Jody Liss-Monteleone | Mansfield an Inspiring Teacher

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding your article, “Creating a Culture of Coaching” (Oct. 12), I’d like to point out that Chris Mansfield was not only an incredibly inspiring tennis coach, but also was an incredibly inspiring math teacher. Although math may not be everyone’s favorite subject, I believe Chris was everyone’s favorite teacher. He positively encouraged all of his students and never raised his voice except to announce Circle (cookie) Day! Luckily, he “forced” my daughter to take AP calculus. 

Long after that, he tutored her to help her pass her credential test and now she is a math teacher in the William S. Hart Union High School District. 

I’m sure Chris Mansfield has many other former students who are now teachers because they were inspired and encouraged by him.  

Jody Liss-Monteleone

Santa Clarita

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