your weight just keeps getting diminished as time goes by. It’s frustrating and irritating at the same time. With Java Burn’s caffeine-oriented approach, you can live your life to the fullest without any hassle of any kind. Plus, you’ll be able to enhance your overall well-being since you’ll be reducing the risk of you dying from fat-related diseases or illnesses! 

What are the benefits of Java Burn? 

Java Burn has countless benefits in store for those who want to test it out. In general, it’s just like any other weight loss supplement on the market with an added twist – it is highly convenient. Let’s find out what Java Burn has in store for us in this list of benefits below. 

Java Burn benefits include: 

  • Faster weight loss 
  • Convenient mode of drinking 
  • It contains nutritionally synergized ingredients 
  • Can sharpen your mind 
  • It does not contain any sort of energy crashes 
  • Promotes better hormonal balance 

Faster weight loss 

Java Burn is known to make your metabolic processes five times quicker than usual. This gives you countless benefits that you can use along the way, including faster weight loss. But, of course, speedier metabolism doesn’t only tackle your weight problems. It can also give you more freedom to do things. Several bodily processes, such as our digestion and such, also rely on quick metabolism. Therefore, you can speed up your body just like you’re speeding up your computer. By speeding up things, well, you get your desired results at a much faster pace than usual! 

Convenient mode of drinking 

Remember those tonic supplements that you need to measure first before dumping them into your drink? What about those capsules that are hard to swallow? These things are hindering several individuals from getting into the supplement industry. I know some people that will just say, “it’s plain inconvenient!” Well, that problem is given a solution in the form of Java Burn. This legit supplement is easy to use. No measuring is needed, and no painstaking swallowing is required either! Simply rip open a stick (or a sachet, depending on how you want to call it) and pour its contents into your daily cup of coffee. Mix it thoroughly, of course! It won’t alter the taste of your coffee, so don’t worry about it. See how simple that was? You will also have less risk of forgetting the supplement as a whole since you can just embed it into your daily morning routine. It’s that easy! 

It contains nutritionally synergized ingredients 

John Barban made it to the point that all ingredients found in Java Burn are strictly synergized with each other in some way. Therefore, they all have better benefits when mixed with caffeine. It was done this way to feel the convenience of the said supplement at hand without hurting you with numerous side effects that synthetic substances have. This nutritional synergy is also paramount in the success of this supplement at hand because, without it, you’ll have less weight loss efficiency in the long run. 

Can sharpen your mind 

Java Burn can reliably give you a steadier, clearer set of mind. Yes, it is one of the most effective mind-clearing supplements out there right now. This is because of the synergistic effect of l-theanine and caffeine. Not only are these substances topnotch in making your cognitive skills better, but they also speed up things a little. This will give you the unexpected benefit of faster reflexes and a “better hold of things.” You may even end up impressing your boss because of the influx of new and innovative ideas. As they say, brainpower is just as necessary as physical strength! 

It does not contain any sort of energy crashes 

Some weight loss routines and programs can give you energy crashes. However, Java Burn does not have that particular downside or side effect. Instead, it harnesses the full potential of caffeine, giving you extended amounts of energy sustainability, stamina, and mental alertness. This makes you an energetic powerhouse, giving you enough energy to do everything you love without feeling lethargic or breaking a sweat. 

Promotes better hormonal balance 

Weight loss programs just aren’t complete without the perk of hormonal balance in play. Hormones play a huge role when it comes to the speed and efficiency of our metabolism. As such, they should also be tackled if we are to combat the harmful effects of weight gain in the first place. Therefore, you should get far more efficient weight loss by making you happier and stabler in terms of mood swings. This, in turn, translates to the seven-pound weight loss measurement that we have discussed previously above. 

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What are the adverse side effects of Java Burn? 

To be honest, Java Burn ingredient side effects are close to non-existent. Why? It’s because Java Burn is made up of carefully-researched nutrients that we usually already have in our bodies. In short, they are certified to be all-natural. In retrospect, anything that is in excess is also wrong for our health. This includes good things. Therefore, all good and bad things should be taken in average and regulated amounts. About Java Burn, several side effects may come up if you take two or more sticks of Java Burn per day. This may include anything from headaches to sleeplessness, but that’s just it. There are no significant side effects related to Java Burn. This makes Java Burn one of the safest supplements out there.  

Where is Java Burn produced? 

Java Burn is made in the USA. However, their distribution office is located in Michigan, so that must be where this supplement is coming from. As per the facility’s details, Barban notes that it is a manufacturing plant with a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, which means that you should get supplements that are checked for quality and impurities before being shipped out to your doorstep. Judging from the location of the distribution office, we can imply that this facility is also in Michigan, but that remains to be seen. 

How much does Java Burn cost? 

Java Burn only costs $49 per pouch. A pouch already contains 30 sticks each, which means that you can get each stick for $1.63. Yes, that seems to be pricey, which is why they’re giving out special discounts to those who want to buy their supplement in bulk.  

Please do take note that the $49 you’re currently seeing above is already at a discounted price. The original price was $197 ($6.57 per stick). So this means that the current special price offer gives you a total of $148 in discounts right off the bat. 

Here are their details, as shown in the table graphic below. 

3 Pouches (90 Day Supply) $39 ($1.30) $117 $30 
6 Pouches (180 Day Supply) $34 ($1.13) $204 $90 

As we can see, the bundle with the six pouches dominates them all. So you can reliably save $90 more if you take the bundle at hand. But, again, we are basing this off their limited-time offer. So if we are talking about the original price, you’ll be saving $978 just by buying the 6 Pouches Bundle right off the bat. So that particular bundle is just that worth it, considering that it is recommended that you take this supplement for at least six months at a time! 

What do Java Burn Reviews say? 

Java Burn reviews are fantastically positive. It has prompted a cascading effect of sorts. First, people were recommending this supplement because of its effectiveness and reliability. Second, the convenience of this supplement (which entails the simple mixing of it into coffee) has proven to be highly popular with the masses. 

Here are some Java Burn reviews we have collected over the past few days: 

“Java Burn has effectively reduced my pant size by a lot over the past few weeks. I haven’t even kept track of it because of how fast it’s changing. I can fit in my pants again after a very long time!”– Mahalia B., Norfolk, VA, USA 

“This supplement is amazing. My coffee hasn’t changed its taste, yet I can still feel its effects pretty much to their fullest extent. My fats are burning, and my digestion was inexplicably better after taking this thing. It’s a blessing!” – Finley D., San Jose, CA, USA 

“I never thought I could improve my coffee. I am crazy about adding better things to my coffee. I even created a few unique blends myself. Being a barista has helped me with work. I simply mix it with my desired coffee of the day, and I just boost my way across the day. It made me more productive than usual.” – Erika K., Bluefield, VA, USA 

Java Burn, Final Verdict 

Because of the statements fixated above and the scientific research poured upon this supplement, we can conclude that Java Burn is recommendable to all people of all shapes and sizes. It is safe, effective, and all-natural to start with. I would even recommend it to my loved ones. I can’t wait to try it out myself. It’s harmless and convenient to use, making it twice as great as traditional supplements across the globe! 

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