Jim Scott | The Extortion of Santa Clarita

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

How do the citizens of Santa Clarita benefit form creating politicized voting districts? 

Currently, I have FIVE council members who are accountable to me and every other citizen in the city. Some I may like better than others, but as a citizen in Santa Clarita, I had my vote in choosing all of them. 

Once districts are adopted, I now have just ONE elected representative — only 20% say in what happens in my city. 

Can anyone provide an example of a city anywhere in California that is better off after creating districts?  

I want to strongly encourage the City Council to resist the threatened lawsuit by a lawyer from the Bay Area who has made himself wealthy by extorting cities around the state with the false notion that districts will be “more fairer.” 

I also encourage the Signal to take a stand against this extortion against the city. 

Jim Scott 

Santa Clarita

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